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  1. And adding to that,many parts of Highland and Northern Scotland including the Outer Hebrides,Orkney and Shetland.Oh and there will be lying snow in many of aforementioned too.
  2. A ten day chart is a ten day chart for awe that in that.😜
  3. Up here in Lewis we’ve missed any easterly haar this time;last two days have been clear and sunny with the Clisham still holding onto drifts.
  4. Stornoway had a shower from hell today,heavy sleet and hail,driving winds. Temperature sat at +3c all afternoon.The beaches on way to Leverburgh don’t look right with snow drifts in the background!
  5. Light rain,wind 23 mph SE,+5c.The big thaw underway in these parts.
  6. Waited all day for the forecasted snow from the weak front here at Isle of Lewis.The wait was fruitless.No precipitation at all.Ah,to be employed in the forecasting arena;job for life and if you get it wrong,no problems...you still keep your job!😂 The water courses flowing off the moors are solid though.
  7. Depends where one calls home my friend.Here on the Isle of Lewis,the ground is frozen,the small lochs are mostly all frozen,the rivers and streams are decorated with ice.The Clisham (Highest point of land on island at 699m) has had snow on it since before Christmas and this is an island bathed in the Gulf Stream.It certainly has been an odd winter!
  8. Some did well,Braemar with 26 inches of level snow but yep,proggings schmoggings in general.
  9. A proper beast scenario would present these temperatures as day maxima,not ‘feels like’ tasters.Let’s see if we do get deeper cold in then shifting it may take longer as next week end nears.
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