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  1. England are tormenting me ...lol.....I want to criticise the likes of Denley, Buttler & Root, but I can't today.....Excellent win by Eng, Denley has shown that he might just be the man to partner Burns for a good while, he made an adjustment in his technique to play the ball late and it worked a treat....Buttler showed a good glimpse of what he might be capable of as a test match batsman, but I'd give him the gloves still if he is to play.....and Joe Root, he'll always be a quality bat, a useful bowler (as he showed today) and IMO he actually captained well this match, you heard that right....his bowling changes were well timed and his field placing much more pro-active than any other test this summer....he will have read the cricticisms of his captaincy in the press and reflected on them no doubt to improve, fair play, lets all hope he can improve his reading of a game.....the selectors need to make a choice though for the keeper, it's Buttler or Bairstow, not enough room for both, and neither at the moment are really good enough to play as a specialist batsman (Butller scored runs this test but was poor in the series as a whole)
  2. The Crazy thing about Steve Smith is that his average is going up and up, 65 now which is almost unheard of....Only the great Don Bradman has a better average over an extended career in the whole of test match cricket history, astonishing!
  3. lol.....sky just showed the labaschagne leg side waft, he did nick it !
  4. must admit it did look like a gap there......and interestingly Labaschagne just wafted at one down the leg side, no one appealed and there was a definite noise which can only have been bat, eng missed a trick there I think
  5. 1900 runs in 36 tests at an average of 33 with just the one century and he's a specialist batsman?....no wonder england's batting is frail if that's the benchmark for a specialist batsman.....the problem with Buttler is that he can only really play one way and has a loose defensive technique (he doesn't know where his off stump is) and has been found out under pressure from this Australian attack
  6. Blimey, a really good review from Root...slips didn't seem that interested but he sent it up stairs and there was a faint snick, Warner gone, fair play Root !
  7. the barmy army should stop booing Warner & Smith and start on our batsmen, they deserve it...on a flat wicket, they simply don't have the technique and mental strength to succeed, they are utterly spineless
  8. just when you think it culdn't get any worse for the test team, they're now getting rolled over by a part time medium pacer....pathetic....this is what happens when you paper over the cracks with stupid selection decisions.......they're simply not good enough
  9. oops, just realised I put roy into open, my bad, I meant Burns
  10. Stokes is next inline, but for me not really the right choice. but would be interested to see if it enhances his game, concerned that it could hinder it hence my reservation....but tactically I think he could be the man......even though Butller has be found out as a test batsman, I'd be tempted to do a 'Brearley' and give him the job as from what I've seen he's tactically sound and will 'think outside the box' rather than captaincy by the numbers....Root is a great batsman and needs to concentrate on that to regain the form that made him a run machine.....regarding dead wood, I'd play Foakes as keeper/batsman, play Olly Pope as a batsman, Olly Stone to bring more fire to the attack and look at the Curran brothers....Tom is a very clever bowler who has a repetive action reminiscent of Dale Steyn, and Sam is a good bat with a solid technique and good swing bowler (how he didn't play in the series so far, I'll never know) Roy, Denly, Pope, Root, Stokes, Foakes, S. Curran, T. Curran, Archer, Broad, Leach (Anderson if fit)....A nice blend of technique, crease occupation, and stroke making from the batsmen......and quality seam, with fire from archer, nouce from Broad & Anderson, Swinf from Sam, and the X Factor from Tom, with a decent spinner in Leach......swap Sam Curran for Olly Stone if the wicket is dry and assits pace rather than swing
  11. more lip service.....'proud'?.....they got beaten, no, hammered !!....this is what i keep on banging on about root being a 'yes' man......he should be in the dressing room giving the players a right rocketing if he's any sense of leadership, england were crap and need to take responsibility, not be praised....getting beaten by the aussies by nearly 200 runs is nothing to be proud about!
