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  1. Can see tower towards London from here but looks like its starting to collapse
  2. What 4 or 5 days of 30c+ temps on the bounce with some places getting a couple of days of storms? Is that not what they forecast, they didnt forecast the storm armageddon that many on here claim
  3. West London storm on the decline, just moderate rain with the odd rumble here
  4. Just about to hit here(West Byfleet Surrey), weird though no structure, grey slate skies and no visible lightning with just the occasional rumble.....cant complain though 2nd day on the bounce.
  5. Cant get my head around how poor it looks for CS/SE given it's a plume type scenario what are we potentially missing other than luck?
  6. Starting to look patchy at best for CS/SE England. Cannot remember a worse year for storms in the past 30 years for this area.
  7. What were you expecting? Storms were always highly unlikely in the SE which has turned out to be the case
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