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  1. Does the Met Office still send forecasters in training down to New Zealand to cut their teeth on antipodal weather systems? Because the surface pressure chart forecasted for tomorrow is a bit nuts. I don't even know where to start.
  2. It only "stalls" in that the steering currents don't move it... ... but a large hurricane is a giant heat engine sucking its way through the nuclear equivalent of megatons of energy every minute or two. As long as it can still suck on warm water surrounded by moist air, and there's insufficient sheer to weaken it, it'll keep going.
  3. Been following this one off the forum, and thought I'd check in to see if it might make me less fearful for the islanders. It does not. I am dreading tomorrow's news (It's night time here in NZ). I am struggling to see any way in which the Bahamas are not significantly less populated after this hurricane. Even if fatalities are low (and god, I hope they are - but it'd be a miracle), the place is going to be utterly devastated. ?
  4. So, I live in New Zealand now.

    It's like the old Zeeland, but warmer, and further south... and the nights get shorter the further north you go. And 100% less Dutch.

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    2. crimsone


      Alas, not where I am.

      Being as Auckland is antipodal to southern Spain, if it snowed I'd be a bit concerned.

      Still, there's a good amount of snow on some of the mountains a little further south, and the South Island is a whole other story.

    3. lassie23


      oh no, can you cope without snow

    4. crimsone


      Oh yes.

      I can go visit the snow when I want to, and there's even an indoor ski slope not that far away.

      I get to climb old volcanoes instead.

  5. Looks like it's forecast to do a really tight loop de loop, and head off back up towards Cairns or PNG. That said, it's developed a decent trough stretching from just S.W of its center to a comparatively weak low center a bit NE of NZ's North Island, which is forecast to become fully occluded by 1am sunday (New Zealand Time), with a high building into the Tasman Sea... but with another nasty antarctic low trying to break through below it. Perhaps it'll just fall apart out at sea instead?
  6. We never talk about the south in here... ... but this one is lovely in so far as nobody seems quite sure where it's going to go. For a while there the models were split between Australia and New Zealand, but it looks like they've vaguely settled for Australia for now... http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/products/tc_realtime/storm.asp?storm_identifier=SH152019
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha Ha Ha! *chuckle*
  8. Did anybody make it into the eye of this thing safely? Considering that the eye just went over an entire city, I'm quite surprised that I've not seen any 'inside the eye' footage.
  9. I'm not saying it's not difficult or dangerous - it is... but flying through a cat4 hurricane is probably a lot safer for them that a mission to investigate an invest and check for a low level circulation. In a hurricane, they go high and can kind of see what they're aiming for (if only on radar)... for an invest they'll go low, and it's a hell of a lot more difficult to find the center. Add into that the potential effects of turbulence on aircraft altitude, and I'd imagine it to be a bit "seat of your pants".
  10. NHC went with 155MpH and 919mb as of "0100 pm CDT" ... that's 1mph short of Cat 5. If they don't pointlessly upgrade that in their next update, I can only presume they'll take a closer look after the fact at some later date.
  11. This is why we say that it's a bad idea to be anywhere near Major hurricanes. If Brett can get it wrong, what chance do I stand?
  12. Just read a comment on facebook from someone with a profile stating they work at NBC15... that they've heard from Brett's Wife that he's OK.
  13. Alternate link to Brett's Car's feed (can't really call it Brett's feed anymore!)
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