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  1. Yes to this. I have followed this forum since before 2005 (can't remember exactly when). The run up to big events is often forecast and there is a propensity for blocking and it's a question of how cold it will be. This time it's going to be a rollercoaster in so far as it's a question of will there be cold in the right places. BUT... there is a chance, and while that chace remains the chase is on... And that is why I follow this thread. For any younger members, when I lived in County Durham, in the run up to December 2010, and the lampost watching, and then the 1ft+ snow that occurred widely... it'll happen again and it's worth the chase.
  2. I would have adjusted my entry slightly lower but missed the boat now. Fingers crossed we have another month of two halfs with a warm up to put me in with a chance.
  3. If it is airport I would expect rounded up, hot temperatures have a negative affect on takeoff performance, therefore round up to be cautious.
  4. We got enough to turn the grass white-ish. Totally unexpected so a nice suprise, just a shame it didn't turn to snow earlier.
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