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  1. This one is forking on a regular basis now in the water,occasional thunder too.
  2. Possibly,it seemed to ark down just East and a little inland of Grand ocean.
  3. Almighty CG strike nearby,beautiful fork and instananoius shotgun thunder. Biblical rainfall taboot
  4. A little late to the party on this,it's been going on for the last hour! The warning starts at 10am. I will get the cat to complain,she is now terrified.
  5. Almighty CG fork On the Sussex coast with shot gun thunder. Without a doubt struck something nearby. Imstananious thunder and a house shaker!
  6. Dear God,that really is a classic to be used as an example in years to come! Heavy convective outbreaks here,streets awash...
  7. Convective heavy downpours here. The cat has gone into hiding,a sign of thunder or fireworks. Nothing seen or heard yet mind,but the whiskers may sense something.. .
  8. Gusting between 50mph and 60mph here on the Sussex coast. Notable for August of course!,high seas and broken branches locally. Warm though at 21c in sunny spells.
  9. Another week draws to a close,touted again last week 'as average or below average' and yet again temperatures between 25c and 27c somewhere everyday! Nothing I have seen from the models suggests anything other than above average summer values again for parts of the South next week.
  10. Strongest Winds are predicted across SE England on Saturday.Met office updated warning calls for 50mph inland which is notable given the time of year. SW England looks to miss the highest gusts unless you are coastal.
  11. Meanwhile,in the real world, the Summer so far has been mostly summerlike,with nothing akin to any sort of washout bar a couple of days here and there especially in June. A cursory glance back at various model discussions since June 1st will show 'various' pointing that summer is done for! Since the departure of last week's extreme heat,somewhere in the South has sat at 25c under sunny periods. This despite doommongery about how the last seven days would play out on here.(local flooding in North Yorkshire aside)
  12. There has been a torrential downpour stuck over Dartmoor for the last two hours,it just won't budge from the same spot it started life in. Worth keeping an eye late Sunday in the SE,local media calling for thunderstorms spreading North from France after a hot and humid day.
  13. Pretty crazy day on the Sussex coastline. Gale force winds and gusts to 50mph. Couple of trees in leaf blown down locally. This time last week it was 32c.
  14. Wow! Wow! It seems 'right' that we have it confirmed. Had it not been for the pesky convective cloud invasion there would of been no doubt. You could be grateful I suppose that the cloud didn't arrive half an hour earlier in the Cambridge area as we would of missed the record. My part of London dropped from 37.6c at 2pm to 36.3 at 330pm.
  15. I'm sure that will be investigated too,either disregarded as being a faulty reading or considered as over the top but key in allowing the Botanical gardens reading to stand as the radius of these high readings seems to be key here. Worth noting that a couple of model runs prior to Thursday did indeed plump for a 41c in that area. Of note too would be the cloud distribution at 1500 on Thursday,it was not a uniform layer of cloud,some areas in the Cambridge radius could of hung onto strong sunshine a while longer nudging that temperature up further. Lastly on the debate as to what stations should cut mustard when temperature readings are considered,only Met office verified sites are allowed when records are considered,however painful that is for some folk to have to wait a few days in the instant social media age. We would not have the 2003 Faversham record to beat now Had we only been reliant on 'instant' data as that is a manual site too and we were left waiting a few days before we heard of the 38.5c.
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