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  1. 6z gfs not as amplified in the atlantic past the 190hr mark.hopefully it doesn't blow up !!!
  2. Given the blocking and cold spell hoped for has wained now the gfs 6Z from about the 190hr mark does show from the nhp a more south east movement of areas of low pressure. Looks a cool -cold flow setting up imo Interest also in the east based pv Good outlook heading towards winter! !!
  3. Bank that 240hr chart!!.things heading south from t-90 hrs on 12z.
  4. Not over this imo.180hrs nhp looks a deal better
  5. 12z gfs takes the low slightly further south at 96hrs???
  6. so its blown itself out of water at 24 hours???
  7. Finding this meto outlook slightly odd???.Why does it need updating every 24 hours if it has any reliability ete
  8. Indeed! !you could head to the med for a tan,iceland for blizzards or stay in uk for hmmm rain?.well time to start looking for building blocks and trends again in the mop.gfs has at least given some great eye candy and memories I will certainly cherish!
  9. Not a lot of positives to take from the 18z tonight. Im generally a positve person but if any decent cold spell can be salvaged over the 2-3 days il ride a penny farthing naked threw sheff town centre singing "show me the way to amarillo"!!!.so with that roll on the oz
  10. Very explosive 12 early on!!! Will it snow in Iceland tho
  11. Ecm says no thankyou im afraid!!!.wow what a performance this is
  12. Good call on the 144-168 hrs.spotted myself and imo looks very wrong how it explodes in such a short time!!!
  13. Looks like nicks words earlier were very prudent. Ecm not looking like following 12 gfs