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  1. This was in the canary wharf region this morning....snowing at sea level - I wasnt expecting it. Nice suprise and only snow of the winter so far. God it's been bad lol FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Finally snowing here in canary wharf - very wet of course but at sea level most impressed
  3. Finally snowing here in canary wharf - very wet of course but at sea level most impressed.
  4. Every time I open this at work it gives me a warning to basically stop looking at porn lol. Great video - what a nice surprise. You've def hit the sweet spot.
  5. It was all rain at almost 200m near blue bell hill. Drove to work and odd bit of sleet at sea level in Canary Wharf
  6. Was surprised to see some sleet and 3oC yesterday around 6pm and at lowish levels too. Lets see what the next few days bring
  7. Thank you both for your insight. I’ll take that into account. Braemar has suddenly become a top pick based on those pics! Nice
  8. Hi all, I wondered if anyone could advise - I'm looking at getting my snow fix (just to see it on the hills this winter would be something for me) I'm thinking of spending a long weekend in the Cairngorms. Cottage, log fire, wine - that kind of thing. Some places I've looked at are Ballater, Braemar, Tomintoul, Aviemore and Grantown-on-Spey. Would I go wrong getting an air bnb in any of these places and travelling around the area sightseeing? Appreciate any insight. Thanks :-)
  9. Driving through maidstone this afternoon and it hit 16oC consistently. Very mild in the sunshine - t-shirt weather.
  10. I was out of the country 2005-2015 so for me: 1) 1987 by a mile here in the SE for me. 2.5 feet of snow and sub zero temps. 2) 1991 second with 1.5 feet of snow and cold temps. 3) BFTE 2018 - 1 foot of snow and a few ice days. Worst - this year stands out - no air frosts, no notable ground frosts - only 3 car frosts and no snow falling. Plus very mild and very wet. Miserable.
  11. Agreed. Having lived through 200mm of rain in 36 hours I can confirm it was disastrous. I hope people can get safe and the damage isn’t too bad because at this stage it’s inevitable there’ll be some/lots
  12. That's one of those videos that could be an hour long and I'd watch it til the end - insanely heavy snow there. Nice!
  13. Officially sleet in north Kent here. White blobs hitting the window
  14. A few daffs in bloom in select spots here in east London (at work)
  15. Saw the first flowered daffodil of the year today....not sure I've ever seen that in January. 

    1. lassie23


      it will eventually be November and people will be having bbq turkey at christmas:santa-emoji:

  16. They cant be true Canadian if they ran out lol
  17. Some pics from twitter friends in Newfoundland
  18. Almost 60 mph gusts being reported through large parts of inland southeast at the moment. This is quite the storm.
  19. Some impressive gusts in the southeast at the moment - even in-land (edit - think that’s the 9pm forecast) either way it’s windy lol
  20. 112 mph latest report in Cairngorms - of course at over 1000m it will be high. Hebrides at sea level - 81mph
  21. I think It's going to get very busy in here this week with the snow starved UK looking for any signs of winter I for one am excited to see those of you in the favoured location and with elevation posting some snowy pics...please post some snowy pics! lol
  22. Big snowstorm in Alberta foothills into BC. (Canada) Warnings up to 100cm’s. current conditions in Banff
  23. Well that was a nice wake up call this morning...torrential rain slamming against the window. Quite a feisty spell of weather. Now nice and calm.
  24. Great conditions at Sunshine Village and ski hills in that area (Alberta Canada)
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