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  1. .....and back to sleet. No surprises there....only hope is wind has just picked up....hope this the easterly element to the front cutting in....
  2. Just turned to snow. Ground and surfaces wet so will need intensity to pick up to have any chance of it settling...,,
  3. Light sleet/rain in Ynysforgan. Not a good start but if I'm honest I didn't even expect to see sleet....
  4. Looking at the radar,the Swansea snow shield is still fully functional. It will make an interesting research project for someone to explain how the snow missed Swansea. Its still doing it this morning. Ah well....always next year!!!!!!! WelshSnowFan
  5. Totally underwhelming at the moment. Knew the writing was on the wall with "That White Space" on the forecast precipitation charts a day or so ago. Never mind...some lucky areas in Wales are seeing a great event unfold. My brothers village in Hampshire has been cut off since early evening....so, everywhere but the snow shield supremo known as Swansea. Welsh(No)SnowFan
  6. No, that looks like its in Manselton, Swansea at the junction between Manor Road and Walter St. WelshSnowFan
  7. .....if that was crazy where you are....the epicentre was in Cwmllynfell approx 6-7 mile north of where I was sitting in my chair !!! Some reports locally of very minor damage ie cracks in ceilings....can't imagine what being in a big one feels like! WelshSnowFan
  8. Yes, saw forecast for higher ground but not here! Still snowing here as well but I can see 2m temp creeping up slightly in last 10mins so its probably going to turn to sleet and then rain again soon. Nice surprise though WelshSnowFan
  9. Confirm that heavy rain turned to heavy snow in about 30 mins. Heavy snow now in Ynysforgan, Swansea but not sticking. Where did this come from...certainly not part of any forecast I have seen WelshSnowFan
  10. I may be wrong but the chart Steve originally posted was "wind-chill" ? - have a look in top left corner. WelshSnowFan
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