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  1. Seems to have been quite active this season... wouldn't be surprised to see a season on the quiet side coming up. That said, if we don't see many hurricanes, I expect to see at least one of the majors being pretty darned major. That heat has to go somewhere!
  2. And over Coventry.
  3. 6pm. Coventry. Snow. We had some. Dusting on the pavements, and where the traffic doesn't run on the roads.
  4. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Stich get tends to occur just on the outside of a frontal hook, so I'm not sure you'd see it on a slp chart. Alas, I do not have a eurosat link. I'm sure someone else here does though.
  5. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Is the new one a fully fledged system yet? They might have a little dance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujiwhara_effect#Extratropical_cyclones
  6. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    You should propose that as the proper terminology for it to Met Eireann, right away! lol
  7. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    On a rather serious note... some deaths many of us probably hadn't considered...
  8. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    ... and more importantly, what happened to the wifi west of Scotland?
  9. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Huh. According to Met Eireann, the fastest gust today was at Fastnet Lighthouse, not Roche's point as I erroneously said earlier - 191 km/h (118.682 mph)
  10. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    ~If~ they were freshers, they quite probably didn't know any better. They sure as hell do now though!
  11. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Looks pretty dry at the start of that video. What's probably happened there is that a group of inexperienced freshers decided that the ground looked dry so they'd have a watch. They won't be doing that again. I suspect they they're freshers because the locals will know that just a little while back, large portions of the seafront were wrecked by crashing waves.
  12. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Don't know if there was anything higher after that. Works out to around 68 mph mean wind, and 118 mph gust.
  13. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    I see that local media is as awful as ever. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/hurricane-ophelia-how-can-you-13768532
  14. crimsone

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Ex-Ophelia has had a max gust (last time I looked) at about 118 mph... compared to '87 having 115 mph. '87 went down to 960mb, while Ex-Ophelia has recorded 959mb Haven't seen a max mean wind for Ex-Ophelia yet, but in '87 it was 72.5mph (1dp) The storms are of similar strength.