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  1. How have we suddenly shot up to 37.8C at Heathrow? It's gone up 1C in a matter of minutes.
  2. Oh great, looks legit then ?? First time I've seen any in London in almost 10 years living here!
  3. Are there any around tonight? Took this in zone 2 and usually don't expect to see any in London. Might just be high cloud. I miss living in the North at this time of year
  4. I've woken up in East London with a beautiful sunrise and dark clouds approaching from the south. Unfortunately it looks like the storm is going to die before it gets here
  5. This is how I remember thunderstroms when I used to live in Durham. Further South gets the big ones first then a few pop up North at the end of the period.
  6. I spoke too soon, we barely got any rain in the end! Nothing incoming either
  7. Pretty disappointing here so far, few rumbles but main part of the storm behind me over Central London. Looks like a bit of rain incoming which should help the brown grass at least.
  8. Yes to this. I have followed this forum since before 2005 (can't remember exactly when). The run up to big events is often forecast and there is a propensity for blocking and it's a question of how cold it will be. This time it's going to be a rollercoaster in so far as it's a question of will there be cold in the right places. BUT... there is a chance, and while that chace remains the chase is on... And that is why I follow this thread. For any younger members, when I lived in County Durham, in the run up to December 2010, and the lampost watching, and then the 1ft+ snow that occurred widely... it'll happen again and it's worth the chase.
  9. I would have adjusted my entry slightly lower but missed the boat now. Fingers crossed we have another month of two halfs with a warm up to put me in with a chance.
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