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  1. Beyond farcical.The whole warning system is a joke.Winds gusting beyond 80mph in places on a busy saturday with folk moving around. We had an amber warning for thundery rain in the SE a few weeks back that dropped a maximum of 17mm locally and left a few large puddles. It would appear the storm naming system is up and running looking at the M.O website, I'm sure we will be told somehow this system hasn't reached the criteria to name it! Goalposts moving with this more frequently than the new VAR in football.
  2. Electrical activity has died a death mid channel as is so often the way of it. One reasonably close crack of thunder a short while ago. Rainfall looks impressive.
  3. Interesting findings here,especially the Summer traditional category falling into the average for the majority that voted so far. Figures recently released by the M.O show that only parts of the South and East had below average rainfall,with the majority of the UK getting a wet summer overall. As Summer official draws to a close,with warm summer skies again today,that will be my abiding memory of the summer 2019,generally summerlike.
  4. With only a couple of days left of Summer,views on it as usual will vary wildly depending on where you 'hang your hat' and your preference for Summer weather. I think sometimes views on above average and below average for Summer or Winter can be skewed with expectancy of all wanting bitter cold and snow or long hot summer days. So grading the summer here on your preference and the traditional view of a summer 'success' i.e warmth and sunshine for where you live might work well? As a SouthEast Englander my view on the period between June and September is overall positive in terms of what I want from a Summer. I prefer Summer with heatwaves interspersed with storms,so my view on it is based on those criteria. A lack of thunderstorms a negative for sure,but two spells of incredible heat as a positive with a general trend of warmth and sunshine on the Sussex coast. Notable collapses with Autuminal conditions mid August and some of June put this Summer in the Average category for personal preference and the traditional view.
  5. Just seen this,sorry for a belated response. Wind directions played a huge part in those varying temperatures. The flow,certainly on Monday and Tuesday allowed for marked coastal variations in temperature,certainly on the Sussex coast. East,With a SE mix in there. Now given the curvature of the coastline this flow meant that some parts recieve more of a sea effect on those temperatures than others,more of an East mix and temperatures shot up,hence Daniel's report and a few miles up the road a 22c versus 27c. Saltdean on Tuesday hovered around 27c 1 mile inland of the beach and was 24c right on the seafront,however at 5pm the wind backed a little more into the East and 30c was achieved briefly here with 27c near the beach.
  6. Super pictures. Must just pull you up on East Sussex coast temperatures during a heatwave. Yesterday the official reading on Hastings seafront was 27c and 25c in Brighton,not sure where you were at 22c? More over it is not a given that a sea breeze will spring up during a heatwave,if a land breeze occurs instead the coastline can get hotter than London,as was the case in July when 32c was achieved on the East Sussex coast, Generally an East or North East flow required so that continental heat 'bends back' across the warm land toward us.
  7. Now 33.1c,so the record shattered easily. No doubt now that the all time Late August Bank holiday Monday record will go too. Models have backed away from any sort of cool down in the East for Monday and Tuesday. Also last year,despite the amazing Summer overall much of August went right off the boil,nothing like we have now.
  8. This one is forking on a regular basis now in the water,occasional thunder too.
  9. Possibly,it seemed to ark down just East and a little inland of Grand ocean.
  10. Almighty CG strike nearby,beautiful fork and instananoius shotgun thunder. Biblical rainfall taboot
  11. A little late to the party on this,it's been going on for the last hour! The warning starts at 10am. I will get the cat to complain,she is now terrified.
  12. Almighty CG fork On the Sussex coast with shot gun thunder. Without a doubt struck something nearby. Imstananious thunder and a house shaker!
  13. Dear God,that really is a classic to be used as an example in years to come! Heavy convective outbreaks here,streets awash...
  14. Convective heavy downpours here. The cat has gone into hiding,a sign of thunder or fireworks. Nothing seen or heard yet mind,but the whiskers may sense something.. .
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