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  1. UKMO pretty remarkable with the evolution of the low to the west/south west come Sunday/Monday !!! winds remain resolutely easterly or north easterly for the majority, none of the milder southerly air getting into the mix at all :0 definitely some frontal snowfall in there I would think.
  2. Well Ian Fergussan gave a 30% chance Easter would be milder on the radio earlier So I make that 70% probability of the block coming in and feeding us some v cold air yet again. And with the Atlantic knocking on the door some of us could well see more snowfall yet! He has been mentioning it for a few days now on local radio, never ever a ramp just highlighted the seemingly ever increasing risk.
  3. I have heard much regarding #beast three on the radio/papers today and just thought to myself 'not going to happen' ............ this media lot are over playing it. However after viewing tonight's GFS I'm kind of doubting my resolve. Can we really be looking down the barrel of yet another proper cold incursion?? Easter day did catch my eye regarding snowfall for some lowand parts of the UK perhaps a white Easter is not such long shot! if we do end up with more lowland snowfall into April then this spell induced by the major SSW will ceratinly go down in the record books with even more extraordinary stats than we have experienced thus far. amazeballs!
  4. You guys in Cheltenham yea? I'm only 100meters, but in these non marginal set-ups elevation doesn't make that much difference. radar is suggesting something heavier is on the way so perhaps an hour or so of more significant snowfall
  5. Light snow at present, dusting to bare surfaces
  6. The brighter echoes look to be headed our way surprised me when I looked at the radar I thought the snow was done with us for the day. Ice surprise
  7. Yep, plenty coming up from the south and with the area of low pressure very very slow moving the feed of the channel will just keep coming
  8. And @EllyTech .....how's your waters this morning x;)
  9. Woke up to a nice covering and thought that's good, but the back edge is probably passed now, at least I've got enough to test the SnowRing with my niece! then looked at radar :0:0:0..,,. looks like the main zone is further east than forecast plenty of ppn coming up from the south. Could end up with a decent depth! Amazeballs
  10. That more organised band of heavier ppn just approaching Oxford definitely looks to be shifting west/north west as it's getting pushed from the south within the developing pivot, may provide something a little heavier for some within the hour
  11. Looks like we are starting to see some circulation centred around the isle of white with the ppn beginning to pivot.
  12. Persistent snizzle here in Stroud for the last few hours, a dusting to most surfaces except roads. hopefully we can get some heavier stuff in later for a decent covering. Got my niece here tonight (6 years old) and had a giant Snow ring, huge rubber ring - 54 inch :0 delivered today, so would be nice if we get enough for some 'sliding' tomorrow. with all the snow we have had this year I haven't been out with little ones sledging yet so tomorrow is our last chance!
  13. Let's see how those waters performed this time tomorrow hahaha
  14. Well it does look to be intensifiing as it's building west. plus its early doors, it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with a decent covering come Sunday morning, it will be a case of watching the radar and seeing how the night unfolds nowcasting is always my favourite. forget your bet and enjoy the 4 inches by tomorrow