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  1. Hmmmmm, ECM looking interesting at 168 a more blocked pattern potentially developing?
  2. Looks like a real change, we'll certainly feel it!! Variety is the spice of life eh, as long as it doesn't last all winter I'm quite looking forward to the mild week.
  3. ECM 192 "I feel a disturbance in the force Luke" ECM perhaps sniffing a pattern change, the Atlantic conveyor wobbles.
  4. Very cold GFS 00z operational in the mid term, U.K. sitting under a cold high Christmas Day with an easterly influence. Would be very seasonal. Though a big outlier on the ensembles, GFS keeps doing this, with the op out of kilter.
  5. 8 or so members take a nose dive just into xmas week, perhaps this will be the next trend to watch after we enter the milder spell next week.
  6. P 10 GEFS delivers a Christmas treat, after the milder spell next week it will be interesting to see where the models end up regarding xmas and beyond with the positive background signals.
  7. Car roof envy... I love it lol. And its very apparent around here. Stroud is surrounded by hills, with the town nestling in the convergence of the five valleys. That often means (as this event has shown) when town has a dusting the surrounding hills get a pasting ( a slushy inch in town Sunday - 6 inch pasting on the hills) and the car roofs in Tesco car park are hilarious. Some piled up some not so much. I was kind of in the middle. Quite incredible how elevation can effect snowfall in marginal events. One day we will see an event that's not marginal and everyone can join in the fun. Got a feeling we may not have to long to wait
  8. -9 on the car this morning in the bottom of the valley, couldn't get the bloody car door open lol, had to go get a warm watering can of water. currently -1
  9. Haven't checked the models for a few days but flicked through the GFS 12z and thought, oh cold weather may well hang on. Just checked ensembles and can see it's a clear outlier in the mid term. Is the op onto something or just simply out on its own. A milder week next week would suit me personally work wise but I get a sneaky feeling the cold is not finished with us yet.
  10. I've just gone out to cover up my 'greek' plant, had it years and supposedly it's not hardy. It's done ok for the last 4 years but tonight I thought I bettter give it a helping hand, -14 is a very rare occurrence. stroud even got a showing on the BBC 6 o'clock news tonight :0 though to be fair if your below about 100meters there is not much laying, it's the hills that have caught the big falls, and that's where the temps are liable to drop to the -14c. today at 150m
  11. My BBC app just made me lol looks angry..... ha bloody bloody cold anyway.
  12. Pretty grim here this morning, snows still in place, but it's the bleak type, bit drab and half melted, not exactly a winter wonderland.