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  1. Yes it been pretty shocking over the whole period.Pitty there wasn't an area of high pressure to the nne all winter instead.
  2. It's over two weeks away tho!!! I'm looking for the dry mainly mild- very mild weather to continue till late spring hopefully.just a question ,why does the PV show purple even when bits head south.i don't mean in regards to 850s etc.Tia
  3. Good grief frost and fog going into march!!! Thinking that's not what anyone would want to be honest.Id rather go sunny and mild-warm tbh and dry.just my preference but I'm all done with this winter or lack of it!!
  4. Even the usually day ten eye candy has vanished.yep nick the fat lady is clearing her throat imo
  5. Feb you really are a trooper on here and I wish I had your optimistic outlook.look forward to November when it all starts again .well done pal
  6. Fantastic a gripping end to a miserable poor winter.Big EC coming up!!! sorry being dying to say that since late November
  7. I'm not sure whether the meds on here are running low since November!! I'd agree we all need to clutch at straws but the spin on the current output with regards to cold is making me dizzy.dry and mild is the theme which for me is better than some rank frosty high.Its all or nothing in my eyes and given the time of year if there's zero snow let's have some unseasonably mild weather.
  8. "Hats off" to you there ED.Il get my coat yet again!!!!
  9. Yep NW ready to move north west and bring us zero!!!!
  10. There are four seasons however you word it.They may vary in there characteristics but that's what there is.Anyway nothing much cheer wise on the mo so far today,lets hope the 12z bring biblical cold!!!
  11. Yep hence we have four seasons whatever the weather.Warmth in late September early October woudnt be classed as summer,just unseasonably warm
  12. Just to note the 12z icon was pretty average tbh.
  13. Not a stupid question.the cold spell is diminishing over there but the distance is too great ie temp moderation.greenland gets extremely cold and even that gets quite modified on its route to the UK.
  14. Yes ed I'd forgotten about that cretin!!! Looks good for med tho.
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