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  1. wow what a name! hello

  2. Have spotted the comment now. Think we can get round the IM system by posting comments. Go to members search for my profile and leave message there.

  3. It takes a while to work out the weather patterns, but stay on here long enough and you will learn.

  4. Mrs KY is 27 today, and so far it has been a pretty excellent day. K has been causing mayhem in the household, chewing her way through the shoes, pulling the DVDs off the shelf, and helping herself to the washing. I have been continuing to put loads of items for sale on Amazon, which has been a fantastic way of raising money for our trip to Russia later this month. The whole thing has finally come together, after we booked the flights earlier this week and managed to find a place who would get visas sorted for us without charging a massive amount for a quick turnaround. The one wonderful thing about heading to Samara is that, whether this current cold spell is successful or not, snow is guaranteed for me for the middle of the month. Much of the Samaran 5 day forecasts in recent times have had snow possibilities on 4 out of the 5 days. There is no doubt we live too far west. At 17:55 I am sitting here writing my blog whilst watching South Africa bid to chase down Pakistan's 351, which seems a tall order. Even accounting for the talent of the Australians, I think we are possibly the only side in the world capable of doing this. Currently 88-2 after 15, so the game is not over, even though the loss of De Villiers was a big blow. Anyway, let's talk about the forthcoming snow event as we are on a weather site. It seems to me that in Rotherham we are either too far north, too far south, too far east or too far west for most events. I know I have to be careful with my moments when people come from places like Abingdon, but even there must surely be about to hit gold tonight. It seems that the system is going to stall somewhere to the southwest of us, over the Birmingham area. Snow looks like a real possibility but much will depend on how far north the system can drag itself into the cold air. It is nice to have a preparation time for Russia in weather terms before we go. Whatever happens though, I thoroughly enjoyed the -7 this morning, and made a special trip outside to deice the car. It is so nice to have proper winter weather for a change. I'd post a picture of snow, but I do not have any. Must get the camera out if it does snow tomorrow. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from (though if you are north of me you are struggling), I wish you much snow over the next 24hrs.
  5. I thought I would call this blog entry "tough day" because it has been. It started really well in that the guys from Samara, Russia sent through our itinerary for February. The only difficulty with this was the shear volume of teaching which, whilst being exactly what I would want, is also something of a nightmare in terms of preparation. It also threw the entire day out, as I was having to sort out this rather than plan ahead for the Thurcroft congregation, where I am a leader. That was not too bad, but having got back home there is the whole problem of messy, unclean house, half finished garden, lack of money, crying baby girl, stressed Mrs KY, who has the pressure of the Samaran preparation in addition to university courses and a part time job to contend with. That is the challenge I guess, trying to juggle every aspect of our lives to maximise our time on the planet. Somehow, this process always seems to be worse in England than other nations though. Now these guys understand how to deal with life. Lie around with your mouth open all day, and wait for your food to simply walk in. Perfect. Anyway, if anyone wants to learn the secret of putting haphazardly random photos into a text, then drop me a line. I am great at it. There is simply no reason to have a picture of a crocodile in the midst of this miserably depressing read, but there it is.
  6. Hi Andy. How's it going mate? My theory on this one is that South Africa have played 6 test matches in just 7 or 8 weeks and are in desperate need of a rest before the World Cup. That is why there was no Pollock or Nel, and more will be rested during this one day series. However, the most effective way of resting players is to ensure that the test match does not last more than 3 days. Job done. I suspect that somebody had a word with the Newlands groundsman. England have been diabolical. The best thing for them would be to actually lose to New Zealand and avoid a hammering in the final. What if England or New Zealand won the final? It would make a lottery of the competition.
  7. When thinking about the entries I want to put into this blog, pink laptop covers have not been among the proposed topics; that is, until one turned up today. Now there is no problem with a pink laptop cover in general, although it is a little gharish, but in this situation it is strictly not brilliant. That is because Mrs KY and myself essentially share the laptop, and her chosen colour will on occasion have to be carried by good self in places where the public have viewing access to the case. Must make mental note to wear dark glasses on all such occasions and be a secret agent. Remember Dom Jolly and his "Are you red squirrel?" Mrs KY continues to have huge success in her competitions, which she has been doing for a year or so now. At last count, I think she had reached double figures for competition wins this month. Will be going to the Marriott Hotel in Kensington in March on one such win - can't be bad. Girly KY has obviously had some traumatic evenings in recent times. She has just gained her first two teeth and I have, but moments ago, discovered her very first attempt to use them. This was on the side of her cot, rather than on a piece of food unfortunately. Come on you Boks. South Africa have a real chance to win their second series in a few weeks against Pakistan. Two wickets down, but one of them is Harris and only 125 to get. We can do it...
  8. Bright pink and needs redecorating? Not sure Mrs KY would agree with that. You should see the colour she chose for her laptop cover - and I sometimes have to carry it around. Anyway, enjoy the period of transition - as these things can either be enjoyable or a pile of stress. Trust it will be the former. KY
  9. I understand the concept of the topic, and in fairness there are probably some areas of Britain where a decent snow event can be reported from this century, such as Scotland or the South West, but here in Rotherham it has been pathetic. Therefore I would say late November 2005, not because there was snow but because there was a least a really good cold spell.
