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  1. We got enough to turn the grass white-ish. Totally unexpected so a nice suprise, just a shame it didn't turn to snow earlier.
  2. 3.3C please, at least for now
  3. Didn't play last year but fancy giving it a go again this time. 5.5C please.
  4. Good point. There seems to be more cold air around for the time of year. Or am I just not remembering correctly?
  5. Jonathan F.

    July to November 1993: cold

    In the late 90s early 00s living in Durham at the time and I remember as a teenager wondering why the Autumns were never as cold and frosty as when I was younger. It had felt like I was always scraping ice off my Mum's car. I'd always thought it must have just seemed like that as I was younger but maybe it was true!
  6. Plenty of snow, but likely so windy that no one can go out or it's blown away before it can be skied.
  7. Everything white here now and snow still heavy. Should be enough for a snowman in Victoria Park later
  8. Last 15 minutes turned to heavy snow and starting to settle, Mile End East London
  9. Lightning still very impressive from the storm to the SE, also picking up flashes to the NE now. Had a cool moment with lightning from both cells at the same time.
  10. I can see lots of flashes out to the East from my flat in East London.