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  1. What a miserable day....I think August will be a wash out but Septembers gonna be nice. Just my gut feeling
  2. 25/26oC over London today. A cooler 23oC back in north Kent. Fresher feel but still nice. Thursday/Friday will feel fresher still with lower temps and rain
  3. The worst I can see and hear is just to my east. Anyone from Sittinbourne east is probably going to get some good rumbles and flashes out of this. Raining quite heavy here now though
  4. Thunder and lightning. Telly losing signal. Rain not too heavy yet. Just about to go under that big red blob. Wish me luck
  5. Funny how we put up with all this heat and we aren't even rewarded with the storms when it breakdowns. France is going to be lively tonight
  6. I think it'll surprise some at the weekend with the humidity and maybe temps around 25oC. certainly not cool. It'll feel cooler tomorrow of course as it'll be prob 8 degrees lower than today but after that I think it'll feel warm and in the sunshine quite muggy at the weekend
  7. I said to keep the faith thought that might happen
  8. Does this summer surpass 1976 for sunny warm weather in your experience?
  9. I can’t see the timeframe on my phone as it’s blurry. When would you expect the cooler air to hit the SE based on these charts? Tuesday evening? Early house Wednesday morning?
  10. Indeed summers were good (when they were good)very low humidity warm sunny days and cool nights into single digits. Perfect. That’s a good plan. Bring British Canadian I’m gonna do the same
  11. I still think Tuesday night into Wednesday there'll be a good chance of catching a thundery downpour in that region
  12. Indeed - even this year a week in late Feb was remarkable by UK standards and only managed just below freezing during the day for 5 days. I miss my Canadian Rockies winters when snow fell in November and lasted til March. Longest stretch of below zero temperatures I counted was over 100 days. Now that's a cold spell lol.
  13. What a day today! ‘Only’ 27oC here but with low humidity was so comfortable. Evening is already cool so sleeping will be no probs. Perfect summers day for me today
  14. Not too much longer and you’ll be enjoying the nicer cooler conditions. Unfortunately there’s probably 3 days left of the hot weather