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  1. Thanks that had me confused - that’ll help
  2. Anyone in Kent concerned about the lack of opportunity for snow this week. Apart from Monday/Tuesday I think that’ll be it for us. The winds aren’t right. In 87/91 they were E/NE and delivered. By Wednesday they be SE. Great for Essex/Suffolk probably. Obviously there’s Friday but that might be snow to rain. Fingers crossed though
  3. I’m sorry about the models tonight. It’s my fault. I bought a shovel and some rock salt today. Seriously though some very progressive movement on the warmer air. Doesn’t feel right but I’m no expert. Hopefully a southward shift shows up tomorrow. It is 6 days away after all
  4. My guts telling me Fridays storm is going to be something special. I’ve always liked channel lows for us. Monday-Wednesday is first. Bring it all on. The showers mon to fri will be heavy for some lighter for others. I think everyone will see a fair few of them. Someone’s gonna hit the jackpot. 😁great times. I’m already working from home Tuesday and Wednesday just in case lol
  5. Ah damn it missed out. Next time!
  6. Just drive back from west London to north Kent. Started at 8oC and ended at 4oC. It was dropping 1oC about every 20 miles ....it’s coming
  7. Look at the kinks in those bars. Steve I’m gonna but you a charger for your birthday 😉
  8. I don’t think it’ll be powder nearer the coast. It certainly wasn’t in 87 or 91. Though drier than our usual snow I’ve seen true powder. I could clear my driveway in cana by blowing it away when it was true powder.
  9. Love the met office - 3 days out and such a bullish warning for the SE
  10. Now that’s a sign the charts are epic 😁thank god you’re back online ...ramp on folks
  11. Although we don't know how much and where, am I right in saying primarily its looking like convective snow showers from the easterly but anything is possible in this set up. From streamers to shortwaves to channel lows to polar lows in this type of set up?
  12. They wouldn't. By nature a failed easterly is one that was modelled and doesn't happen. If it was showing it wouldn't be failed. Oh I'm getting confused - its the change in air pressure from the failed incoming beast ;-)
  13. Its OK don't worry about us in the SE. We'll just wait for the channel low after the cold air comes
  14. Interesting forecast from the met office. Is that a channel low they refer to?