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  1. If it is airport I would expect rounded up, hot temperatures have a negative affect on takeoff performance, therefore round up to be cautious.
  2. We got enough to turn the grass white-ish. Totally unexpected so a nice suprise, just a shame it didn't turn to snow earlier.
  3. Good point. There seems to be more cold air around for the time of year. Or am I just not remembering correctly?
  4. In the late 90s early 00s living in Durham at the time and I remember as a teenager wondering why the Autumns were never as cold and frosty as when I was younger. It had felt like I was always scraping ice off my Mum's car. I'd always thought it must have just seemed like that as I was younger but maybe it was true!
  5. Plenty of snow, but likely so windy that no one can go out or it's blown away before it can be skied.
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