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  1. Those are new terms for me (I’m a Metophobe?). Landspout seems more plausible as Gustnados rarely connect to the cloud base (according to Wikipedia) - this almost certainly was. Here’s the image with some post editing:
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond - really helpful. It seemed to reach quite close to the ground but I can’t confirm if it actually did. If I had the opportunity I would have tried to drive toward it but I was stuck in traffic. It was quite a sight to see, one of those double take moments! I’m absolutely fascinated by the weather, especially tornados so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it. ?
  3. I was hoping to get your opinion on this funnel cloud / tornado looking cloud I spotted this evening. It was near Thornbury, Bristol / River Severn. We’ve had some heavy rain and ominous clouds around but even with my limited meteorological knowledge I find it unlikely this would be the conditions for a tornados. Sadly I couldn’t study it enough to see rotation. What are your thoughts?
  4. Lots of flashing to my south, similar to yesterday, however, this time I do hear faint thunder, come on!
  5. Whilst I realise it will pass me, the fork lighting in the distance is still a real treat. ☺ï¸
  6. Had a nice dark cloud approach Portbury at about 4:30pm, brought 5-10 minutes of hail and very heavy rain, loved it, even if, briefly.
  7. Local weather station is saying 991.9 hPa Falling Rapidly Was initially saying "falling slowly" (Clevedon, Bristol)
  8. TimMB

    Cirrus clouds

    Lovely feather looking Cirrus clouds in Exmouth, Devon.

    © Tim Blackman

  9. Sad to say, I don't remember. I am really hoping this warm weather will bring us some, fingers crossed!
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