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  1. Garden thermometer in shade reading 35c in my garden in Stroud. We seem to be the hottest area! Must be the hottest day for a good few years in Gloucestershire. Now we await the storms....:)
  2. After such a glorious April, what happens after this weeks more unsettled spell has perked my interest in the models a bit lately. As you say both UKMO and ECM cutting off that low to the far south west bringing in a lovely plume of very warm air! GFS not in agreement and GEFS look consistently wet. Let’s hope EC and UKMO have this one right!
  3. Just checked the ensembles and was surprised how cold some of those runs are! Had to have a more detailed look at the thread etc as haven’t been paying close attention to the runs! Not sure how useful these 850s would be regarding snowfall this late in the season though? Hopefully some night frosts and sunny days not a cold cloudy raw easterly!
  4. There is only one thing I dislike more than zonal wet weather in the UK....and that is zonal wet weather that is cold......but not really cold enough for lowland snow, the end result being generally miserable-grey-cold-slushy- depressing and ultimately useless weather. The dreams of crisp mornings - alpine like sunshine- powder blowing in the wind- sledging- walking are put to bed for another year.... It’s now 10 years since December 2010!!!! (How did that go so quickly!) So we must now turn our wintry expectations/hopes to next year, and in the mean time hope for a warm sunny spring and hot thundery summer. We held out all winter watching and hoping but sad to say WIO x
  5. Warning out for some in the region (north) Cotswolds May see a covering if we are lucky:)
  6. Euro 4 highlighting the risk of some snow tonight. It’ll all be down to ppn intensity and organisation if we see any settling. Obviously hills much more prone to accumulations.
  7. This low is going to be what I call a “Chuckle Brother” low......”to me - to you”. Final track/intensity yet to be decided.
  8. That was a great event here! The intensity and longevity of the snow was totally unforecast with initial front only giving a a few cm’s. As you say it was the local events that gave the heavy falls. IIRC it was caused by Slantwise Convection. Slantwise convection - AMS Glossary GLOSSARY.AMETSOC.ORG This area of PPN just kept on reinvigorating in situ, so to speak, without really going anywhere! Will be interesting to see how Thursdays low pans out. Position/intensity will crucial as to where/if any snow falls.
  9. This little runner on Thursday has been mentioned and noted a few time over the last few days on the national weather and in my head lol. GFS showing the potential for some northern edge snow. Cotswolds could see something if the jet manages to engage the system and force it far enough north....One to watch ?
  10. Can the end of the month somehow provide a little southern snowfall..... chances are smaller than slim but could this little runner gain some support and bring some snowfall on its northern edge?
  11. Huge clap of thunder just now in Stroud! Wasn’t expecting that! Unusual for February.
  12. Heavy sleet landing on the windscreen on my drive home around 430-5, couldn’t be bothered to divert up to the common but no doubt it was wet snow up there.
  13. Fascinating run from GFS with the little wedge of high pressure ahead of the trough actually moves anti-clockwise around the trough eventually settling around Iceland!
  14. After the really stormy spell EC trying to build pressure in the gap...... Small chance of a block developing but going by the winter so far chances are slim.
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