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  1. Greatings folks. Bit unsettled atm but if you look back on this thread tammara called a settled warm spell mid month ie August. I'm not quite sure how she does it but it's knocking on the door for sure. Hope you are all well ad healthy. I had a covid episode and then a stroke but looking forward to the rest of this year and the new one weather and personally wise.
  2. That forecast is a shot in the dark tbh. Of course there is a chance of cold in March. These forecast are as reliable as the cfs imo. Hope I'm wrong but for me it's game over and looking forward to spring
  3. If any young folk want to see a classic snowy easterly go on YouTube and look for Ian mcaskill Feb 1991.epic forecast
  4. After light snow last night and snow on and off all day today I reckon wev had a massive 2cmI'm still looking at a weak streamer which makes it even worse
  5. 850s not low enough imo. Never going to get the great shower activity
  6. Tbh this streamer isn't delivering much up to now. Not sure about later
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