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  1. After 5 barren years it seems the unexpected Thames/M3/A303 streamer is giving us a covering of snow in North Hampshire and looks like there's more to come.
  2. The squall line decided to develop as soon as it passed over here so we heard thunder just to the east but remained dry and mostly sunny. Sunny breezy warm afternoon now - actually a nice summers day.
  3. Well this small part of Hampshire must be the only part of the country to have remained storm free - few distant rumbles on Thursday night and that's it - even 10 miles west they said it was the storm of the decade. I'm sure our time will come!!
  4. Something has popped from nothing over Andover in Hants, 10 mins ago it wasn't there now its developing fast
  5. Skies have almost completely cleared in Central Hampshire - extremely warm and humid now, with the activity to our west maybe we will see storms pop up out of nothing later on?
  6. Either we are very unlucky or I sleep heavier than I thought but nothing but early morning rain here now cleared and Thursday night saw the violent storms pass to the east and west of us - the ground was still dry as a bone on Friday morning. Maybe today is our day
  7. I have been a reader of this site for several years but am not a weather obsessive and haven't necessarily a weather type bias but the winter model thread can get embarrassing for the sniping that goes on, it doesn't happen during the summer to anywhere near the same extent. You have to be brave to post in there unless you want extreme cold and snow but I agree with Mushy most people DONT want cold weather, most people just want to see the sun and they will make do with the cold if they can't get the mild/warm to go with it.
  8. Slightly off topic so forgive me. It's nice to see the tv forecasters getting a little more technical with their broadcasts, good explanation this morning of how the cold in the US and Canada has affected the jet stream and caused our wet weather. Even 2/3 years ago they would not have gone into that detail.
  9. 99% of the population get their weather forecast from tv and radio NOT the MetO website - they have been very clear about the threat tomorrows weather could bring so as somebody else said the website is NOT priority.
  10. I'm a big supporter of the METO and the BBC forecasts but for about the 5th time in a row a big rain event has been badly over exaggerated for this area. At 8am this morning we would be having rain from mid morning until the evening, light rain arrived mid morning, lasted 30 mins, dried up and then the sun came out. They seem to be scared they will underestimate rainfall amounts but events will have been cancelled on the back of the forecasts in the last 48 hours. Not good!
  11. And one of the things we don't want on this forum is people trying to smart or sarcastic - this applies to everyone. Sun out nicely here and 22 degs now, autumn this morning quickly flipped back to summer at lunchtime.
  12. Sun just coming out here so clearer skies seem to be moving east to west when I thought the sunnier weather would come from the west!
  13. Just getting our first drop of rain here in Mid Hampshire from this spell of rain - spent the day in London yesterday and got washed out which was a massive shame, couldn't believe it when we got home to find it still dry as a bone. Looking at the radars the eastern Hampshire border was a buffer zone all day.
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