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  1. What is worse,to have had and lost or to have never had at all?
  2. ‘Feels like 4c’...It does! We need high pressure here and soon.
  3. Yes Mushy,we know what is happening but as I asked,why?
  4. Agreed but they adjust at 24hrs out,however my concern is why long-fetch Northerlies are no more.
  5. Still though,the cold has been there,trapped by the fast spinning polar vortex.Greenland has had record low registers along with many North American points.All against the back drop of a warming global climate.Just waiting on comment on why Arctic ice melt has failed to have an impact on sea conveyor systems as was predicted it would,causing colder winters here.
  6. Interesting observations... Column: Valentine's Day deep freeze aside, it's been a very odd winter BUFFALONEWS.COM Leave it to me to write about this mild winter on the coldest day of the season. There is our mean warming climate involved, but I would ...
  7. It may be a write off regarding low-level snow(especially south of Manchester)however it’s another entry into the record books.
  8. Unrelenting wind and hail at Butt of Lewis today.
  9. Here we are now.This could easily be a snapshot of a cold day in September or May...
  10. Lest we forget how 1st of March 2018 looked like, with regard to Winter running late...
  11. I assume then that serious cold will be overnight lows of -2c in central England,+3c over Scottish Borders and incrementally higher all points north of said. (as a southwest drift off the Atlantic will be the weather maker in these parts if charts verify)
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