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  1. New map out showing the extent of the lava flow on La Palma. I thought it was looking like the lava flow would reach the sea again but unfortunately it's seems like it's spreading further and further North towards more populated areas.
  2. Kicking off at Aso in Japan. 【動画】阿蘇山 火口北側の斜面で谷から煙のようなもの | NHKニュース WWW3.NHK.OR.JP 【NHK】午後0時40分ごろにNHKのヘリコプターが撮影した映像では、阿蘇山の火口の北側の斜面で、いくつもの谷筋に沿って白い煙のよ…
  3. Some fairly vigorous strombolian activity last night. And does this tweet mean there is a new vent?
  4. Typhoon John

    Typhoon John

  5. Woken up to rain hammering on the window and the radar looks completely different to what the Met Office were forecasting just last night.
  6. I was on a rooftop tonight in London and the flashes to the south were sporadic but spectacular when they happened. Didn't hear any thunder though and by the time it was above us the lightning had stopped.
  7. It would be interesting to see a second graph showing the number of days per year with maximum temperature over 30c.
  8. Popped in here to check on how the year is going and expected more spotless days. The cycle must really be ramping up, where is the best place to look at the graphs and predictions ? I've forgotten where I used to go pre-cycle 24.
  9. Finally had a decent storm, the first of 2021. Lasted about 2 hours with fairly intense rainfall but never anything exceptional. Lightning about every minute at the peak with a few good CGs. I'd say it looked better on the radar than it was. I'd give it a 6/10, definitely one I'll remember.
  10. And there is! Heavy rain again and a CG nearby (I think), set off a car alarm.
  11. Had some heavy rain but nothing exceptional. Heard a few rumbles of thunder but no visible lightning yet - I suppose that counts as a storm. Looks like there may be more to come.
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