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  1. A very interesting article.Agree with all that Giles says and I will add some of my own thoughts to that. Presenters don't seem to be trained meteorologists anymore, a lack of knowledge on their subject matter is clear with many of them,especialy the BBC regionals. Where are Meteogroup sourcing their forecasts from? They clearly don't have access to the Met office supercomputers. The BBC forecasts still use the Met office weather warnings, and that is often at odds with their own on screen forecasts.Highlighted especially in the last two cold outbreaks. A real bias to show temperatures on the 'warm side' over winter in any freeze.Notable yesterday when the regional forecast had my area reaching 6c and a happy face proclaiming the 'milder Monday'. Publicly available weather charts could easily show those values were never likely. I wonder if Meteogroup will feel 'moved' to ramp up the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees during a summer heatwave? I doubt that.
  2. Another dusting of snow here st 6am from a passing snow shower. Another snow shower just started near Brighton. +1c now and -2c overnight.
  3. Remember it well.Think it was a Sunday.A band of snow worked in during the afternoon.Temperatures in Hastings were -1c at 3pm! Snowfall on the beach and a very decent fall of snow that lasted well into the following day.
  4. I assume that would be further North? I can't seem to find information for Southeast England explicitly. Definatly not this late post 1984, as that's when i started keeping records.
  5. I would be interested to see the latest an ice day has been recorded in SE England? Looks certain to be achieved today. Biggin Hill never got above 0c and certainly won't now before midnight. Managed 1c on the Sussex coast but feels like -10c!
  6. 0.8c today near Brighton. Gatwick at 0c, so possible ice day somewhere in the region on 19th March. Northeast wind feels brutal today.
  7. Actually feels colder today than at anytime since this cold spell started! Despite nudging +2c on the garden thermometer (South facing) Get in that increasing NE wind today and it cuts you to the core Still, some life outside doesn't have the option of a ski jacket today
  8. Still snowing @Brighton The last flurries judging by the radar... Quite a few on sledges still on slopes.
  9. Along in Saltdean we have light snow for the last hour.
  10. Morning gang. Snowing again on the Sussex coast The stuff in the channel has been 'tickling' us for a few hours here. Temperature 0.0c Wind chill -6c
  11. Some parts could still see small snowfalls up until miday Monday.The cold pool will clear the far South of our region during the late afternoon. Parts of the South coast progged to go no higher than 1c tomorrow on the latest gfs guidance. Met office app going for a 70% chance of snow again between 4am and 6am in Brighton.
  12. Beautiful dry powdery snow hammering down here.Radar doesn't do It justice. Blowing around nicely too. March 18th and sticking again all over.
  13. Moderate goose flakes in SE London.Sticking to vegetation where there is already coverage.
  14. Haha.Did anyone read the small print on that warning? All too busy checking the length and girth of it.
  15. Heavy snow incoming for SE London. Unexpected and unmodeled. Just like surprise unforecast snow from an Easterly source back in the 80s Remember it as a kid, nice to see some things don't change.