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  1. UKMO 144 raising an eyebrow tonight....Im ready for spring, but if winter wants to make comeback then that's fine by me.
  2. 6th March booked for a Snow day ......forget the fact its a 384h GFS Operational run chart in isolation.... its deffo a snow day
  3. ECM looking very mild on Sunday! These mild conditions are always being pushed back a day or two......:)
  4. 12z GFS spaghetti showing some renewed scatter from 22nd...some colder runs in there. The recent change to this milder airmass has been a really nice change, but as ever, Im looking to continue the chase for snow right out till the end of March. Certainly a downward trend here. A return of -12 850s and a biting dry easterly isn't on my menu, but a day or two of snowfall most definitely would be, and that's more than achievable right through till late march.
  5. Being under these kind of echoes on the Radar you would expect some moderate snow....hardly anything making down to the ground. The sublimation is really in action big time! Im thinking as the air mass become moister any following ppn may well fall to the ground, that’s if the ppn makes it overhead.
  6. Looking at the Met Office ‘future radar” it has definitely pepped thing up. Almost a hook developing......? Could be a bit of circulation in there.
  7. The band does look to be intensifying somewhat, from about Hereford down to the south coast, which is surprising!
  8. Very light snow made it past the M5! Im in Eastington at the moment and can confirm a little snow.
  9. I’ve had three lol....and that was just my breakfast If I see any white ones I’ll report
  10. Radar showing the ppn a little further east than forecast? Some more intense stuff around the Severn estuary, hopefully it can hold on as it moves up the vale.
  11. Im not convinced that UKMO 144 is a game over kind of chart. The Atlantic trough is vigorous but its negatively tilted and struggling against the deep cold over Scandi. A disruption of the trough with a wedge of heights developing over the Norwegian Sea isn't out of the question. Will be interesting to see how ECM deals with 144 plus.
  12. WAA on UKMO 120 reaches right into the Artic, not sure what to make of it really . But you'd think it would help establish a decent high. At 144 UKMO isn't to far of ECM 144 from this morning. A return to a cold flow is looking likely IMO, maybe from day 8-9?
  13. UKMO 144, a different solution. We get an undercut of sorts, but to far north. Scandi high replaced by the Arctic ridge.
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