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  1. Indeed lots of changes in a short space of time which imo is a good thing .Hopefully things on the up !!!
  2. And to complicate things even more gfs 12z pushes a cheeky little low threw at 84 hours
  3. Edited.Actually its similar to gfs 6z the icon 12 z,still odd tho lol
  4. Moring John.Im not familiar with the 500mb charts but are they subject to quick changes in the atmosphere ie whats been touted ete on the run up to xmas- new year .tia
  5. I'm actually not sure what some members are expecting ATM on the mo.imo I can't see anything wintry in the next 10 +.we don't live in continental Europe were surrounded by water !!! Anyway enjoy your hunt for cold ete
  6. I did say look towards Greenland later on.thsnks tho for your contribution
  7. gFS para at the 150 he mark looks pretty good to me if you look at the nhp.pv way to the east and not a lot to stop pressure rising towards Greenland -iceland later.looks ok longer term imo
  8. Tbh tho it's what it's showing.nothing is guaranteed but there would be zero discussion without that kind of input imo
  9. ICON at 132 hrs is on the move imo with the atlantic forcing a ridge!! wedges of heigths splitting and forcing the low in atlantic
  10. Hes showing the profile and its similarity to ec46!!! Nothing foolish with that.Grow up sunshine!!!
  11. Things looking up via strat thread it would seem.Anyway pretty similar fi on gfs and para late on with an attempt ie ridging ete .Would be hopeing to see an increase in some pretty good nhp profiles regarding the pv fading over the next week or so.heres hoping anyway.id sell my grandmothers wooden leg for a wintry xmas period !!
  12. Morning.still very interesting nhp on the run in to Xmas.the pushing and pulling of the atmosphere gives the opportunity for wedges and areas of heights to pop up almost anywhere imo.know idea why NW is there lol