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  1. Also i'm pretty sure this separate clip is the sound of positive lightning. The flash was some 10 seconds prior to the bang. The power behind it was incredible. I'm glad this particular strike didn't hit the tower! Best listened to through headphones (go easy on the volume though :-p) positive lightning.mp4
  2. Good evening! I was on Birmingham uni campus yesterday filming a nasty thunderstorm. I'm pretty sure that the Old Joe clock tower next to me took a direct hit. Sadly i wasn't filming it directly at the time, but I captured the audio nonetheless. The tower is over 100m high i believe, so the slight delay between flash and bang would suggest that it was struck. lightning.mp4
  3. Yes totally agree, it was one of the best night time storms I've seen here to the east of Southampton. I viewed the storm approaching from the top of the local car park until security told me to leave. I was there happily minding my own business watching natures light show...but he was more convinced that i was there to throw shopping trolleys off Tesco car-park roof. Clearly us storm chasers have that look about us?. Or maybe it's just me . Oh well never mind..went home and enjoyed the storm as it came directly overhead. May upload some video late, but here's some still's
  4. This webcam is pretty cool. Every now and then it pans around to show the cloud structures to the Southwest of St Malo. Hopefully we will see these in the South later!
  5. Someone 60 miles west of Rennes reporting constant lightning. Doesn't surprise me looking at the lightning detector!
  6. Yeah good shout, i was just looking at that. The sky looks threatening when the camera looks west. Hopefully a good sign for us later!
  7. Lol i know how you feel! It has been 5 years since I've seen proper snow in Southampton :-(. Lets hope things pan out well for us Southerners this afternoon. Hopefully we will be on the right side of marginal..and that the rain is heavy enough for evaporative cooling to turn everything white (even at low levels).
  8. Hi there! Are you able to chase that storm moving into Cornwall soon? Seems to have maintained intensity on the radar for hours now! Could be a good storm..
  9. Sounds intense! I think the winds are peaking now in your region, but i'm not 100% sure on that. It's getting really windy here near Southampton now, almost on par with any storm so far this winter
  10. Wow i'd love to be on Portland this evening! I went to the coast at Southsea on Wednesday, probably the strongest winds I've ever experienced. It's very windy where i am now near Southampton. Radar still showing showers heading on to the South Coast, could be some very squally gusts around these showers..
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