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  1. Yes it was brilliant watching it arrive then burst into life. I thought it had died after it passed us but found some more energy from somewhere on it's way to you to give a little more.
  2. Great little storm grew and passed over us in Bourne (north of Peterborough). The proper way to end a spell of heat.
  3. Looks like the storm that passed here an hour ago is still going strong out Lincoln way. 20190827_204358_1.mp4
  4. Here in Bourne, lincs...that is up there with one of the best short storms I've ever been in. Constant thunder and lightning, monsoon rain and severe wind gusts. Still plodding on to my north
  5. Long time since I've seen skies this angry with cloud rapidly getting dragged upwards. Un/fortunately passing just east of here in Bourne but incredibly windy
  6. Can't get out of town southward again today due to drifts and accidents so another snow day. Where has the snow on the radar come from? Meto app says dry all day
  7. Chaos round Bourne today meaning a lot of us have our first snow day in years. 70 mins to get from town centre to outskirts (1 mile max) We have 5 1/2 inches of fresh snow in the back garden and about 7 out front where yesterday's hadn't melted fully.
  8. Been snowing steadily here in Bourne last few hours here which I wasn't expecting at such a low level. Heavier band gradually creeping in so maybe a cm or 2 before it turns to rain.
  9. Still snowing here pretty much the same as last few hours. Up to at least 4cm on paths and roads and sleet symbols disappeared from meto app for us with it now showing heavy snow on and off until 6pm. Fingers crossed!
  10. New warning update...talk about fine lines! Fingers crossed it stays as snow throughout.
  11. I think you are right LO...the meto app shows this intensity until about 12pm before it fizzles out overhead, and based on that then we are looking at 3-5cm here I would imagine.
  12. The ground is now covered so I guess it's just a question of what depth now! Could still do with a push north for the heavier stuff for a longer duration.
  13. Here in Bourne we are just inside the Amber warning after today's 11am update but the way the day has progressed we may just be on the edge of the precipitation by morning. Here's hoping for a slight push north east!
  14. I was lucky enough to be on the northern edge out of the main rain so had a cracking view. Sure was some deep rumbles and some lovely low hanging clouds! Sun is drying everthing up nicely now.
  15. The storm just north of Peterborough has just passed and it looks like the lightning was chasing these birds Ha!
  16. It sure can. Sleaford to grantham areas always seem to pep them up. Here's looking north form my living room 10 mins ago.
  17. Fast growing showers in the not so distance. Photos taken 10 minutes apart
  18. I'm 16 miles or so north of Peterborough and been having a great display for last half hour or so with constant distant grumbles. Too many trees in my way though unfortunately
  19. Lovely colour to this storm. Pretty much constant flashing north, west and south for last hour but slowed a bit now.
  20. The joys of not being directly under the heavy rain means we get to see clear lightning from north and south !
  21. Your reverse psychology is working a treat as we have real deep distant rumbles now
  22. We're in Bourne and it looks like we could be in a great spot soon with them Leicester/melton storms
  23. Chin up sparky we already have thunder and lightning here in market deeping accompanied by that light rain. Incredibly humid feel.
  24. Well from an utterly miserable morning after an early sharp storm, out of nowhere we're basking in 22c and mostly clear skies. What a strange day! Hopefully something will pep up now the sun is working it's magic.
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