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  1. Pretty epic storm now in SE13, regular crawlers and some CG forks. Shotgun thunder every 20 seconds or so. 7/10 on my storm scale.
  2. I'm up in Hither Green today,and the crescent of storms seem to be edging slightly SE? Certainly louder thunder now and darker skys than an hour ago Tantalisingly close on the radar. Glad I'm not on the Sussex coast,the usual outflow dross being served up there from 'inland' storms.
  3. Great to see that the radar doesn't always paint a true reflection. Just looks like a decaying mass of moderate rain as it nears London with hardly any strikes detected? I guess you are seeing CC lightning? Just seen you have CG
  4. Woken by some close rumbles. The narrow band of active cells developing just off and on the channel Coast. Nothing spectacular but at the same time worth a quick watch.
  5. The sea breeze has done for the storm here on the coast, it has been eating away at the edges and buffering the track SE toward us. Some cracking rumbles just inland of here, the bbq looks doomed with some residue rain in the next hour
  6. Baking hot sunshine and humidity has arrived on the Sussex coast in the last half hour. Someone,somewhere will get clobbered in the next couple of hours.Towers shooting up just inland of here...
  7. Think Estofex have a level 1 for SE England tonight which has lead to some head scratching...
  8. I'm just greedy! Used to live further East near Hastings. Overall I was always pleased with severe weather over there,as I looked at weather forums in those days the point was always made west of Eastbourne often missed the worst storms and winter snowfall. I now have the benefit of almost 6 years near Brighton and I can only recall two 8/10 or above storms. Snowfall has been a joke throughout. A lovely area,but the weather extremes are an itch that I can't scratch.
  9. Must have been rainfall intensity bouncing on your windscreen and road surface in that case. Seriously debating a move along the coast! More snow and more storms, Yes,we had a weak thunderstorm on the 17th and weak snowfall in the winter, but this seems to be a repeat pattern the majority of the time with weather excitement closer to North sea and continent. Can you really justify a house move with weather prospects as high on the list as a good school in the area?
  10. Just watched the majority of your video Was it a hail producer in some parts? Had to watch with sound muted,where was your start and end point and where was the worst of the storm(s)?
  11. Tonight is the night guys! No warnings, most here negative to any chances..= some thundery surprises and a rushed nowcast M.O warning overnight
  12. A 5/10 thunderstorm popped up near Brighton at 11pm last night,some nice lightning and reasonably close thunder. Nothing spectacular but a pleasant surprise after an evening of rain ( with all the tasty stuff toward East Kent) Little cell developed in the channel and zoned in on East/West Sussex.
  13. Yup,a spell of heavy snow here on the sussex coast this morning that briefly stuck with elevation! Heavier for a time than anything the 'beast from the east' in February dropped!
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