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  1. close up radar grabs with sferic overlay for the North West, 25 min apart to give impression of storm motion 1600 1625 (images courtesy of NWExtra)
  2. Some amazing photo's and video footage posted on here from last night's storms for here in deepest, darkest Wiltshire, it was worth the wait....For most of yesterday evening and into the early hours I was in despair seeing storm after storm pass either 50 miles to the west or 50 miles to the east, but around midnight, lightning activity picked up from those very active cells between Bournemouth & Southampton. These storms gradually lifted northwards whilst decaying but from around 2:30 - 4:30am gave some quite impressive amount of lightning with low distant growls of thunder...I checked the radar and live lightning maps and decided to call it a night as the storms were continuing to decay....I couldn't sleep though, so popped out into the garden around 5am for a morning ciggy and cuppa when suddenly my immediate impression was that the world had just blown up!...A huge bolt of lightning hit the fields around 200m from my garden fence line followed instantly by a concussive blast of thunder, I could actually feel the pressure wave!.....Needless to say, in the surrounding houses, lights immediately came on as people woke up obviously thinking like me that an atom bomb had been detonated!......It was the complete surprise of the bolt that scared the beejeesus out of me!......Anyhoos, there were a few more distant growls and that was it, as soon as the storm crossed the M4 a few miles to my north, it died completely
  3. off to bed me thinks, just not my night tonight....some distant lightning but not getting any closer, and to think, modelling just 12 hours ago had my area in the bullseye....until next time!
  4. can see lightning from the storm approaching Bristol
  5. aye, just seen a couple of cracking crawlers on that web cam the past few minutes.....the brixham cam that 'Had Worse' linked to is showing a pretty good display as well
  6. not sure if already linked to, but really good live footage of the bournemouth storm http://magicseaweed.com/Live-Bournemouth-Webcam/16/
  7. Just speaking to my sis in Brixham, Torbay.....she's witnessing a crackerjack storm!
  8. I can see some distant flickers from those storms near Bournemouth....clear skies here so good viewing conditions (strikes are 50-60 miles away)
  9. cheers for that......just put my headphones on, turned up the volume and pretended I was sat out in the back garden
  10. yup, starting to get that sinking feeling to be honest
  11. quite remarkable....just went outside for a cheeky smoke and I can see distant flickers of lightning from the MCS N/NW of London. The nearest strikes from that must 60+ miles away from me! Eyes now firmly peeled to the south now as those channel storm start to make landfall and push northwards....Skies are clear now here apart from the east where the anvil from the MCS is visible.....should hopefully see some flickers of lightning from the south in the next hour or so
  12. lots more elevated convection starting to fire in the english channel from the south west approaches eastwards.. 8:00pm 8:25pm
  13. nothing here yet, but getting good outflow and nice cloud formations from the storm complex over hants.....one sferic detected 10 miles from me but I think it as a false return.....nice storm out over Lyme Bay which is heading in this direction, but now wouldn't be surprised to see a rash of storms develop over central Southern England and the West country over the next few hours as the high theta air makes it presence known with trough destabalisation