  12. buttler, bairstow, roy for a start, simply not test standard....denly's done just enough to get another go until we find a decent opener.....woakes is one all rounder too many, as is Moeen......safe are burns, stokes, root (as a batsman only) archer, broad, leach & anderson (dependant on how long he can go on for)
  13. time to clear out the deadwood, and there's plenty of it.....starting with the captain
  14. all that being set, nothing this summer would surprise me......Roy to score a blistering 150 and Broad to win the match by hooking Mitchell Starc out of the ground.....lollolol
  15. why do people claim incredulity seeing eng 0/2?.....it's pretty much par for the course....but for Stokes heroics Eng would be about to go 3-0 down.....our batting is dreadful, our selection policy is simply a joke, and we're 'led' by quite possibly the worst ever england captain....our test cricket team is a waste of space, and urgent changes are required, but as usual, captain calamity will keep his job (because he's a 'yes man') and the cracks will be continued to be papered over....Bayliss's obsession with white ball cricket has destroyed our red ball cricket, and as any genuine cricket lover will know, red ball cricket is 'proper cricket' anything else is frankly mickey mouse stuff and what's all this crap I'm reading on the BBC about Pat Cummings being the best bowler in the world?.....sorry but that;s utter BS, he's a very good bowler granted, but not in Anderson's league....our inept batting is making him look much better than he his.....Root, for example, fundemental flaws in his technique, no footwork and his bat is coming down across the line meaning he simply doesn't know where his stumps are, it was a good length delivery that the batsman should be playing forward to and not trying to play it from the crease and lastly, ths is the worst Australian batting line up I've ever seen, so over reliant on the bowling (just like England) it this was say the current Indian side vs Australia, India would've already won the series (which shows just how bad Eng's batting is)
  16. back to the usual crap captaincy from root.....australia struggling in the second innings so what does he do straight after tea a) go on the attack and try bowl Aus out....or b) go ultra defensive, attempting to stifle runs but actually gifts easy runs......oh that's right, he went for 'b' because he's clueless
  17. I've just been sick and now I'm genuinely crying.....Am I ill, amI sad? No.....sick through release of nerves and stress and tears of joy....so happy, as much as I criticise England, I always want them to achieve the impossible, and today a miracle did happen......absolutely incredible!......I'm off for a lie down and then a beer!
  18. Archer's shot was brainless and Broad's a total rabbit with the bat these days.....soon it will be over and hopefully a new captain and new players, time to get rid of the space wasters like Roy, bairstow & buttler, and woakes
  19. Whatever.... here, have 20 pence so you can phone someone who gives a jot......I call it as I see it, and when Australia were 136/2 a score of 400+ was on the cards.....England upped their game and Archer was magnificent......Rather than criticise me and/or others at least we are bold enough to have a stab at the future rather than sitting on the fence acting all smug.....I played the game to a high standard for over 20 years, followed the sport religiously for 40+ years and don't need to look up cricinfo for stats for browny points as they're all ready known to me.....It's called passion, I want England to win passionately and get very dispondent when they don't perform (which at test level happens more often than not) I will criticise where I see fit......don't like it? block me...end of
  20. What are you talking about....clear nick, clear noise & spike on snicko.......first you denied last week's CLEAR catch and now this CLEAR edge....I'm no fan of Dharmasena as an umpire, he gets a lot wrong, but he got it right this time... good innings by Labushagne brought to an end by a rather fortuitous full toss LBW from Ben Stokes.....Glad my prediction of Australia getting 400+ is way, way out...lol
  21. oh what a surprise!......they finally get the ball in the right area and two wickets fall....shame they didn't do this earlier....Australia in these conditions should've been bowled out for under 100
  22. he's fallen right into the trap....the aussies to score 400+ england to lose by an innings....it simply wouldn't surprise me
  23. dreadful bowling, dreadful fielding, and absymal captaincy....well that's the ashes done with for another few years......England and root's captaincy really are the pits....this braindead captain simply doesn't learn, and neither do the selectors as they don't sack him.....come on Ed Smith, do us a favour. sack this failed captain and appoint someone who actually knows what they're doing on the field...Root is one of our best ever batsman....our worst ever captain
  24. looks like a draw, but one has to say, why was root so 'safety first with his declaration?.......270 in 48 was never on...however 230 in 60 or so overs would've made it very interesting as it might have tempted the aussies.....academic now, a much improved performance from England (or rather stokes, leach & archer) marred by more poor and negative captaincy from root
  25. just to add, the extra replay which showed the 'side on' angle sees the fingers clearly under the ball
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