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  1. I remember this also . being of a certain age I also remember some cracking easterlies esp 78-79
  2. Haha not far enough south pal!!! Tbh its a brief affair for those affected but its something.still looking cold to the east later on and Gp musings arnt without interest
  3. Snow to all levels tom but more so showers heavier to the west
  4. Shouldn't this will it wont it low saga be in the short term model thread??.god its turning into a soap.anyway as nick mentioned there does seem ro be an opportunity with the slack pressure and deep cold to the east to indeed with digging some sort of pressure rise to the nne.mayby only transient but still!!
  5. Fi looks different. Got a spanish plume on the way!!!
  6. Pretty terrible 18z imo.Also pressure building to the south
  7. The runner"low pressure" isn't the issue its the lack of ridging after the low zips threw . There is nothing pushing north in the atlantic and it just flattens out
  8. Yes it looks like a short sharp blast from the nw then our traditional set up moves in. Suspect fi will give something to cling to but it is becoming tiresome Hopefully know build of pressure to the south ete
  9. Minimal better ridging pn the gfs 12z at the 120 range but no sign of an improvement so far
  10. Tbh its the ridging that is the problem in the atlantic. Granted this may indicate a better set up coming across the atlantic and separation of said depressions
  11. Anyway back nick given the quick change over 24hrs ??? I'd say probably not but we live in hope. The areas towards esb and canada look so complicated I guess anything could happen barring the uk getting a real taste of winter!!lol
  12. Yes id agree with that.Standard mid jan nnw flow with wintry showers and a covering at elevation in those 850s.It is what it is but not quite what folk were looking for ie atlantic ridge ete and going forward.
  13. The insipid heights to the south and iberia are back on the scene again!!The jet was way south not more than 24 hours ago so wheres the swing come from???Singularity has just commented on this and maybe the models are a bit progressive! !hmmm il get my coat yet again
  14. Just a point looking at the nhp its not a case of the pv being rampant and actually looks weak.you coudnt write it but it is what it is living in the uk.