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  1. Few lightning strikes just here off the Fylde coast. Heavy rain, wind not to bad, a bit gusty.
  2. Its been like this for the past 90 minutes here, just skirting round us. Why? Proper snowdome effect. Jeez.. ☹
  3. so depressing m8, when all around getting the white stuff. I remember that satellite picture from 2010 if i remember right of the whole uk blanketed in white, apart from 1 small green speck.. the Fylde Coast...
  4. Surely the Fylde coast should now be under an amber alert. Just seen a snowflake in the wind. Thereagain, it could of been seagull s**t. lol.
  5. Nothing at all reached the Fylde coast all week. A few MM lying yesterday morning, gone by 9AM. The odd flurrie since. Non event as usual here. -5C at the mo, so bit chilly ?
  6. Small flakes of snow now falling here in Norbreck, near Blackpool, from the single cloud above.. So it is reaching the coast at the moment. Bodes well..
  7. I'm under that "shower" lol. Dry as a bone here, nothing falling i'm afraid!!
  8. Quite a few showers rolling in off the Irish sea, some quite heavy, of course, rain only. Currently 4.4c
  9. Nothing but rain since 5PM here. Damp squid just like my football team. :-) Oyston out!!
  10. seasider


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