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  1. c00ps

    Your Random Photographs

    I was in south Devon a few weeks ago....was stunning
  2. 21oC here at 8pm. Quite remarkable
  3. To be fair that's more like a spring snowstorm so was unusual for the time of year. Here's hoping the set up is right for Europe this year that we all get to share in this type of weather
  4. 60cm's at my friends place in Kananaskis - 45 mins from Calgary in the foothills of the Rockies. 45cm's at my place in Canmore. The highways were a mess.
  5. It’s lovely out there tonight. When’s the bad weather supposed to arrive for the SE? Feels a bit surreal waiting for stormy weather
  6. It was 20oC at 6am this morning. That's just crazy for late September. Very balmy. Gorgeous day yesterday and stunning day today. We've been thoroughly spoilt this year. After this unsettled spell I still wouldn't be surprised to see a final very warm sunny few days into October.
  7. very warm and muggy out there today in the big smoke. great weather lately, nice cool nights. Perfect
  8. Something to do with the slackening of the jet stream , allowing incursions from the continent
  9. Not often I see a guarantee statement at day 10. I hope you’re right
  10. c00ps

    North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    I always loved living in the rockies in Alberta Canada for the extremes. We'd often have 30oC summer days followed by snow and 2 or 3oC. Conversely when there was a Chinook wind that came through it could go from -20oC to +15oC in hours. Great for an extreme weather fan.
  11. What a miserable day....I think August will be a wash out but Septembers gonna be nice. Just my gut feeling
  12. 25/26oC over London today. A cooler 23oC back in north Kent. Fresher feel but still nice. Thursday/Friday will feel fresher still with lower temps and rain
  13. The worst I can see and hear is just to my east. Anyone from Sittinbourne east is probably going to get some good rumbles and flashes out of this. Raining quite heavy here now though
  14. Thunder and lightning. Telly losing signal. Rain not too heavy yet. Just about to go under that big red blob. Wish me luck