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  1. A 500 plus mile line of snow and the only place with rain is the SE.... I need to move
  2. Current odds being offered on a white Christmas .... always worth a flutter based on these long shot charts
  3. I do. I was driving from London to Scotland on Christmas Eve and just as i turned up to my parents it starting snowed and we had a few inches over Christmas Day. I remember the forecasts before going for that quite a while out so yes it managed to hold true
  4. Lots to be excited about - that said if we're at the end of Feb and we've just had our 8th failed scandi high/easterly set up and no snow, I might be just saying that winters over lol
  5. I've just read the last 3/4 pages and not one person writes off the winter. Actually everyone seems to be quite positive that the trend is going the right way. It's disappointing it doesn't look like this current spell will deliver much (still open to change) but many on here clearly state they are looking forward to the next evolution beyond that in the run up to Christmas and beyond. I think most on here can see the potential this winter, compared to many winters before.
  6. Its looking that way and quite progressive movement with -5 down to south east corner by 129
  7. Technically that’d be for a major SSW. For a minor one to occur you don’t need full reversal just a slowdown and if there shows to be a temp increase of 25oC or more over the week then the minor SSW is on (I haven’t checked that on the charts) That said we all want that major SSW for the vortex to be affected and winds to become easterly increasing our chance of winter proper hitting The next day or two is going to be a roller coaster I feel. Short term still 50/50 for me on getting it all in place. Long term looking good for cold and snow if all comes together.
  8. Only that it’s 9 days away other than that it’s pretty perfect.
  9. No apologies needed you had a respectful reply unlike some others... It’s going to get interesting in the upcoming week. So much potential on the cards...let’s hope it all aligns
  10. I agree - I was talking about the weight I put on the depth of knowledge in here and how much I learn here from the analysis etc. Was actually meant as a compliment to many who post here and not a dig at the met office. Hey ho
  11. Not quite yet....things are changing again. Might be an outlier. Who knows lol
  12. Very true - I remember Christmas 1986 was a wet and mild affair. We all know what happened the following month
  13. Nope no gritters round here either - they must think it’ll stay above freezing. I hope so as leaving at 5:30am for drive to London.