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  1. Another shambolic performance from England...nothing ever changes, utterly inept and spinless batting....India bascially cheating by producing disgraceful pitches, but being 'lord and masters' of cricket now, nothing will be done and it's games like this that will kill off test cricket quicker than anything else
  2. I've already told my kids it will snow but haven't yet divulged which decade..... so we're all good. .....hello to all by the way,....haven't been in here for years it seems
  3. Heatwave & storms vs the TIT....the TIT wipes out all-comers (Thunderless In Tyne& Wear)
  4. you miss the point....southern coastal areas have been in the hunt this week, storms along the devon & cornish coasts and plenty of distant channel lightning displays....the NE however has had very benign weather, no heatwave, apart from an occsional glimpse of some Ac Cas floating around, not one flash (distant or not) rumble or anything remotely resembling thundery activity....thats my point
  5. I think it's fair to say when it's all been said and done that the only area this week that wasn't effected by thundery weather was the NE of England....which begs the question, why did I agree to move up here ?...
  6. Behave yourself, I'm a northerner now and up here we haven't had a sniff and are not likely to either according to modelling
  7. Its all that hot air you're blowing out with your exhortations Chris, it's causing an inversion
  8. Lol...I recently moved up here from the south, was thinking about getting my long John's out, you guys are hard as nails on seaburn beach wearing skimpy trunks lol
  9. currently 22c in newcastle and here in sunderland, compared with further south, that's bone-chillingly cold....nothing expected in the NE at all today, a few elevated showers loitering around the northern pennines & scottish borders but that's it, we're completely out of the game this week
  10. you forgot the most important one...Thunderless in Tyne& Wear......The big TIT
  11. Hi, yes I've been watching them too...nice high based Ac Cas towers, some bright echoes on radar....a shame they're offshore heading away from us
  12. why did I ever decide to move to the NE?.....Stormless capital of the UK back down south temps in the 30's with big storms in the offing, up here 17C and more chance of a lottery win than a storm ...lol
  13. Hi all, I'm having issues viewing any charts, radar & nw headline news articles.....throws up the following error message " Oops.... Unfortunately the page you're trying to reach is no longer on the Netweather website. This doesn't mean the forecast or feature you're trying to find no longer exists, perhaps you have typed in the incorrect address or are using an old link or bookmark which has been changed. All of the main areas on the site can be reached using the menu at the very top of this page, if you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to help".......tried multiple browsers and cache clearance
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