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  1. Please carry on here old thread here ------->
  2. Please carry on here old thread here ------>
  3. Let's all have a massive breakdown because one model run doesn't show a 'the day after tomorrow' weather pattern because many believe in the saying 'the weather is set in stone 'cos a model said so'.......good grief, have a word some of you.....if there's cross model consensus at T48 for no wintry nirvana then by all means crack open the prozac, tramadol etc etc but until then relax, don't hang on every nuance of every run!
  4. Ice pellets here at 160m a/s/l on the edge of the marlborough downs....definitely not snow though, temps and dew points on the rise and I'm on the eastern/northern part of the region so I'll be very surprised if anyone sees any proper flakes of snow in our region tonight (except perhaps the tops of the cotswolds/marlborough downs)
  5. All over the place, non-committal, prone to be wrong....and a bit of a tit..........fare enough
  6. John, you've misinterpreted my post, see further post on thread where I reposted the exact quote from a met office source
  7. don't get me wrong IC, amongst the throng of happy 'coldites' (wtf is a coldite...lol) I hope the gfs(p) is off the mark....and talking of which, what a remarkable set of overnight and morning runs!...stone me, there's plenty of snow opportunities in the offing!......The coldie in me says 'get in my son!' but it's tempered by the 'sobering' part of me says 'bugger, I'm a SE courier doing rural rounds, next week could be 'interesting' to say the least'........doh! just seen your second post....No worries!
  8. not relevant to my post Feb......I was simply putting the record straight as explained to me (and others) by a met office source
  9. Sorry IC, but this simply isn't true....The me office use a blend of many models including GFS & JMA....and this is straight from a well known met office source as posted in this thread before
  10. FWIW, I hope the EC is on the money, and provides the wintry synoptics we crave for, but despite the GFS bashing that's been going on (which to a degree is merited in as much that its verification stats are not wonderful) I still remember 'That ECM'......when it's within T48 I'll believe it 100%, until such time, a watching brief is recommended
  11. the GFS(P) ppn charts on NW has always been broken.....probably nothing to do with NW
  12. My, my....they grow up so fast these days....seems just like yesterday that baby was feeding at the breast, and now up'n running.....just show how much can change in 24 hours...lol........looking at the GFS in interest, nice snow making trough sliding though T171-192 with the more traditional FI dart board low at T300+
  13. reading quite a few posts infers that some members think that the likes of Chionomaniac, Lorenzo, Catacol, BB62/63 et al either don't exist, are on their 'blocked members' list or simply think that they know much better than said posters...(they don't).....These guys are seasoned and learned model watchers, they are not mega-cold rampers and say it how it is and give sound and in depth analysis on background drivers and how the outputs are more likely to pan out....go and have a look at their very recent posting history in this thread, the strat thread and others.....and then come back and say 'the outlook is poor'....'winter is over' etc etc!! good grief!
  14. I'm not happy with that image......the shading is so passe, terrible use of colour and definitely won't match my wall paper and curtains.....lol but gibberish aside, a remarkable image and just goes to show what potential is there.......Can you smell what the GFS(p) is cooking?!
  15. not entirely true to be fair......thickness values (the amount of atmosphere between two pressure boundaries) and especially dew points/WBFL are major parameters....in theory you can snowfall with T850's on or just below 0C with low DAM values and dew points/Wet Bulb temps of 0C..... edit, Ben and Steve make similar points
  16. regardless of the current output, and despite how volatile the current output seems to be, ANY post that contains the phrase 'Like father xmas on acid' get's a like and thumbs up from me (and I aint pleased easily).....absolute gem of a post TI ...LOL.....!!
  17. nice ecm so far with possible snow at T192-216 (just to keep it on topic)
  18. A warm welcome to the new NetWeather Astronomy & Cosmology thread. This thread has been designed to encompass all aspects of astronomy for all levels of expertise, from a casual interest to the 'would-be Stephen Hawkins'! So please feel free to browse and ask any questions you might have, and I'm sure there will be plenty of members ready to discuss the answers. There are a whole raft of resources available on the internet so I'll post a few links below, and feel free to add your own links in what is a diverse and fascinating field of study. http://www.eso.org/public/ http://www.nasa.gov/ http://www.space.com/ http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/space_time/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronomy I'll kick off the discussion with a question that was posed by Snowlady36 'How fast is the universe currently expanding?' An interesting question!. The best I can come up with is from well known TV astronomer Phil Plait, host of Discovery Channel's 'Bad Astronomy'.....According to his interpretation, the universe expands at a rate of 74 Kilometers per second per every 3 million light years of distance.....here's the link http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2009/05/07/the-universe-is-expanding-at-742-kmsecmpc/#.U06z71e59tA Can anyone else come up with a different answer?
  19. Fred.....with the current volatility do you think that model outputs could flip quickly giving a pattern more conducive to an easterly?....I understand that sudden stratospheric warming can have a myriad of effects, and not necessarily in our locales favour, but IIRC (and the memory is hazy) this time last year outputs weren't looking especially good initially, then they started to go 'haywire' with some outrageously bad and good solutions before settling on what became a memorable snow and cold spell
  20. beerandkebab

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    I should've added the caveat 'as long as it's legal'!....doh!
  21. Any xbox one online gamers here on netweather?

    1. Mokidugway


      To buisy chasing faux snow to nerd 😂

  22. no, no, it was all me....really.....I did a phd in meteorology on the side when I did my school work experience and YTS at bracknell......they paid me an extortionate amount of money (£1.20 hour IIRC) and I repay them by providing them with all the latest & future tech weather forecasting........damn, I'm good
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    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    IMHO, an age gap is utterly irrelevant if two people have genuine love for each other.....More power to ya!
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    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Have you been following the series Kevin?........I've been listening on TMS and a bit of live feed on BT sport.....It's been a fascinating series and has shown how reliant the aussies are on Smith and Warner the past few years......Still, they have a strong pace attack and Lyons is an ever improving spinner.....The Indians, meanwhile have been excellent oo this tour, and as we saw in England last summer, they have a potent pace attack!