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  1. Heavy rain still going strong
  2. Rain really setting in now
  3. All rivers in carlisle are now on floor watch
  4. Very heavy rain setting in now
  5. Been pouring the last few hours here
  6. Yep a slow start but im sure looking at the radar its already raining over the Eden valley
  7. The rain is due to pep up soon over cumbria
  8. Here's hoping be about 42 hours of rain to com3
  9. 2009 2010 2015 Have to remember there was loads of rain before these events i think
  10. Storm Desmond comes to mind
  11. Thought it was 120mm max
  12. Dont think there will be any widespread flooding, but alot of rain can be had from this set up
  13. How much rain is Cumbria looking at, we can take it
  14. Thunder Snow

    Hurricane Florence

    Such uncertainty