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  1. Picked the wrong day to go to Duxford airshow as going tomorrow rather than today, looks a bit dodgy for the afternoon.
  2. Game over for majority of SE/CS England other than Kent/Essex northwards
  3. Game over here. Cant buy a storm in this part of Surrey it seems.
  4. shows how localised it can be, im in West Byfleet and we have next to nothing that has settled
  5. Have just travelled back from Bracknell which is a a winter wonderland with snow still falling, to Weybridge in Surrey which has lost its dusting from overnight and is raining, amazing difference in about 15 miies distance.
  6. Kent Clipper at best, as long as we get rain though I'll be happy
  7. Hot spell going out with a whimper here, would of been nice to go out with a bang but not to be, just wanted a bit of rain to be honest!
  8. Looks like we'll remain dry down here until later in the weekend
  9. Euro 4 model(normally pretty reliable) showing nothing down here, storms further north later on in Linc's etc
  10. Looks like things will be to the east and north of here, can't buy any rain in this area
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