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  1. It does look as though today will be the day that somewhere ( for the sixth month running) touches 80f. Incredible....
  2. Advancing cold front thrown our way BY Helene on Monday night "may" produce something....
  3. To have six months in a year when temperatures get well into the 80s'f would be a record maybe? Would need someone here with that data to hand. Pretty certain we had an 80s'f day in April this year for some, nothing to stop it happening in early October too I guess,making a potential 7th month!
  4. sunnijim

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    From Late April, and still on going the predominatly sunny and warm conditions have been exceptional. The very hot and Dry conditions of June and July will long live in the memory with a top temperature on the Sussex coast of 31c in that time and many days of 28c. No rain fell in June at all.
  5. Absolutley biblical rainfall rates running SE of the capital. A good 10 minutes thundery rain that turned the streets into rivers. A chorus of emergency service sirens as soon as the rain stopped. Decent flashes and rumbles too.
  6. Another flash in the general direction of Lewisham
  7. Some bangers and crackers in SE 13 tonight.
  8. Any thoughts on the potential later tonight and into tomorrow? I see the Net weather front page calling for 'potential' heading up from the continent. More thundery rain than storms perhaps, some models seem to break out cells to the West of the rain band at midday Thursday.
  9. Better in the last half hour near Brighton Occasional fork lightning ( just had one that arked across the sky above) with shot gun thunder.Most lightning over the sea. Every 3 or 4 minutes
  10. An upturn in events on the Sussex coast. Cells forming in channel in the last half hour a little more electricly active.A decent CG fork every 4 or five minutes and closish thunder.Decent convective bursts of rain too
  11. Agreed, however we are limited tonight due to the advancing cold front, the window of opportunity limits us now as it is just a little West of the IOW.
  12. Distant thunder over the channel.A pathetic effort this one, had expected more after this heatwave. Clearly there was a missing ingredient or two to ignite the storms this evening.
  13. Occasional distant thunder in the channel. A feeble thundery effort this evening, soon forgotten I would imagine. Clearly we don't have all the ingredients in place for anything notable.
  14. In house met office models concur with the publicly available data it seems. A media release today on warmer than average conditions lasting until mid October as the form horse. Temperatures in the South always in the low to mid seventies from Wednesday this week ( perhaps a day or two from this weekend where they may drop off if any rain works through. 16th onward looking like heatwave conditions will return for some with 30c not out of the question once again.
  15. The latest video update calls for one final 'hurrah' tomorrow with 35c not out the question in SE England. Severe thunderstorms drifting up from France on the menu later too.