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  1. I tried getting the leasing company to fit them on my work car but they wouldn't. They won't even authorise the fronts, 3mm tread depth. Their limit is 2mm. I miss the van I had in my last job. That ploughed through snow, this Peugeot gets stuck due to tyres and boot being full, weighing the back end down. Naturally all work wanna know is why I couldn't get to Bradford this morning to meet some builders that got over the M62....
  2. There's About 1.5 inches of snow here, chaos on almost every road with loads of school closures. What would happen if we woke up to a 1987 morning where 2ft was common?
  3. It's snowing here and there's a dusting on the ground that looks like a hard frost....
  4. Heavy snow symbols are gone from the met app on my phone. Still looking forward to the showers though
  5. This cold spell has given renewed hope on seeing something like 2013. 2010, 1991 or even 1987 in this country again. There's so much that has to happen at the right time in the season - It's like winning the lottery and getting 4 numbers with the other 2 very close. It's like the weather is teasing us.
  6. Possible! I'm not writing anything snow wise off next week till it's passed. These setups often suprise....
  7. That one station that has the sensor inside...
  8. I'd say anything is possible, it usually happens with easterlies proper!
  9. Red would probably be issued for a Thames streamer... xD!
  10. Given how complex the snow forecasting is gonna be, I bet the warnings come out this evening. I for one will be glued to Countryfile tonight....
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing how the event on Friday progresses. However, anything can happen from this kind of setup between now and Thursday. I'm hoping for something to form and stall over the region, or keeps feeding itself from the Humber.
  12. I'll try find the Leeds Snow Shield and send it somewhere else... Hoping for something special but i'm doubting the 1995 Jan depth will be surpassed for another Winter. Main thing is it gives me hope of this setup occuring in say late Dec or in Jan one upcoming Winter. It'll happpen eventually.
  13. Someone in Whitby just told me he doesn't think it'll snow. The air is too salty.. He's in for a shock... (or is he right in some sense?)
  14. It's remarkable, so late in the season and so many out there will get caught out, there's a generation that's never experienced a true easterly! It's given me hope for the future. Leeds Jan 1995 snow will be beaten eventually!
  15. Same. I remember 1995 well and it always springs to mind when someone says it won't lay, it's too wet....