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  1. Very strange outside my office here in Central Belt, Scotland... eerie sky colour due to Saharan dust and fast moving clouds going opposite directions. Hope this can be seen in this video clip... Yet the trees are hardly moving.. IMG_4864.MOV
  2. Paul me too... count me in.. hope thisisnt too late
  3. Here. Here bigsnow.. Was in George sq today.. Fortunately I had left the scene around 2.20 and walked along the road that the lorry mounted the pavement.. Puts things into perspective when you consider the amount of petty squabbles recently in here.. There are more things to life than computer models... Thought with families and the emergency services and ultimately the glasgow people who again demonstrated respect, calmness and helping others while risking their own life..... Perspective folks... Perspective...
  4. Guys & Gals..... Many thanks for the responses....I appreciate them and how everyones viewpoint and take ont he outputs are interpretated individually... i am forever learning!!!! keep up the fantatstic effort all.... it really makes this forum the best place to be for the likes of myself and other `wannabes` lol..
  5. Morning All... Dont post much as I am not as experienced as the vast majortiy in here. Have been reading and `lurking` on this forum for a few years now. Hats off to you all knowlegeable posters however with this mornings output in particular there are conflicting issues with regards to the placement of the Azores high and its ramifactions for us in the UK... for eaxmple.. then the next post from NS Contradicting posts. As an avid follower and appreciate everyones valued input, I do find however that these kind of statements are very confusing for the more `inexperien
  6. Marty G

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