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  1. Slap bang in the middle of the severe risk area......that'll do nicely....Carlsberg don't storm risk maps, but if they did......... edit....and in the Estofex level 2 zone
  2. the wording of the rule is open to interpretation....law 18 acutally states the runs counted are from the throw or act....in this instance it's the act of the ball rebounding of Stokes's bat, which was already grounded in the crease when contact was made...so it's 2 runs plus the 4 overthrows....the umpires on field got it spot on.....the only one's whinging funnily enough are Australians..................and as Ashley Giles correctly said, if stoke's required 3 to win off the last ball rather than the 2, he would have simply hit that full toss out of the ground....It's a moot point by those sour grapes who only want to try and tarnish England's success....They won it fair and square
  3. if you fancy a good laugh, have a look at the Sydney Morning Herald's cricket comments thread.....lots of moaning and whinging Aussies, and they weren't even in the final...lol
  4. the finest margins Kevin......what about boult catching stokes and then treading on the line?...truly amazing
  5. eng were in the poop when finally two batsmen played smart cricket (plan b)....buttler and stokes with a super partnership, one and two's with the occasional boundary.....i did feel buttler went too soon and gave his wicket away but Stokes played the last 4 overs brilliantly....I can't discuss the super over as my brain is still assimilating it...lol.......but as I posted a few months ago, england would not win the world cup until they learnt to adapt, today they did.....and it's fitting that that won it by playing the team (NZ) that in so many ways were the catalyst in England's change in ODI game plan
  6. When neesham hit that 6 i thought it was all over.......increbible......what an insane finish to a classic match......so sorry for NZ, they played brilliantly, and a draw would be a worthy result.....but **** it, I'm English!
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I agree Pit.......super over makes a mockery of it IMO (regardless of who wins)
  9. tie....jesus h christ......super over by the looks of it
  10. buttler throws his wicket away with a stupid shot
  11. it's no mine field....my point being Eng have failed to adapt (so far) note the 'so far' caveat....this game isn't over, the batsmen simply have to bat sensibly, rotate the strike, pick up the one's and two's and when the bad balls come (and they will) punish them....the req'd run rate is 6.5 which is still manageable
  12. shambolic batting performance so far....needs a hero or england are doomed....can't beleieve how badly they've batted so far, totally bottling it
  13. 59/2....batting like it's a test match, and then Root throws his wicket away because of the pressure he's put himself under......time for a batsman to stand up as this is starting to look not very promising
  14. nip and tuck....good bowling effort from England, now can our batsmen do their thing?......Boult and Henry will be dangerous with the new ball
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