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    Shipton by Beningbrough, York
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    Work with a youth group which takes up most of my time but I play cornet and piano too

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  1. Is looking forward to lunch and cake with Laura

  2. Not sure this belongs here but its bugging me! The advertisement for mobile updates on the top right advertisement on the homepage has "received" spelled incorrectly. Sorry to be pedantic, but thought you should know http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif
  3. yes..another musician

  4. Tut tut see Maths was important As for the formula it is r = cube root of (0.75/pi * V) (the cube root button on the calculator looks like the square root but with a little 3 to the left)
  5. I think its just made out of flour and water. Not surein what parts but that's what I remember from doing it at home - that and it has a really funny smell
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