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  1. The Met office have issued their first warning of thunderstorms today in a history dating back 164 years! I hadn't realised that they never issued warnings of storms before I read the article today.The warnings had been rain focused until now if thunderstorms were likely.
  2. Steering winds from the NE at this stage, maybe that will change later and send them this way?
  3. Apart from the Worthing development around 1300 today most of these cells have been weaker than recent days. A vital ingredient lacking somewhere, certainly at this stage. My eyes turn to the French coast A light show as dusk comes maybe the best bet here now, can't see them surviving a channel track, if indeed they even try it.
  4. I' m sat in a hammock in the back garden, just on the edge of this develping cell a little to my North, a few spots if rain now but the sun still out.Imo it will slide toward the centre of Brighton.Not sure if it will become electrical this one though.
  5. 42mm in under an hour at Littlehampton certainly flash flooding teritory.
  6. Can you find one near Angermang mate? That's where reports of extreme flooding are coming from on Sussex traffic
  7. Hammerpot hill, Angerming one of the worst affected and nearby locality if you are more familiar with that area than me.
  8. Very localised then.Sussex traffic watch have it just breaking on their site.
  9. Reports coming in that the Sussex storm has caused major flooding on the main A27 South coast link road around Worthing.. Reports of cars broken down in floodwater, stationary traffic and a fallen tree.
  10. Two claps of thunder heard just along in Saltdean. Downs topography and recent sea breeze initiation seem to have aided this, develpment now to my East along toward inland of Eastbourne. However, I'm bathed in blue sky on the coastal fringe.Storm cloud being 'eaten at the edges' on the coast side.
  11. Just heard two claps of thunder from it. Aided in its development by Downs topography and sea breeze kicking in at midday.
  12. Have been here two years now, and for sure I don't think I will move again!
  13. An East or NE flow often has this part of the world doing well for heat in these conditions ( decent land track rather than sea breezes knocking temperatures on the head. ( Saturday was 26c and Sunday 25c) looks like beating those values today. Conditions seem similar to last Tuesday here when a lone storm cell developed over mid Kent and drifted SW to give us a frantic little hail producing storm.
  14. Yup.25c now on the Sussex coast. Clear blue skies and rocketing humidity. In past years I have always had a moan about being in the wrong place for storms at given times. That theory busted dramatically on Saturday night as work had me in SE London. Brighton was one of the only areas in the SE that was a total bust storm wise. Back by the sea today so I'm hoping that this deserving part of the SE gets paid in full!
  15. Your storm could be see clearly on the South coast last night. Just as it was getting dusky the lightning in the cloud tops darting about was quite a sight down here near Brighton.