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  1. One last 'arty' shot of a South coast snow day. Hard pushed to remember 70mph gusts one day and a blizzard that sticks the day after!
  2. Interesting to see that Hastings at low ground has snowfall.Settling on the beach too. Most unexpected.
  3. Iconic Beachy head in a blizzard
  4. South Downs view now. Screening Blizzard!
  5. Settling snow now on South coast. Windows blasted by a NE Gale.Blizzard conditions.
  6. Snowing hard now with elevation on the South coast. Big goose flakes,Saltdean and South Downs.
  7. Aside from the snow,gusts are now higher along the South coast than any of the 'named' storms. Gusts higher than predicted between 70mph and 80mph.
  8. 12c here on the South coast,driving rain and a Severe South westerly Gale .
  9. Year after year this Winter model watching 'gets me' every time.During the Autumn I convince myself that this year I won't be 'sucked In' However this last 48hrs I find myself 'buying into' some sort of Northern Blocking as we head toward Christmas when it appars at 380hrs + on the GFS When the model shows The p.v firing up in FI my reaction is to get cross and say In my mind, FI nonsense.
  10. Haha,well certainly better than anything last winter which was a borefest from start to finish if you like any sort of extreme weather! I'm hoping it won't be the most memorable event of this Winter though, (I'm sure you meant winter so far....)
  11. The ECM and GFS both touting back edge blizzard conditions down on the SE coast Monday afternoon,might not stick,but going from expecting nothing to this is quite somehing!.
  12. Given the whole set up at the moment ( never really likely to produce the goods for the extreme South) and never really expecting snow on the South coast,an 'upgrade to a potential hour long 'back edge blizzard' that doesn't stick is somthing akin to winning the Euromillions after finding enough loose change for one ticket. I await the 06z to see if it backs the overnight ECM!
  13. The overnight GFS has now started showing Snow for parts of the South East on Monday morning. Interesting to see a narrow line of snow along the South coast from Brighton to Hastings with rain either side of that. Sourced from xcweather who use gfs data I believe.
  14. Flooding and potential wind damage could well be a story for those South of London. Gusts predicted between 60mph and 70mph on Sunday and Monday Rainfall predictions in a two hour window in the early hours of Monday have 2 inches of rain or more falling in 2 hours! (In excess of 50mm)
  15. Imo the next week is the most inspiring in terms of potential extreme weather for a very long time,certainly last winter never contained a full week of 'interesting weather' The last pulse racer was a storm outbreak back in July. We have everything on the table according to latest model runs,blizzards,wind chill,ice, for some. If you like other extremes a few model runs are now suggesting a notable wind storm for Southern England on Monday,perhaps another on Wednesday. Snowfall yet to be nailed,but at some point in the next week most will see some form of the white stuff,for some sledges , others maybe just a wintry mix. Possibly a lul in any extreme weather from Thursday next week,but all to play for again Weekend of the 16th onward. Happy days...just enjoy this spectacular meteorlogical spell.