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  1. right then, as we've got the FB thing up and running (thanks Khodds!) we need to get the formalities out of the way.....i.e who's house are we trashing with the pre-blizzard drinkathon?
  2. In today's big news there was carnage at the 'Association of Wiltshire & BANES Overworked M4 Gritters" annual meeting following leaked photographs emerged of the Highways Agency ramping the inches of snow the SW will get following todays model runs...
  3. I'm as fik and pig feeshes, feishes....faeces lol
  4. I volunteer Khodds My fb name is Hugh Jarse.....*just kidding"....it's "Ivor Biggun" lol
  5. what about an apt name for it?.....such as "The M4 Snow Shield Councilling & Support Group"
  6. yes, totally agree.....netweather did actually go down for a few mins a short while ago, I thus had to speak to the missus.....Imagine my surprise to find out she didn't work at Woolworths any more....lol
  7. easy.... and come on mother nature, bring it on, I'm ready for anything you can throw at me!
  8. to use technical terminology................"Tons of the bloody stuff"....lol ramp aside, still too early to tell, from an easterly convective source, east facing coasts and just inland *south devon, south cornwall) could do surprisingly well.....for us in Wilts, some showers will penetrate from the east into our neck of the woods, embedded troughs will enhance this, and any fronts moving up from the south/south west will be snow makers given the dry surface flows with attendant low wet bulb temps
  9. just caught up with 30 odd pages of model posts....jeez!.....It's not often that I'm lost for words (just ask the wife) but blimey what a gobsmackingly ramptastic set of runs we've had the past 24 hours.....How many times have we ever been able to say that a 'beasterly' is locked in?.....Sounds good doesn't it?....lol....deep cold arriving at T96 and the ECM?....wow, blizzard machine with a channel(ish) low a bit further down the road.....Yes, for the latter, a pinch of salt is needed as it's still bordering on the edge of FI, but let's face it, with that much snow potentially, a thousand truck loads of salt still wouldn't melt it....lol...................................One thing though, it's very rare we get this kind of weather pattern occuring so let's all take time to savour it and not look for the end of it, otherwise the famous NetWeather winter quote will have to changed to "Get the cold in first, and the inevitable plank posting about a breakdown will follow".....lol In closing, I asked for an expert second opinion of this upcoming spell of weather, and the great news is that Olaf says ......
  10. Fred, now you're just taking the piste........notice the apt satire?.....lololol anyhoos, just over an hour to go to our next dose of predicted snowmageddon courtesy of the 18z GFS!
  11. No worries, we wouldn't want that.......tell you what, let's play a game.....I start counting 1, 2, 3 up to 100 and when I guess the right number of cm's, just say "STOP"
  12. I just got off the phone to my mate "Charlie".....told him that a netweather boffin just said there'll be lots of white powder on the ground by this time next week....Think he's just had a heart attack !!....................don't worry, I'm fetching my coat.....lol and just to keep things relatively on topic, another splendid day of outputs and model watching for those of a cold persuasion.....variations on a theme, but the theme is very cold and potentially very snowy, so nothing has changed!
  13. it's 7:30pm and there's over 2000 users on the forum.....some interesting weather in the offing per chance? ...lol

    1. Mokidugway


      Maybe it's the free sausage ???

    2. Dami


      I wasn't here then. :(

  14. I think I'm becoming a tad desensitized to the outputs now.....let's look at the 12z ECM.......hmm, lots of snow forecast for next week?....how much?.....12 inches?....just 12 inches?......T850's only -14C?.......boring!.........change the record....seen it all before
  15. Paul's post in the MAD thread an hour or so ago summed things quite nicely i.e squabbling toddlers.......jeez h christ, quite a few people in there either need to get out a bit more, or lose their virginity.....or both....lololololol