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  1. That forecast brought over a foot/30cm of snow to my area. Waking up and opening the curtains to this was epic. Aside from the Great Yorkshire Dump in late Jan 1995, it's not happened since.
  2. I would like a breeze, opening windows does so little at the moment and i'm trying to cut back with relying on Air Conditioning!
  3. According to the Leeds Uni weather station, it hit 27.7ºC in Leeds today.... Not sure on the specifics of the station so I can't say how accurate that temperature is. https://sci.ncas.ac.uk/leedsweather/
  4. The humidity here has/is quite something! My glasses misted up when I got out of the work car XD! Must say, it's not overly unbearable when one climatises to it and the alternatives are considered.
  5. I've always believed this is a main part of the definition to the term ''Indian Summer'' too. Just googling ''indian summer definition'' brings up tonnes of stuff saying late Autumn or October/November. September for me is the Summer version of December to Autumn (or in recent Winters, Winter as a whole...) and March to Winter.
  6. I'm curious to see if we'll get anything storm wise. It's been so long since the last decent one that flooded the back street and caused a power cut.
  7. Yeah it's not gonna be nice. I usually sleep with the a/c on, set to 23C as I found anything lower just kills the unit faster! Earplugs are a must too...!
  8. My dad shuts every window in the house at nightfall. Irritates the life out of me.... AC is only in my bedroom....
  9. The issue with my house is the storage heater effect from the bricks at night. That and my continual use of old electronics made me get A/C. I don't like the heat but it's summer and we need some lovely weather.
  10. Slept lovely, woke up to the bedroom at 17ºC. I really needed the sleep!
  11. Given the choice, i'd be somewhere cold. I'm a Yorkshireman and it's in my blood. However, as i've mentioned before I tend to use the summer for boosting my heat tolerance with a side effect of being a giant troll who wears a fleece still. For some reason it really triggers some people. Looking forward to not waking up at 4am tonight. For the last 3 nights i've woke up, relented and put the a/c back on.
  12. It's just got dark here. Passing shower, the main part of the rain is too far west.
  13. I'm wondering if anything will kick off around sunset and into the evening? Also curious about tomorrow's forecasted activity.
  14. Interesting how quickly the temperature plummeted according to the graph on here: Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom SCI.NCAS.AC.UK
  15. Was worried it would pass to far east. As it happens it passed here too far west XD! Got the edge of it here.
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