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  1. quite a change on the nhp.areas of blocking seem to be popping up be it only minor.pv is under pressure here on the 18z be it fi.interesting
  2. I think a lot of contributors to cooler colder winters have been overridden by GW etc.
  3. yes a cold -cold spring generally follows a drab winter season.early days but it has an inevitability about it over the last few years.think I may take up trainspotting,at least its kind of reliable
  4. Ideed.possibly the only positive I can take so far from the runs today is the weakening of the pv. hopefully them gaps may induce some heighths along thw way
  5. Thanks .yep looks promising barring it's connected to huge euro heights,who knows tho
  6. Cheers.i could run off some old classics like to fi is at 144 hrs but it's not going to cut it is it?who knows this time tom the Thames could be freezing over and polar bears running down downing st.all that aside looks very pleasent in southern Europe heading to xmas
  7. Can somebody give me a positive from today's output from a coldie perspective?granted there arnt raging SW winds but really?I know things arnt great but what are folk looking at? Tia
  8. I think it depends how high you set the bar feb.its obv pretty low ATM because snow on high ground Midlands north isn't that rare in December is it.il be prob told diff
  9. Praise the lord,thanks nick for a level headed post.app we have a chance of heights towards Greenland?has my senility taken over or is there zero chance 7-10days.tia
  10. Fantastic set of 12z so far,esp the heights building to the nnw.lets hope EC joins the club
  11. Anyway thank the lord for the block over Greenland!!!
  12. Please don't I've just been kicked out about the massive Greenland heights on the GFS 12z
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