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  1. New Zealand weather is.... weird.

    Firstly, the cyclones turn backwards (as compared with the UK, anyhow)

    Secondly, there's almost always an area of high pressure trying to cross the tasman sea from Australia. Sometimes it's strong enough, or sometimes there's a weakness in it... and a subsequent low.

    Thirdly, ALL the surface charts are positively full of fronts - sometimes because that Aussie high wasn't strong enough, or sometimes just because te weather in the Antarctic exists.

    Fourthly, and finally, Australia is two thousand miles away. NZ is a couple of islands smack bang in the middle of the ocean.

    I swear, the Met Office must send all its forecasters down here to train. If they don't, they're missing a trick!

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    2. crimsone


      He did indeed! Still presenting the forcast now - https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/weather-forecast/video?auto=6185298947001 (not sure if you can see that without a VPN?)

      Funny story - I was so thrown by North and South becoming meteorological opposites to my normal understanding when I first moved here, that in a fit of absent mindedness I wondered if the sun still rose in the east.

      The thing is, it wouldn't have fazed me if it didn't. Christmas down here involve a "santa parade"... a sort of carnival where people dress up in costumes and red wooly hats under a UV index of 11 to 13 for an epic dance through the city.

      And, of course, bonfire night might as well be called "National set fire to the nation day".

    3. crimsone



      Today's chart:  A low slipped into the high pressure area and weakened, before strengthening again, and is about to weaken as it travels backdown towards NZ. Meanwhile, a 2500 mile long occluded front is about to develop below Invercargill and  stretch right across to below Tasmania.

      What's the weather in 3 or 4 days time? Hell only knows. Best just look at the sky on the day, I reckon. Forecast says it'll either rain, or it won't.

    4. jtay


      It works. That's great, thanks. He does love a foehn effect.

      The whole Northern Sun thing blew my mind too.


  2. So, I live in New Zealand now.

    It's like the old Zeeland, but warmer, and further south... and the nights get shorter the further north you go. And 100% less Dutch.

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    2. crimsone


      Alas, not where I am.

      Being as Auckland is antipodal to southern Spain, if it snowed I'd be a bit concerned.

      Still, there's a good amount of snow on some of the mountains a little further south, and the South Island is a whole other story.

    3. lassie23


      oh no, can you cope without snow

    4. crimsone


      Oh yes.

      I can go visit the snow when I want to, and there's even an indoor ski slope not that far away.

      I get to climb old volcanoes instead.

  3. Ophelia, You're breaking apart, Becoming less tropical daily.

    Oh, Ophelia, Much more than a breeze, I'm begging you please, Spare my home.

    1. snefnug


       Very Good! 

    2. lassie23


      poet's corner can be found in the lounge:wink:

  4. Experienced Politicians (generally): those skilled in the context free abstraction of ideological truth from the coarse sea of detailed reality.

    1. Mokidugway


      Or they're full of bull sh*t or lies..

  5. Truthfully, I don't know if life just got in the way. I recon 2005 was so darn good that we all got bored in 2006! :p

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