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  1. Is glad i'm not working this weekend with the risk of significant snow Saturday afternoon and overnight...

    Hope it doesn't happen.

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    2. LJS22


      You'll find that most of the cold & snow lovers sit indoors all day looking out the window totally ignorant of the effects this type of weather has on hard working people

    3. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      I drive 70 miles round trip every day to work. I hope we have loads of snow. If the roads are all snarled up I stay at home. Simples!!!!

    4. LJS22


      Stay at home? Own place or mummy & daddies?? I have to work or a cant pay my bills and support my family. Staying at home unpaid is not an option

      Not having a go at anyone here just pointing out that unless snow & ice affects your daily life people dont really fully understand it's reprecussions. I'm sure all the members wanting snow all this month would soon change their tune when there was no food on the table due to supermarkets not having deliveries etc