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  1. hmm, not so sure on that......the GFS developes a secondary low the ECM developes a shortwave trough, look at the pressure gradient contours I think the issue is that the terms 'secondary low' and 'trough' or 'shortwave trough' get interchanged perhaps incorrectly at times on the forum.........I stand corrected if wrong of course
  2. hmm, lets see....since when did commenting that the ECM is looking a cool if not cold run, not model discussion eh?....whatever I add afterwards as a bit of banter is up to me......The black friday sales are on this week, I'm sure you can find a cheap sense of humour transplant whch won't break the bank
  3. the ECM looks distinctly nippy in the short to mid term time frames.................Our roving reporter asked renowned NetWeather mascot Sidney Squirrel for his snapshot of the upcoming weekend
  4. In Memoriam

    sad news on Malcolm Young passing.....seen him in concert many times...........He suffered with chronic dementia for a long time....RIP buddy.....He'll be raising it up with Bon Scott now in those pearly gates
  5. Will it? Won't it? Is it? Isn't it? frigid NE'rly, blowtorch SW'rly, Mild? Cold? Rain? Dry? Snow?....trying to work these things out from the above posts have just made my brain implode banter aside, it just goes to show a) how model runs change, and b) individuals interpretations of the models can be like chalk and cheese..........Could I do any better?.....Nah, I wouldn't have a clue
  6. I would go for BOM model scrapings from a greasy spoon trashcan if it showed just a hint of snow
  7. we did a netweather model thread bingo a couple of years ago.....'Bingo' was called after just a few hours....lol
  8. one of my 'faves' in the model thread.............."I know it's off topic, but....."
  9. cheer up, it was just 36 hours ago and it just shows how much model output can change in 36 hours, which of course means that nothing is set in stone...wait another 36 hours and I reckon there will be another different model solution!
  10. 1st rule of weather forecasting......look at what the model suites show in FI and expect the opposite outcome, generally more right than wrong, and not get hung up on mild/charts way off in the future nor indeed on each and every model run as the smallest change in the initial data entered in the supercomputers causes huge changes further on....it's called FI for a reason, possible trends and nothing more..........Still, there's nothing quite like the thrill of the chase....lol
  11. Forget Bernie Madoff, the weather models are the mother of all ponzi schemes.....they draw you in offering huge returns in the near future, only then to drain you and suck you dry leaving you broken but no wiser as you keep on falling for it year after year.......lol the outputs are are all over shop, but the overall NH profile looks promising for coldies, FI firmly at T120 IMHO
  12. lol in reply to some unrelated posts (Not by you Nick!) earlier quoting ECM 10 mean charts .......isn't making a forecast call on such charts about as much good as boobs on fish or a chocolate fireguard?
  13. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    no i didnt forget....the bowling doesn't worry me, but the batting most definitely does
  14. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    well today England lost 7 wickets for 45 runs in 16 overs against a mickey mouse bowling attack in the warm up game..........bodes well for the test series!