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  1. That was an epic storm for sure. You guys certainly got slammed as well! I was wondering if you’d moved back. Fingers crossed he gets his op soon and you get ‘home’ before the first big snowstorm of the season
  2. Here’s a nice time-lapse video that shows how much snow fell last December in Canmore.
  3. I agree about the spin off - that would have brought a different dimension going back to the origins. I was bitterly disappointed by the ending knowing how G Martin even said himself there should have been a few more seasons to explain and wrap things up better. But unfortunately greed got the better of the writers. It’s backfired on them since though. The books are on my to read list. Squid game is nothing like GOT. It’s a Korean thriller that’s dubbed . It’s focused on various characters that are all in serious debt, and are tricked into playing some children’s games for money. However all isn’t as it seems and needless to say there are many plot twists, turns and surprises. It’s very gory so just a heads up in advance.
  4. Currently reading ‘The Book of Negroes’ by Lawrence Hill. Oh and jumped on the bandwagon and just started watching Squid Game
  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving As has been forecast for the last week the cold weather has arrived. A big temp difference over the province today with near freezing in the west and near 70oF in the east. Currently 7oC and dropping. There’s rain in the air but the snow line is coming down the mountains. As the cold weather digs in this evening the rain should turn to snow and the first snows in town could arrive. Most places sub zero or close across the province. A few cm’s of snow forecast for Canmore....more further west. And quite a bit into the BC border over the mountains. The ski hills should do well. A good start for the base. Calgary may get some snow but all the action is due west of the city.
  6. It’s getting rarer isn’t it. Maybe this year will be ‘the one’ If you’re snow starved you might like this video I took in the middle a snowstorm a few years back in the road out the front of the house IMG_2343.mp4
  7. Just going through some old videos and found this one. Huge snowflakes (more like snow chunks) that measured around 15cm’s wide at their biggest. I was getting excited thinking at the time they could be some of the worlds largest snowflakes, until I found out the record is a staggering 38cm! Lol IMG_2341.mp4
  8. I do love this time of year in the Rockies. You just never know what weather you might have. Currently it’s reaching a respectable 21oC. Last year was closer to 25oC but then 3 years ago it’s was minus 10oC. The transition usually happens around early October. This year looks to be no different with cooler weather today and snow possibly on it’s way
  9. If anyone wonders what it’s like waking up after a snowstorm in the Canadian Rockies - this captures it pretty well. Snow laden mountains, deep blue skies, snow plows already out clearing the streets. A foot of fresh snow and hitting the ski slopes to take advantage of the powder. Bring on some good old fashioned Alberta snowstorms this winter. IMG_2317.mp4
  10. Looks like some stormy weather incoming for the SE. Winds likely between 40-60 mph depending on inland or exposed. Whats surprised me is the last two forecasts on NW homepage haven’t mentioned specific wind speed forecasts at all. Had to go to the met office to find out. Wonder if this is intentional?
  11. Similar to last year, not much snow around on the mountains including the ski hills as we head into October. With about 5 weeks or so til the start of the ski season it’ll start building up shorty. Still, lovely late summer like weather into the 20’s. Signs of a change, as often is the case with the advancement of Thanksgiving, with a chance of snow next week and night time temps close to freezing. Bring on the winter season. ️
  12. Extraordinary regarding time of year (for accumulating snow) not in total accumulation. I don’t see any big accumulations for the airport - maybe an inch. Slightly higher further east in the city. Some big falls in the hills though - up to a foot possible.
  13. Coopsy

    Film thread

    Yeah I just picked up work when they were filming in the area, which was often, as I love movies. so I was an extra on a few films, security on others etc. It wasn’t the best experience sitting through almost 3 hours of that film I must admit lol. Mind you neither was the assassination of Jesse James (there seems to be a running theme that any film I was on was [email protected] lol)
  14. Coopsy

    Film thread

    This made me chuckle as I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on a few big movies that filmed in the area. From Brad Pitt’s ‘The assassination of Jesse James’ to ‘interstellar’. and a few inbetween. And by far the most boring and tedious time I had was on the interstellar set. I knew then it was gonna be a tough watch. Although Matthew McConaughey was as charming as you’d expect.
  15. Currently back visiting family and on holiday in south Devon. The weather has been great. As for the beaches in the area...they speak for themselves. 🏝
  16. This is an interesting article on this debate... Why doesn't the U.S. bury its power lines? THECONVERSATION.COM Hurricanes Michael and Florence have knocked power out for millions of people. Burying power lines could help but the costs are high.
  17. Thanks - very interesting articles. Certainly a notable hot spell. Also of note is the earlier sunrise/sunset times pre BST. It’s made me think what I’d prefer in September - and I think it’s later nights. 6:57pm in early sep is just too early for me.
  18. That looks like a musk beetle to me - do you live near wetlands? Most commonly found near wetlands like the fens and broads in east anglia
  19. Welcome back. I do love that view of the Rockies from Calgary. It was certainly a wet and cold end to the heatwave. Scotland looked great from your pics. Hope you had a good time. I know what you mean - it doesn’t take long to feel at home when it just feels right does it. We’re entering arguably my fav time of year in September as things quieten down and (weather permitting) it’s lovely sunny days, trees turning, sometimes rather warm - then every few days the snow gets a little lower down the mountains and by Thanksgiving we might have our first snows, making it feel quite seasonal. I do like a nice Fall pic (a few attached of some past years) I was surprised when you said 9 months - that’s flown by.
  20. Well it snowed yesterday. Snow on the mountains - earlier than normal but not too unusual as I’ve seen snow on the ground in August. Nakiska was looking wintry...
  21. ^ Very true, sadly. So yesterday was a choke fest. Terrible air quality. In fact it was off the very high charts....435! It made for some atmospheric skies ....
  22. Another very smokey day but much cooler. Wildfire is now under control. 10 hectares burnt and now down to 6 hectares still alight. Apparently started on purpose which is being investigated. There’s some real idiots in this world. Rainfall warning in place with up to 70mm possible later today into tomorrow / so that’ll help with everything.
  23. Hot and smokey in town - temps at 32oC. Another fire just east of town at dead man’s flats. Some reports it’s out of control at present time and others saying otherwise. Copperstone resorts evacuated. Keeping a close eye on.
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