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    Snow, Coldness, Long Scarves, Poorly maintained nuclear facilities, Karl Marx.

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  1. I always thought this came out in 2010 (turns out it was 2011) but it’s a post-truth world, so it doesn’t matter! https://youtu.be/a3BzjfAjug4
  2. 12 years - has it really been that long? My old post signature has messed itself up, but it proudly sports my original SACRA number from all those years ago. Didn’t this all start back on the old BBC Weather threads? That was my gateway drug to this site and these forums - well, into the rabbit hole I go again for another winter...
  3. Time to get the vodka out...

  4. Ah mild weather! Why have crisp air and clear blue skies when you can have fog and drizzle?

  5. Ho Ho H... wait a sec... Viva la Revelution'!

  6. Got my bearskin thermals on. Smell pretty bad from last year.

    1. disco-barry


      Did you wash them when you skinned the bear?

    2. Taras Incognito

      Taras Incognito

      Some say it is more hygienic to do so - I prefer not to, like in old country.

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