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  1. Profile updated! Took a while but i've found those photos from Feb 1991.



  2. Is most certainly not looking forward to tomorrow. Gonna be a long, tiring day as i'll probably not sleep tonight.

  3. Why can't sky make heated dishes. :(

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I think a bag over the LNB think does the trick when there is snow around

  4. Om nom nom looks like a brutally cold Feb might just be on the cards. I'd hate to be one who commutes on a motorbike....

  5. Is glad i'm not working this weekend with the risk of significant snow Saturday afternoon and overnight...

    Hope it doesn't happen.

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    2. LJS22


      You'll find that most of the cold & snow lovers sit indoors all day looking out the window totally ignorant of the effects this type of weather has on hard working people

    3. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      I drive 70 miles round trip every day to work. I hope we have loads of snow. If the roads are all snarled up I stay at home. Simples!!!!

    4. LJS22


      Stay at home? Own place or mummy & daddies?? I have to work or a cant pay my bills and support my family. Staying at home unpaid is not an option

      Not having a go at anyone here just pointing out that unless snow & ice affects your daily life people dont really fully understand it's reprecussions. I'm sure all the members wanting snow all this month would soon change their tune when there was no food on the table due to supermarkets not having deliveries etc

  6. New phone is awesome

  7. Researching flights in my lunch break is interesting. Would it be better to get a straight through flight to San Fran or one which stops in Chicago? Wonder if inland US flights are cheaper?

    1. iand61


      we flew Newark to SF and back in December. flights seem cheap but aircraft tend to be older without food etc and americans put everything in the overhead lockers, under the seats, in the aisle etc.

  8. Just been out on the bike for the first time in 7 weeks. Bike runs well which is surprising...

  9. Is quite pleased with his early Christmas Present from me to me....

  10. Anyone heard about the Dallas Copper Bandits? Some cable thieves in Dallas attempted to steal a live 13200V underground cable...

  11. Is planning his 2012 summer holiday. It involves Green Laning over several days.

  12. Snowing on the ring road near otley road.

  13. Snow, kindly go away.

    1. Eugene


      wow moaning about snow when most people would love to be in your place this early in the season, lucky northerner

    2. Bottesford


      You mean most people on this forum...

    3. Aaron
  14. grr. The inverter for my van's lights just died. Not happy as it's a little dark in the back now.

  15. Time for work... where will I go today I wonder....

  16. Just given his PC it's annual clean....

  17. Internet issues, bear with me..

  18. Is about to eat some perfectly fine bread rolls with a BBE date of 29th November. Perfectly edible.

  19. This time last year.....snow.....

  20. This last shower had sleet in it.

    1. bobbydog


      call a plumber- your boiler must be faulty...

  21. Wishes all his American friends and relatives a fantastic Thanksgiving.

  22. Hasn't had a decent night's sleep in ages and i'd love an ice cold Easterly around now. I give up teaching the technologically retarded how to use a thermostat correctly.

    1. NorthantsSnow


      I'm with you on the sleep thing. I've forgotten what a good night's sleep feels like.

  23. So wants a Gremlins 3 to be made...

  24. Back from playing with old buses. Just having a long soak in the bath.

  25. Couldn't get anyone at work to swap my work shift today so i'll not be on the toy run.

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