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  1. I’m still in 2020. That was last year d’oh 🤦‍♂️So potential of record high and low within a year of each other
  2. If Prince George gets to 38oC that’ll break their all time highest temperature. Which would follow the record cold they recorded in January of -44oC. Would be quite the year for them for record breaking temps.
  3. My Canadian apps have 42oC for those dates. Which I think would be more realistic. Even so, that in itself would be a record for Kamloops, though not unusual to get into the 40’s in summer in interior BC. Places like Osooyoos, which is close to a desertlike climate, often get into the 40’s . The average temperature there for the 3 summer months is above 30oC. The set up this week will certainly see records broken around W Canada I think.
  4. 2013 Alberta Floods This time 8 years ago it started raining. Nothing unusual in June I thought. 48 hours later and I was in the thick of (at the time) the costliest natural disaster in Canada’s history. From 19-21 June half a years rain fell in just 36 hours. 9 inches (228mm) of rain fell in Canmore townsite. (Over a foot was estimated in the mountains). A local state of emergency was declared by June 21. Flooding was widespread from the run off from the mountains as new rivers raged down the mountains. Luckily the main river that runs through the town just held. At its highe
  5. Some good pics @CatchMyDrift Did you see the meteor yesterday morning?
  6. Hovering around freezing today. Almost tropical. Wet roads and slow melt going on in the sun. It definitely feels busier in town - with certain restrictions being lifted it certainly makes a difference to towns that rely on the domestic tourist dollar like Canmore and Banff.
  7. I’d imagine the dry continental air has been replaced with more humid moist air. As a result in cold weather, even if the mild air is warmer than the dry air, it’ll feel colder as this increases conduction of heat from the body. In the summer it’s the reverse
  8. Here’s a couple of pics my friend sent me of this morning - near Boxley, (Maidstone) Kent. He said it was virtually impassable in places from the drifting snow, with cars stuck, until the tractor snow plough came along.
  9. Just another random weekend with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake in the bow valley.
  10. I’m not surprised about the snowy pics - there’s something quite emotive about them. For me especially the nighttime snow pics. I think it’s the juxtaposition of the white and black. I’m prone to taking many random snowy pics too...
  11. Lol you’re a true Canuck now 😁 Definitely warmer by day. A balmy -14oC though there’s warnings out for -40’s wind chill for tonight and tomorrow night then warming up Monday, possibly close to freezing by the end of the week - it’ll feel almost spring like - get the shorts out. You've been putting me to shame with the pics so I’ll upload this one. Always nice to see a sun halo over the mountains.
  12. Yup and maybe even further west getting in on it as well like medway. Looks like some building on the western side. Whether it enhances or decays yet to decide
  13. Minus 32 this morning too. The snows back this evening though and warmed up to a mild minus 26 atm. I think it’s acceptable in Alberta to say it’s cold when it’s in the minus 30’s. But I agree , and I’m always met with strange looks from family, when I say it can be nice in the sun in the minus 20’s.
  14. I’m reading this very differently (doesn’t mean I’m right though) Convergence lines are basically a slow moving trough, which would lead to persistent snow over many hours On those charts the convergence line doesn’t appear to move a huge distance in 12 hours? from +24 to +36 maybe 40/50 miles. Meaning snow for longer and higher accumulations for those under it?
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