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  1. Black as the ace of spades to the north and west of Telford... expecting a flash at any moment...
  2. After this update I now have to type in my password to log into windows, where as before I entered it once and it then automatically did it every time I turned the pc on. There was also an error message saying it was unable to log me in (I forget the actual wording).
  3. Only heard a faint rumble in Broseley and that was from a storm just south of Bridgnorth, can't remember if it was last month or month before...
  4. A friend of mine near Market Drayton said she witnessed very strong winds at work, is this a hook just SW of Stoke?
  5. The cells tracking North from the Bournemouth area and are now over Gloucester may have our name on them.
  6. Microsoft Edge. Been working fine ever since I installed Windows 10 up until yesterday I think. I have got Google Chrome which I will now try, see what happens. Can confirm the radar works as normal on Chrome.
  7. The V4 Radar isn't working properly for me. All I get are the buttons/Icons but no map. Been like this for a couple of days now. I can use the V7 but prefer V4. Also, I can get V4 working on my tablet, just not on pc.
  8. Fantastic! Thanks guys. Have seen only a couple in my life and never knew what they were till now. Will keep a look out for any more.
  9. I have just seen the best shooting star I've ever seen. It was not like the average shooting star which are gone in the blink of an eye and not very bright. This however, was quite the opposite, and fairly slow moving in comparison. At a guess, something bigger than the specks of dust that we normally see. Sorry but no photos. Wonder if anyone else saw this?
  10. Saw that shower Nitro. Sky was black as the ace of spades. Only passing showers here, some gusty winds too.
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