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    North Kent [350ft above sea level] Sadly I lost 150 ft elevation in the last house move - we all know what difference that can make lol

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  1. Because Christmas is within the reliable time frame.....Get ready for the rollercoaster again. That said lovely charts for Christmas day. If only they'd come off - it'd feel very festive
  2. ha ha when you look at it like that you realise how poor things are right now
  3. The squall line seems to have broken up right above me. I’m under the quiet bit....typical lol
  4. Just did a thesaurus on unhinged - deranged, mad, disturbed, crazy, crackers.....sounds about right for our weather and the MAD thread at times lol
  5. This is just an alternative way of saying winter is over. Do you really think that if that chart happens there's no prospect of any cold spell until Feb/March (SSW aside)?
  6. Here's the best I got last winter (about 10cm plus) on Feb 2 up at blue bell hill (North Kent) - the worst was 500ft above though settling snow got down to about 200ft. It was also the only time it snowed and settled last winter round here (I think)
  7. I'm surprised - when did a chart 10 days out ever deliver the snowy goods when 2 are on board and the other not? It might have happened before but likely? Maybe shows how much people want snow this year - myself included. Anyway still some potential next week for some. Today was a thick frost, white everywhere and now a lovely sunrise - I'll take that in the run up to Christmas. Wet and Windy on the big day? Hope not.
  8. Perfect charts a week away...what could go wrong....jet stream shunts north...low barrels through....too marginal for us down south OR it might just snow. Only time will tell. I think I know where my money is. Right now though a lovely sunny crisp winters day....more of this please (until the snowstorm hits )
  9. Agreed - as knocker and others have said - that thread gets overrun with FI snowmaggedon type posts and is allowed because a day 10 chart shows it. It does derail the sensible and balanced side of model discussion and the probable gets lost.
  10. Wow I think you get a good idea here of how close it is to being really disruptive. Thankfully there's a dry spell coming up otherwise I could see that path and road and beyond being underwater.
  11. March 2, 2005. We had just under a foot of snow that day in north kent. One of the best snow day events in my life. I think it must have been fairly localised as not many remember it.
  12. That's your white stuff for this year then - back to rain after? Merry Christmas
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