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  1. Impressive storm between Doncaster and Scunthorpe - not least in terms of the rainfall amounts. IMG_1958.MOV
  2. Pretty weak this afternoon. A few light flurries but we're in a big gap between the Wash and the stuff coming on-shore in East Yorkshire. I guess we'll see what the evening and overnight period brings.
  3. Showers here have definitely pepped up over the past hour - they're still putting down very light snow, but they're more frequent and longer in duration.
  4. Exactly the same here, except for the 4cm, we've had half that.
  5. Showers are still piling in, but they're fairly light and moving through pretty quickly - we're right on the south east edge of the amber warning zone, so I suspect most of the heaviest stuff is moving through to our north west.
  6. Lincolnshire Police reporting that that the A158 between Horncastle and Partney and the A153 between Louth and Horncastle are closed because of drifting snow, and the A157 between Wragby and Louth is passable by 4WD vehicles only.
  7. Here in Louth we've had what might best be described as an 'enhanced dusting' - maybe half an inch, but you don't have to go too far to our west to find bigger totals. The wind has dropped off but it's still breezy - there are some grim road conditions in the Wolds by all accounts.
  8. Graupel has now turned to light snow - too light to be settling, but it's starting to come down. When the showers beef up later, There shouldn't be an issue with it settling.
  9. Is that Cleethorpes or in The Isle, Richard? Love the youtube channel BTW - subscribed!
  10. Another light graupel shower currently - the wind today has really dried everything up so it's blowing around like sand. Gritters are out (they've been past twice) and a couple of snow ploughs went through about 20 minutes ago, presumably being re-positioned, so Lincs County Council must have had a head's up about the overnight period and tomorrow.
  11. Just back from enjoying the salty scouser tears - we had a brief graupel shower about 20 minutes ago but it looks a bit patchy on radar for the next hour or two, so probably little else for here before bedtime. Still, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  12. That winter was brutal - we lived out in the sticks (even for Lincolnshire!) and it seemed to go on forever. The mid February spell of snow and gales is about the most apocalyptic weather conditions I've seen in the UK away from the Scottish mountains. I had three weeks extra off school between November and March, a joy offset by the fact we lived in a house with no central heating and several spells of no running water because of burst pipes. I doubt I'll ever see another winter like it in this country.
  13. Yeah, it's like Sahara-on-Sea. Well, except for the temperature and sunshine.
  14. I'm still shedding it. I dread to think where else it got.
  15. Just popped out to the coast to do a few things for work and that wind has some poke, must be gusting close to 30mph. Certainly feels chilly. one or two very light graupel showers, but not much else, and not much off-shore that I could see though it was tough to tell between eyefuls of sand. As for prospects for the rest of the week, why not just let it play out and see what happens? It's not like we can influence it anyway.
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