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  1. Three weeks ago today I had this in my front garden - Three weeks later and it’s getting on for 17c with light winds and lots of sunshine ☀️. Can winter dig back in before the seasons move to far beyond the potential? March can certainly deliver when it comes to cold and snow so I’d say don’t throw the towel in quite yet, but enjoy the early spring either way.
  2. UKMO 144 lots of very cold air filtering down to the north east. Can the pattern evolve to back it west? Who knows? At face value it can’t be discounted. Just a nudge here and there and we’d be in business.
  3. GFS para and the control run go cold beyond day 10, para quite snowy. Would be a shock to the system after the current mild weather.
  4. Quick flick through the runs tonight and GFS 168 caught my eye. Could March deliver some snowfall....maybe.
  5. Spring may well be approaching but the ensembles are trending back to winter! After what could be record February warmth I wouldn’t mind a bit of March snowfall 🙂
  6. I’ll never forget that event! Heaviest snow for 9 years here, was amazing! Without it I’d have put this winter down as crap, but snow falls like that don’t come around very often so I’m really pleased with winter 18-19 based solely on this event. ❄️
  7. When the beast hit last year at the end of Feb, I was renovating a house, no heating and a big hole in the building (extension going up) it was so cold my tea actually froze in my cup while working inside!! Now as much as I love the snow and frost that was pretty extreme to be working in, and not much fun to be honest. Move forward a year and again I’m renovating a house with no heating, though we have doors and windows this time lol. So the current charts are actually really quite welcome!! It is a shame many haven’t seen snow this winter (though many have) and the winter as a whole has been disappointing with the absence of a prolonged freeze up, but you have got to love the extremes of the UK weather, from the GREAT BEAST to the GREAT BASK in a year! Get those BBQs out 😎😎😎😎
  8. I’m spotting a little change in the euros tonight... Details regarding short waves/wedges etc will only be spotted in the mid range (96-144) we are now entering that timescale moving into next week with the Atlantic trough stalling against the Uk/euro high. Both EC and UKMO put up a wedge of high pressure around Iceland, that wedge is allowing those colder 850s to move around and eventually down into Europe (on this run). It a long shot but i could potentially see this area influencing the pattern overall, for a colder set up evolving than is being shown. One to watch IMO
  9. Look at all that WAA, the building blocks are there. Not in the right place initially but cold easterlies are often preceded by this type of pattern.
  10. EC at 48 - this little low is new? Just a wave on the other models. probaly to mild for snow but if the flow can wrap around and drag in colder air on its northern flank....
  11. Loving the GFS 12z op. Shifts from +mild 850s down to -10 (Northern England) in 24 hours!!! FI of course, but something is definitely on the move with regards to the mid term pattern. Can we manage a cold end to winter, I think we could.
  12. Two stragglers appearing in gfs ensembles. Trendsetters
  13. Models gearing up for some epic cold charts evolving as we head into the latter third of Feb. Im waxing my sledge runners :0
  14. How’s sat/Sunday’s storm looking? Hard to tell on EC raw data. any insights?
  15. It’s all trends at this range but overall ECM trending cold 🙂