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  1. hang on, it's not raining......is this sudden climate change???
  2. ....but it all depends what it's showing.....over the past week or two, we've gone through the whole model ensemble of 'crapness'.......yes, each model has had it's turn of being 'unflavour of the month'.....according to material posted in this thread, the GF,S, ECM, UKMO, ICON, et al are all utter failures at various stages and their designers should've been on the 'virtual pill' to stop these model monstrosities from ever have been conceived.....Ok, a little OTT but then again OTT is the bedrock of a good chunk of stuff posted here to be fair......A jolly good ramp is good from time to time as long as it's infused with a dose of realism.............I'm in a grumpy mood, so I'm going to open the gin bottle to lift my spirits (the runs for next week sadly don't inspire much confidence of the white stuff for my locale, I really need to move....lol)
  3. beerandkebab

    What are you planning to eat on Christmas Day?

    turkey crown, gammon, & pork this christmas...............with pate and cheeses for afters, and booze for the evening
  4. absolutely..........and anything is preferable to this horrific wind and rain, rinse & repeat guff we're currently enduring...............hang on, let me look out of the window, and what a surprise it's blowing a hoolie and absolutely chucking it down
  5. not really bud....it's basic physics to my eyes, if you look at the air pressure over central/NE europe, the slab of air in situ simply isn't dense enough to hold more energetic air spilling eastwards in place....and if you look at the core of the HP cell, it remains at about 1032Hpa, and doesn't really move that much from T168 to T216 as air at that pressure is dense enough to stay more or less in situ
  6. You've missed out loads Las....about time you got with it, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!
  7. Absolute no doubt now, boxing is rigged... an absolute travesty of a decision 

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      but Fury got knocked down, Wilder didn't, must have affected Fury's points, Wilder says he deserved win for flooring Fury twice, but draw fair I suppose, wonder when part 2 is? next May as a guess

    3. weirpig


      Fury won for me  mainly by jabs at range   wilder was just loading up shots hoping to hit fury  wilder won 3 rounds for me  115_111 Fury   very strange that the Mexican ref gave the first 4 rounds to  wilder  

    4. beerandkebab


      Mark, that's not how boxing scorecards work....the two knockdown would have those particular rounds 10-8 to Wilder at best for Wilder, whereas Fury won at least 7 of the other 10 rounds which should have given him a comfortable points win..... but this is America we're talking about where money talks, honesty and integrity walks 

  8. beerandkebab

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    Years ago, I got banned from my local pub .......got absolutely mullered, the landlord asked if there was a celebration going on, and drunkenly I said "Yes, it's my 18th".......doh!
  9. I downloaded a copy of the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie, but I think it was filmed in a cinema.
    I can't make out what's going on, I just see a little silhouetto of a man

  10. when is there ever any point in looking past T144?......possible trends?.......maybe, but it's a big maybe.........charts past this time frame rarely verify, but hey, it keeps this thread busy as the hunt for future cold continues it's inexorable winding path
  11. beerandkebab

    Reaction emoji

    yes, agreed on both counts......the ability to up or down vote annonymously would work.....there can;t be any directed accusations of trolling/bullying that way......still, a 'like' or 'thanks' is sufficient, no need to break something that seems to be working ok now!
  12. beerandkebab

    Reaction emoji

    I disagree with this, as it isn't as black or white as your post suggests.....there are too many people on here with ego's the size of galaxies who shout anyone down who dares challenge their viewpoint, so a 'sad' or 'laughing' emoji is a simple but effective way of showing disagreement without having to go through the 'joy' of compiling a well thought out argument onlyto be 'shouted down' or cyber-bullied......
  13. beerandkebab

    Reaction emoji

    weren't they taken away because someone complained about be 'trolled' by emoji?
  14. beerandkebab

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    squeaky bum time will be if SL get it down to say 15 runs needed......no need to get nervous..................yet
  15. what battle?.....no disrespect but Chris Fawkes is a professional forecaster, enough said