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    North Kent [350ft above sea level] Sadly I lost 150 ft elevation in the last house move - we all know what difference that can make lol

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  1. Almost 60 mph gusts being reported through large parts of inland southeast at the moment. This is quite the storm.
  2. Some impressive gusts in the southeast at the moment - even in-land (edit - think that’s the 9pm forecast) either way it’s windy lol
  3. 112 mph latest report in Cairngorms - of course at over 1000m it will be high. Hebrides at sea level - 81mph
  4. I think It's going to get very busy in here this week with the snow starved UK looking for any signs of winter I for one am excited to see those of you in the favoured location and with elevation posting some snowy pics...please post some snowy pics! lol
  5. Big snowstorm in Alberta foothills into BC. (Canada) Warnings up to 100cm’s. current conditions in Banff
  6. Well that was a nice wake up call this morning...torrential rain slamming against the window. Quite a feisty spell of weather. Now nice and calm.
  7. Great conditions at Sunshine Village and ski hills in that area (Alberta Canada)
  8. Its been pretty dismal so far and I think we have a few more weeks to get through bar the odd dry crisp day. I'm hopeful for a colder Jan/Feb and some snow opportunities....it cant get much worse....can it?
  9. Wasn't the 2018 SSW that gave us the beast from the east a Siberian warming at the strat level? Not sure if they follow the same pattern with regards to the impact at trop level each time but if they did.....(ps - I've just started learning about all this so go easy on me if I say anything obvious/stupid - cheers ) I've also read that there's more chance of a displacement of the PV rather than split in a QBO-E phase but then I've read about more chance of a split when there's planetary wave 2 activity, so I'm a little unsure of what's going to happen. (Again I might be getting confused as I learn but does any of this makes sense?) One thing I know is its fascinating learning all about this....keep up the great analysis all - it makes for great reading.
  10. Because Christmas is within the reliable time frame.....Get ready for the rollercoaster again. That said lovely charts for Christmas day. If only they'd come off - it'd feel very festive
  11. ha ha when you look at it like that you realise how poor things are right now
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