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  1. looks like a draw, but one has to say, why was root so 'safety first with his declaration?.......270 in 48 was never on...however 230 in 60 or so overs would've made it very interesting as it might have tempted the aussies.....academic now, a much improved performance from England (or rather stokes, leach & archer) marred by more poor and negative captaincy from root
  2. just to add, the extra replay which showed the 'side on' angle sees the fingers clearly under the ball
  3. err yes, clean catch....it lands on his fingers then up into his hands,,,,clean catch.....the camera foreshortens the angle
  4. oooh, great catch by denly.....6 down
  5. eh?......caught in his fingers then up into his hands...looked pretty clean to me.....5 down but time running out
  6. come on Joe Root, aussie runs are academic, get everyone around the bat.....Attack, attack, attack!
  7. pathetic crap again from roy & root......the experiment with roy sadly hasn't worked, and the less said about the joke of a captain, the better
  8. siddle is out, and Smith comes back....hmm, not sure about this after such a sickening blow, but the doc's and medical staff know their stuff edit, just smacked Woakes for 2 fours....he's fine lol
  9. whatever anyone thinks about steve smith, he has got balls of steel......dimolished by another archer thunderbolt yet he wants to bat on....thankfully he's coming off as he took a fearsome head blow, but total respect for Smith, a real fighter good god, just seen the replay and that's in the same place as the ball that caused Phil Hughes's fatal injury, thank god Smith's seems to be ok as he's led off by the team doctors
  10. for christs sake will someone sack root.....the worst review I've ever ever seen (cummings) and then cummings edges one straight where 2nd slip would've been....cummings is a tailender facing Archer bowling 96 mph thunderbolts..there should be 4 slips, a gully, short leg and silly point....dreadful, dreadful captaincy.....and where are the close fielders for the tailender facing leach?.....what a joke!
  11. after a glimmer of hope and common sense from the bowlers and captaincy yesterday, normal services have been resumed with rubbish bowling and sterotypically poor captaincy from Joe 'I have no plan' Root......there's seemingly only one winner in this test, and it aint england....barring rain or a miraculous turnaround in boling and fielding planns, 2-0 to the aussies beckons
  12. ridiculous of umpire aleem dar taking the players off with 5 balls to lunch, the rain is no heavier.....once a very good umpire, now a bit of a joke with his decision making
  13. well there's a surprise, our bowlers finally decide to pitch it up and they get two wickets straight away....if they had done that since ball 1, they could've had 5 or 6 back in the hutch
  14. They batted crap yesterday, now they're bowling crap.....rubbish
  15. Yes he was a great captain...good lord what an odd question!.......and the 79/80 series were basically exhibition matches, the ashes were not at stake....the 3 part time bowlers had actually been a big success up until the final, England were batted out of that game by the genius of Viv, and a once in a lifetime innings from collis king.......Brearley was held in great esteem by his fellow players and all opponents and is widely regarded by most pundits and cricketing historians as one of England's best ever captains
  16. Embarrassed to be English this afternoon...the test team are a disgrace....inept batting captained by a clueless 'leader'... root has to resign right now and the selectors have to be brave and make some radical changes...'yes' men permeate this team so time to get rid of them and make bold changes for the future....Barstow, moeen, denly have to go root either resigns or is sacked........ of course the above won't happen as the powers that be lack the spine to make the changes necessary to transform England's test team....a 5-0 whitewash is very much on the cards
  17. agree, a top captain is worth his weight in gold.....Mike Brearley averaged only 22 with the bat but his tactical genius and man management helped Eng;and win many a test match......Joe Root is without doubt a world class batsmen and england are lucky to have such talent, but he's a poor captain (very similar to Alistair Cook in both departments)....I think bringing Morgan onboard as captain (batting in place of Denly) would be a shrewd move...Buttler & Bairstow are fighting over one spot IMO....I don't think either is quite good enough as a specialist batsman in test cricket so I'd be tempted to drop one of them to accomodate another bowler...Bowling wise, a fit Anderson & Archer will walk into the team, and alongside with Broad and Woakes form a potent pace/seam attack...As to the spinner, I do feel bad for Moeen as there's so much latent talent there but I question his mental strength, I'd drop him without a shadow of doubt and then it's down to what England want out of their spinner, if they want a spinner to give control then Leach is the man, if they want an attacking option then Rashid is the man, most importantly they need a spinner who turns it away from the right handers and ideally a spinner who turns it both ways, in which case, Rashid is the obvious choice
  18. No I didn't say it myself, not bowling woakes was a major error and why didn't he immediately take the new ball with his 2 opening bowlers?... the guy is a great bat but tactically clueless in this match...he was tactically crap in the Australian first innings and even worse in the 2nd, typical of an over riding negative mindset,.... what england need is another Vaughan type captain, someone who knows when to attack and to think out of the box and actually have a plan..root is lacking in all areas, he's so formulaic
  19. Oh yes I can.... the buck stops with the captain...in humid conditions this morning he didn't bowl woakes at all when it was good for swing, unbelievably poor and his field sets have gifted at least 100 runs with no pressure being applied....dreadful....and moeens a waste if space frankly at the moment
  20. This test is done....more negative captaincy and dreadful field placing and bowling choices.... root makes cook look like a tactical genius...dear oh dear
  21. going to have to turn the cricket off for a bit before I put my boot through the TV.....Root is utterly brainless as a captain, stupid negative field placings with the ball spinning sharply allowing the batsmen easy runs with no pressure.....honestly, even an utter retard would know that this is counter productive, all the pundits and commentators are puzzled....and secondly, the barmy army with their constant repetitive droning chants, it's doing my head in
  22. Moeen gets the job done, Bancroft out....now Joe ,how about getting that field in?
  23. what the hell is root doing?.......mo's turning it sharply and root has 4 men on the fence, virtually no one in close pressurising the batsmen.....pathetic captaincy, get the bloody field in
  24. puzzled by that last wicket partnership.....Woakes batted poorly with Anderson, either that or he can't count hence being stuck at the wrong end over after over.....I reckon by losing the strike he's short on 20 or so runs....
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