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  1. I had my window open as i've got my projector on. Curtain is now soaked!
  2. I'm gonna be working turnstile tech support tomorrow at Leeds Utd. Not looking forward to it or the walk between LUFC and old Matthew Murray ground where we park....
  3. Good or bad? Am working at LUFC on Saturday....
  4. If it comes off, it'll be a menace. I'm working turnstile support at a football match....
  5. Hats off to Northern Powergrid working in the conditions. Certainly alot of outages in the region today.
  6. Just seen this on Twitter. Awesome mammatus clouds in Bridlington.
  7. Northern Powergrid's powercut map is offline and the 105 helpline is very busy too.
  8. That looks like it's imminent here. It's getting dark again.
  9. Leeds has a weather station too, that's showing a max windspeed of about 34mph at the moment with average 11mph. Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom SCI.NCAS.AC.UK
  10. I'd keep quiet but keep your wits about you so you and your colleagues are safe. If indeed it's too windy, the i told you so feeling will be awesome.
  11. I've got my fleet of UPS units plugged in. Should be good for light here for a day if it goes off....
  12. Wonder if i should be worried about the solar panels on the roof...
  13. There was a write up on the forum: The area I live got about 48cm of snow, I remember it vividly as it was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, slowly turning to sleet as I was walking on a paper round. Sleet got heavier going back to the shop and when I got out, heavy snow. It stopped around 9pm, I noticed how deep it was straight away as the chimneys looked so smaller with how much snow was on roofs. Other areas higher up where it turned earlier got over 70cm of snow I believe. The thaw happened from Friday. I'd have to either crawl up a pile of snow to deliver papers or look up and be quick if there was no mound of snow....
  14. Oh, 25 years ago today. The still unbeaten (in E Leeds) snowfall I refuse to let history forget. It has remainded the reference point for snowfall since. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/the-1995-snowstorm-that-brought-chaos-to-yorkshire-and-killed-six-stranded-drivers-1-9038537 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/four-killed-as-blizzards-sweep-the-north-1569897.html
  15. I could literally do that, i've got a several lights from removals over the years... Hoping we actually get some winter weather, i've forgotten what snow looks like....!
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