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  1. Why is not for him he's making a point?anyway seven days is a long time model wise even given Tamara's great post etc.many a run over 48-72 esp in winter has been scuppered ! Imo opinion I'd say a settled August looks a good bet.not to bothered about plumes and record heat but dry and warm is fine
  2. I was only mentioning the sapping humidity surely isn't enjoyable for anyone in reality
  3. I spent 6months travelling threw Egypt in summer in the late 90s.the heat was extreme but without the humidity etc.these heat plumes in the UK are not my cup of tea and I can never understand people wanting this set up given the humidity.the sun people need for a pick me up is still the same in 22 0c?? I also work in the NHS and believe me it's horrific
  4. So it's the operational run, ok cheers.ecmw looking nay to bad today but the current fluctuations are atm are quite strong
  5. Given the sst in the Atlantic being low I'd expect a stormy start to autumn which is quite normal.
  6. Yes it's been very poor esp considering april-may etc.the sst in the Atlantic are dropping quite early in the season also
  7. Morning NW .What's this "det" you include in a lot of your postsI'd agree also in regard to the Azores high influence but whether it has any longevity remains to be seen with all usual caveats .tia
  8. You are correct,they are not drivers of the weather ,AO-NAO.they are a measurement of the projected outcome
  9. I'd agree with you that things can get a bit sporadic run to run but unless you have a crystal ball then I guess that's all you can go on?The background signals via Tamara and singularity are imo above most folks pay scale on here .Making a post on charts within a week is often called the max"fi"but esp in winter charts way beyond that are lauded and almost cause hysterics!!!The forecasts and models are fluid but they are what they are ,good or bad.I agree it's early summer but in regard to the models does it have any relevance ?
  10. I've never understood the liking for very high temps etc esp when at work???Anyway looking at some comments recently I noticed there seems to a belief the Oz runs are not as accurate as the later ones???is there any proof of that or is it just because they don't show what folk want?Tia
  11. Remember 24-48hours ago it didn't look to great tbh,give it the same before getting a woody!!!???
  12. Maybe there working?????Anyway better 6z from GFS esp for the south east etc. singularity made a good point and worth reading
  13. Well if it invokes such dramatics I suggest folk find another hobby,it's only weather! Anyway if today's output so far varifies then the south east looks to be in with a limited spell of decent temps and sunshine.
  14. Isn't the variation between runs part of the discussion ?I guess everyone could save one run and come back in a week and see if it was close.id agree the models are volatile but only an attempt to show what the weather mighnt do .also it's only a light hearted and limited attempt by most on here at what could happen ?
  15. I think the positioning of the Atlantic high will deliver a more orientated flow from the north west.i can't see anything robust pressure wise coming from the Azores area etc.transient ridging yes but all subject to change
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