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  1. A seasonal Winter would be awesome, there's nothing worse than a mild wet winter when 10ºC is considered ''freezing'' and commercial buildings are hot enough to cultivate ''special'' plants. However, the sensible homeowner in me would prefer mild as it'll be cheaper on gas!
  2. Cloudy here today, had the lights on since 2pm.... What's the week outlook set to be? I've been checking the model thread and all it seems to be is excitement over uppers. I'm not good at working surface temps from uppers and i'm curuous to what we're looking at up here! I'm working at LUFC next weekend.
  3. Certainly been a fanstastic Bank Holiday weekend, glad the kids had some decent weather this August before they all go back to school. It's 29.5ºC in Leeds according to the Leeds University weather station. Pity there is no official weather station here anymore, would be nice to get on the top 20 list.
  4. Ooooh! Yeah I doubt we'll beat 24th July... The sun is quite strong, my solar is doing really well at powering the house, even with my a/c on!
  5. Leeds Uni weather station is reporting 28.3ºC. Curious how high it will go! Certainly fantastic weather to be at either Leeds or Reading festivals, it's about time the weather was epic for them. https://sci.ncas.ac.uk/leedsweather/
  6. Gonna be a long weekend inside with the AC on I think. Enjoy the heat and bank holiday if it's your thing, not long left before Autumn sets in.
  7. I did that yesterday, I cheated and turned the radiator water temp down to 35ºC and ran them for a couple of hours. Loving this weather, it's pleasant to work in without breaking out in a sweat and spending a fortune on cold drinks. I'm not putting the heat to bed just yet, we've had it appear well into October.
  8. For me, this weekend has been wonderful. Managed to cool the non a/c rest of the house down to a reasonable 22ºC from a sultry and hellish 32ºC. The differene is bliss!
  9. The kids deserve a decent August. I won't forget the awesome one I had in 1991.
  10. Looking forward to sleeping in the douvet tonight without feeling guilty. It felt wrong to run the A/C and snuggle up in a douvet all last week!
  11. Another issue just presented itself with the welcome rainfall today. New neighbours next door had their guttering replaced and my worry was proven when an old leak between theirs and ours returned with vengence. Glad it showed up now, not during winter.
  12. I'm glad it's cooler. Last week was too much, I must have spent half my working day sat in the car running the a/c. I heard about so many failed air con systems due to overheated condensor units.
  13. The met office app for my area says storms from 3am to 5am. Guessing that's automated but I wonder if it's gonna kick off after hours again?
  14. I've been wondering this too. Kinda want a storm so the winds air out the house!
  15. Looking forward to some storms tonight. It's been a horrid day and I even got assaulted by some ignorant builder that made a scene because my pass decided to not work leaving a job.
  16. Such a shame there is no official thermometer in Leeds. According to university weather station, we are close to the 3rd Aug 1990 record of 34.4°C.
  17. Awesome scenic cloudless sky here with the temperature passing 32°C. Now to melt...
  18. Leeds Uni weather station is fast approaching 30°C. Gotta go to an outdoor carpark next, the car is lovely and I don't wanna leave it.
  19. Just woke up and saw the storm up here. Nearly had a shock looking at how big it is on the radar.
  20. Thursday will be a horrid day, not looking forward to that but I am curious to see how hot it actually gets.
  21. I was at a convention in Birmingham at that time but apparently the storm caused a 2ish hour power cut in Crossgates.
  22. I was thinking the same but mine's a twin hose portable. Storms bother me as I was gonna leave the sash window open about 2 inches and run a fan on the window ledge overnight.
  23. Feels lovely outside in Leeds today. Keeping an interested eye on the potential storm risk this week.
  24. Yeah, Not seen much talk about them yet. It's just been all about how hot it's gonna get.
  25. I try use heatwaves to keep my heat tolerance up but I work outside year round and dress accordingly. It's easy to keep warm in Winter but in Summer I can only go so far before it becomes illegal! I'll be doing my part for Leeds' pollution and hopping in the car and running the A/C when I can't take it any longer as my car is my office. Certainly will be interesting to see what records will be broken and where. The thunderstorms that usually follow these hot spells are like the treat after enduring the pain. I hope they're really juicy!
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