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  1. Towers building nicely over West Sussex viewed from Devils Dyke
  2. Anyone seen the Crewe Webcam: Live Camera | Crewe Heritage Centre WWW.CREWEHC.CO.UK Live Camera
  3. Another roubd here in crawley, just had a Very close strike with a loud instant pop and no rumble,
  4. Was the heaviest hail I have ever seen here in crawley, it was stripping the leaves off the trees and thr sound waa biblical, lasted for a minute and sadly did not have my phone on to record
  5. Crawley, West Sussex, (Manor Royal) Picture adjusted for exposure, was VERY dark and orange
  6. Cant find my ruler but about 2.5cm on top of bins as measured by end of my pen! Crawley, West Sussex
  7. A screen grab from my dashcam Was not settled here in Crawley at at as I went into shops at about 17:40 The camera should read 18:08
  8. Not posted in awhile as never seem to catch the good weather... Now I have a dashcam!! Here is Crawley..... went from not settles to settled in about 15 mins, now about 1-1.5cm outside!
  9. Almost constant flashes and rumbles here in crawley, west sussex, seems to be passing just to east of town. excellent lightshow with flashing every few seconds. Lights flickering (am on laptop battery with iphone hotspot so not plugged in and routers and fibre unplugged Best storm i seen in a couple if not more years
  10. Large squall thru Tunbridge wells earlier with debris over a264 as on my way home with a large tree down between ashurst hill and Langton green at stone cross. Epic gusts !!
  11. Driving from Tunbridge wells in kent to Crawley West Sussex on way home from work on country lanes. Stars out above me and some beutiful flashes of light lighting up the tops of the tall clouds in distance. A beautiful sequence if flashes just happened from South to north in sequence. Can see very frequent flashes all across sky to west. Btw I have stopped driving while grabbing coffee to post this
  12. Extreme frost in Guildford, Surrey on 12th Dec 2012. This was still thick at 13:30
  13. Thanks Paul, i'll have to find another way to feel naughty now lol
  14. Strange I've had one appear too, im not aware of doing anything wrong lol.... mebbe I did but in profile shows "There are no warnings to display." Just makes me feel naughty, just like to know if done something wrong so I wont do again. Ta!
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