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  2. Total whiteout in Sheffield! !!
  3. so after the slider gate failure we now have the beast failure,think I mighnt take up knitting and ---- it!!!!!
  4. Turning into a non event this "beast from the east".guess the sea temps havnt helped with convection ete but so much hype ete !!!!!
  5. Hmmm.im not seeing anything on the radar that suggests anything warranting any weather warning tbh.looks pretty poor imo
  6. Bit ridiculous really amber warning? ??People trying to forecast for the low at the weekend and the 12 hour one is bust haha
  7. Has Sheffield missed the snow? ??
  8. Look north just showed heavy snow threw the region then snow showers
  9. Its about has clear as mud this forecast for tonight and tom???is the heavy snow still forecast .
  10. So is the snow moving into Yorkshire tonight and tom as amber warning? ??
  11. I think the 6z looks reasonable but how does that low at the 200 hours mark not move or fill??Also the pv is know where to be seen to the nnw!!!.strange run in fi oh slider gate the movie at 288 hours nnnnoooo! !!
  12. From the nhp gfs 6Z is so close at the 168hr mark to keeping us in the real cold . second low is the ball breaker but jet is still on a southerly trip
  13. If you look at the latter stages of the ecm this morning thats some change from yesterday's 12z Very slack cold air over the uk and synoptics wise quite different Imo this set up post fri isnt a done deal and with any uncertainty comes suprises