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  1. GFS Oz altho stormy looks to have moderated from last night.i suspect Scotland taking a hammering with snow esp Highland areas
  2. Christ!!looking at the models is pretty uninspiring .front loaded ,back loaded winter seems there is zero escape from that loaded PV to the north west!!!one sleet shower here since November .anyone got a positive today barring the heating bills been ok.is there anything in regard to a ssw?
  3. Pretty sure if I'd posted this id have been hung,drawn and three quartered?anyway I actually agree with Steve and his comments.the Pacific ridging and relentless PV are going no where.that said the med looks great watch for a southerly jet in june
  4. Yes it could for a short period but I suspect a thermal nuclear device would be needed to break the PV and bring anything of note.still anything is possible
  5. Well it's a rank,dank,manky miserable day here.mild but depressing.Roll on spring
  6. Looking into the bowels of 6z GFS look at the heighths in southern Europe France etc.woudnt look out of place in spring,summer.barring there recent flash flooding I'm guessing it hasn't been a bad winter temp wise.Looking on the nhp on the 6z the PV looks pretty solid and zero sign of any break
  7. It's what it is Shaky and know amount of gnashing of teeth will change that will it.you can't polish a turd so let's just cheer up I reckon .you never know the m+s might kick in and give us a snow shower
  8. Yes a brief blast and then cool and dry which is what looked likely.that said it is the "cough" GFS
  9. Yes after all the hyping over it last night it changes?? Maybe it will change back but the average outlook continues moving into February altho at least it will be dry
  10. I guess it's about opinions etc with respect to everyone.given the fact that the set up for 8weeks plus have been dominated with that dreaded euro high and strong PV to the nw that a change on the nhp looks unlikely .not to say they won't be the odd day with cold temps but id gamble only transient.anything is possible but a major shift to winter proper"which is what folk want"looks a big ask imo
  11. I don't know but I suspect Feb is making that comment given numerous forecasts indicating a carry on with this winters mobile wnw winds and euro high.check nicks blog out on here.
  12. Well it runs four times per day.id suggest also none of the models get anywhere close at ten days majority of the time .just has a side note if GFS was showing a bitter easterly it wouldn't be shown such distain tbh.
  13. EC 12 looks dry and cool.would say it's not as good as the 0z at 168 hrs.dry will do I guess
  14. All the charts are available on metiociel or netweather.after this winter I find sarcasm more appropriate than hopecasting or straw clutching!!!
  15. Sadly barring a brief cold blast "maybe" nothing on the nhp currently looks able to sustain any real cold.i saw a sleet shower yesterday so my life is complete for this winter.just to note gem is rank at 6-7days
  16. Yes the mighty gem will come to the rescue !!! Possibly as entertaining as the other models atm
  17. What pressure points TI ??? Look at the PV pal it's rock solid
  18. 12zgfs can't rid itself of that insipid PV to the NNW!!!maybe a short blast of cold on the ukmo but the PV is relentless
  19. Maybe ?ssw is possible but nothing certain even then.heres hoping but look on the strat thread,looks like a close but no cigar for us on the ec
  20. Poor GFS 12z be it fi .strong PV to the NNW which seems relentless
  21. EC is rank.tbh I wished I lived in Spain this winter it's been a cracker
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