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  1. From this mornings run. On the edge of the snow / graupel that hit Cheltenham last night. Not talking much - maybe 0.4cm - but enough to turn everything white. Also as so cold & powdery actually saw drifting and drifts of up to 3-4cm and a very small snow whirl/tornado (not quite sure what to call that). In some of the pics you can see in the distance where it hasn’t snowed. Prob 1cm somewhere in the middle of the band.
  2. Had a brief shower of snow grains just then. Maybe things will at least look a bit wintery by the morning... here’s hoping.
  3. Definitely - you can see the grains collecting on the edge of the shoe-print....
  4. They're just about to bring out a purple warning especially for us - when it really kicks off later in the week...
  5. Massive bonus over here, all kicking off, 0.0001 inch settled... <<There are some snow grains in the picture below - see if you can spot them... ;-) >>
  6. I'm game.... I'll use your words 🙂 <<EDIT: - Is done but suspect will get lost in the 100s of postings per minute going on over there... some have got proper snow - good to see wherever it lands in the South of the UK! >>
  7. Few snow grains up here too (on morning run). See if you can spot them....
  8. Looks like its settling in Lowestoft (UK's most Easterly point) - so hope for all of you over in the SE...? Oulton Broad - Wherry Hotel - HD | Norfolk Live WWW.NORFOLKLIVE.ORG <<EDIT: I'm not watching this regional thread as there is zero snow over here this morning....honest 😉 >>
  9. Just had this band come through - all rain from what I can make out - main zone of interest is to come (hatched area). Could be a dusting by the morning... but suspect temps will be too high for anything to survive overnight... we'll see....
  10. They wouldn't - the charts you're showing are from the 0z.... 🙂
  11. Saw similar just now on way back from shops. Definite snow coming out of the clouds.... but nowhere near the ground....
  12. On my early morning bike ride I had ice (from frozen water droplets) falling off trees & pinging off my cycle helmet, ground wasn't frozen - but the air was below zero. That count as a wintery hazard?
  13. That's really interesting. I grew up in Skegness & in the mid 80s (can't recall which year) I swear that the clouds were full of snow - yet very little was coming down (dry snow - settled in very little drifts on cold hard ground) - yet inland (maybe helped by the Lincolnshire Wolds?) they were getting many inches. Eventually the winds calmed down & it did warm up slightly... we then got buckets of snow. I've often wondered about that as was very frustrating at the time....
  14. Completely get that they change so much - but they give an indication as to what could happen. Exciting if nothing else. Anyone on here from the Isles of Scilly... do they ever get any snow - as I'd think they must have a small chance with an easterly over a warm sea....?
  15. ECMWF snow prediction between now and a week on Sat.... I sooo want this to include Cornwall and the South Coast & IOW (obv what happens in reality will be completely different - but definitely the chance of an historic cold spell now... maybe 55:45 odds-on). Given the year we've all had - we all deserve some of the white-stuff (for those of us who like it of course!)....
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