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  1. Surprised to see no mention of temps on the main page forecast from today onwards. Warm and muggy? What's that? 25oC and 80% humidity or 30oC and 50% humidity. Anyone have any ideas for the SE? Interestingly the met office don't have temps going over 20oC for my location and the feels like temps are lower than actual temps - totally opposite to netweather forecast
  2. Seems like a good time to be away. Seeing videos and reports from the Medway towns of the worst flooding I’ve seen in my lifetime in many different locations from rainham to Chatham to sittingbourne to waldersalde. Insane storms and rainfall.
  3. Been going for ages - quite impressive
  4. I’m under that right now. 461A62DA-1277-430D-AB62-002D47B50D3F.MP4
  5. Currently in the French countryside halfway between Paris and Luxembourg. Some big storms here lots of thunder some lightning over the lake. Think we might have a week of them here
  6. So my 1 yr old slept through all the storms but step on a creaky floorboard and she’s wide awake lol. Cracking storms here in north Kent. The hail was crazy
  7. Agreed - has a feel of 1976 to it already
  8. Can’t see how we’re going to get storms. Doesn’t it normally get really humid beforehand? It’s really cooled down and not humid at all.
  9. I l we'll be just shy of the record. When's the hottest part of the day? 4pm?
  10. I drive back from London daily along the A2/M2. My car picks up temp reading along the way. It's always warmest around the Gravesend area. In fact yesterday it picked up 26oC though officially it was 25oC.
  11. 6th morning in a row waking up to fog - someone tell me this'll be over soon (and no my wife's name isn't fog )
  12. 5th day running now with no break from the fog. It's getting a little depressing
  13. We had 18oC Saturday and whilst I was driving around the M25 it hit 20oC briefly. Very impressive