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    North Kent [350ft above sea level] Sadly I lost 150 ft elevation in the last house move - we all know what difference that can make lol

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  1. ‘Only’ 27oC here at 7pm - feels like there’s still a breeze coming in off the estuary from a NE direction. I thought that was going to change today. I’m not complaining. The wind is dying down though. It’s gonna be a hot night
  2. Classic post during a heatwave I get your frustration though.
  3. I always remember thinking that about the trees. Very short lived. It sounds like it’s not been a great summer. My concern will be the spring melt next year if there’s still a fair bit of snow and theres a snowy winter ahead. Having lived through the ‘13 floods - always a concern.
  4. Great explanation. Thanks. Is there a correlation between a minimum CAPE value and when tornados might be present. Or does it not work like that?
  5. B&Q have dropped their 9000BTU from £269 to £195. But if you need 12,000 then that’s not a bad price. keep the receipt - cos if autumn comes this weekend you can always return it enjoy - I used to get my room down from 30 to a comfy 23 within a little while.
  6. There’s a blob of precip building in France that is moving in our direction. I have no idea if it’s a storm, it’ll keep building or even make it here - I’ll leave that for the storm experts to assess, but I’m keeping an eye on it
  7. Wow - simply stunning. Thank you for sharing. These are amazing!
  8. Living in North Kent I thought I was going to have 6 days of horrendously hot weather. Luckily, after reaching 36oC on Friday, this weekend we’ve had a NE wind and it’s been very pleasant for the last 2 days and not above 30oC. I’m not looking forward to the next 3 days though....
  9. The good ol Canadian prairies. They can produce some cracking tornados 🌪 Thanks for sharing
  10. Sounds like some lovely weather around Scotland - maybe away from the north and east coasts. I recorded lowest nighttime temp of 22oC Friday into Saturday after a 36oC day. Not nice. I think some good chances of storms around the region going into the week as @Mr Frost has detailed so well. Good luck on the storm chasing folks
  11. I’d say we have chances of breaking 4 records this week. 1) hottest all time temp 2) hottest nighttime temp 3) hottest 3 day streak (mean and absolute) 4) hottest 6 day streak (mean) Personally I think 3 & 4 have higher probability of being broken than 1 & 2 but we’ll see.
  12. I guess it can only go out one of two ways - with a whimper or with a bang. Hopefully the latter
  13. I used to love September in the Canadian Rockies. It was still warm generally high teens, low 20’s. But as September progressed the first snows would appear on the mountain tops, and every few days the snow would get lower down the mountains. The air turned crisper, the trees more yellow and red until finally we had the first snows in the town. Magical. Here’s a pic I took - if you’re dreaming of snowy days (like I do daily lol)
  14. The NE of Scotland is a lot sunnier and warmer than people think
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