  10. "You're not doing that again." Thus came the declaration from Mrs KY, after my latest trip into the loft. Our loft is different to many lofts because, although their is a stick to enable the door to be opened from ground level, it is impossible to access the ladders without first obtaining a chair to gain added elevation. This is basically down to poor design - but then who am I to argue about this? I say that it is necessary to get a chair to gain access to the ladders. Strictly speaking, that is true. However, I managed to find another way yesterday evening as girly (Kaitlyn) was in bed and the chairs were therefore inaccessible. By pulling myself up on the door frame and the loft door, I managed to get myself onto the stair bannister, from which position I could pull down the ladders. Quite a bizarre way of doing things, and too dangerous for Mrs KY to appreciate. The reason for doing this though is even more pathetic. Basically the water tanks are overflowing in the loft, so that water constantly drips down the overflow into the front garden. If I was still in South Africa, it would be a scandalous waste of water, but up north there is plenty to go round. The ballcock (that could be entirely the wrong word) is in the wrong position and needs adjusting to stop the flow of water. Unfortunately I have not managed to figure this out yet, so as an alternative means of DIY I have got myself a large plank and stuck it under the ballcock. If positioned correctly it works like a dream. Sometimes though, it will slip and another treacherous visit to the loft becomes necessary. Now I know that nobody reading this would ever resort to such appaulling DIY methods, but to be quite honest, it is par for the course for me. Technical I am not. Never found it interesting at school, never took any note at home. Football in those days was far too important to learn stuff like that. Perhaps I had better start learning....
  11. One of the great challenges with having a child is the amount of attention that they require. If, like me, you are attempting to work from home, keep the house tidy, do the garden and then add extra voluntary stuff on top, the volume of attention required by a child can be quite daunting. Obviously I, like Mrs KY try to give her as much time as we can but we have also discovered a new ingenious method of giving ourselves a break. It is called sing and sign DVD. The one guarantee in our lives is that when Kaitlyn is put in front of the sign and sign dvd, she will be happy and quiet for 30 mins, regardless of how she has been acting during the day. We got hold of them after meeting somebody who ran sing and sign classes in Wakefield at an Usborne bookselling event we were doing. They were starting up classes in Rotherham so we signed up, and they have been brilliant. Essentially they enable children to communicate through signing from anything after 10/11 months, which is much earlier than they are able to speak. This reduces frustration for the child and makes your life easier, so they tell us. Kaitlyn is still only 9mths and so is not signing yet, though we thought she might have signed for milk for the first time yesterday. However, the dvd that accompanies the lessons has been worth its weight in gold. The wonderful thing is that it is not just shoving a child in front of any old tv, but in front of a programme in which she is learning. On a disappointing note, I see Hershelle Gibbs has had his ban upheld after the remarks he made against some abusive Pakistani fans. As Pollock and Ntinni might well be rested, I fear for our chances in the final test against Pakistan. Then again, if we go on to win the World Cup, no one will care what happens in tomorrow's match. To all who have been on here reading some of this drivel, thanks. I hope you find it at least a little better than diabolically, numbingly awful. If not, there's always another blog...
  12. Hi guys. Could one of you technical wizards explain to me what the trackback in on the blog section, and how it works. Cheers KY
  13. It appears to me that small children are very much like spiders - they can get through the tiniest of holes when it seems impossible. Our living room does not look like a living room these days, but some kind of war zone. As I write, I am currently barricaded into the corner near the window, surrounded by chair, table and stool . The purpose of all this you ask? The whole design has been put together to stop Kaitlyn from getting her hands on the coals on the gas fire. A few days ago, I came downstairs to discover a trail of black soot across the floor. As I looked further, Kaitlyn's dress was black, so were her hands and so was her mouth. It didn't take a genious to work out what had happened. On a positive note, the coal was wonderfully clean. Despite the barricades being erected however, Kaitlyn somehow seems to be able to barge her way through, causing me to get up every few minutes and deport her back to the enormous space in the rest of the room that has been allocated to her for crawling duties. Her other favourite thing is to pull up the carpet edges. When she arrived they were not brilliant, but now they have been positively ripped to shreds. I stayed on here until quite late last night, to see how the snow would develop. Reports confirmed it snowing in Sheffield and Doncaster, but here in lowly Rotherham West we got nothing more than sleet. I had not expected much, but at least a little snow shower would have been nice. Fortunately, I have heard word that the invitations we need for our Russian visas are ready, and are now being sent. Anyway, here is a picture of my little darling shortly after birth:
  14. Roo Not spoken to you in some considerable time. Sorry to hear about all the problems that have been occurring with the family. It can be so difficult at times, with that kind of stuff happening. I love all the pictures of the little one. I have my own little 9mth old, so pics such as the one with carrot all over the face are familiar territory. Keep strong. Keep going for it. Krasnoyarsk Yenesei - though you may remember me as African Protea.
  15. I have long been intending to send some written articles into some soccer magazines discussing the way the Premiership is portrayed. Sky Sports still makes out that the Premiership is the most fantastic and exciting league in the world. However, as we approach February it becomes apparent that those who predicted the top 4 back in August as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are 100% correct. For the other teams this begs the question, "Why bother?" I am a Sheffield United fan as I intimated in the last entry, but that really has nothing to do with my views on the upper echelons of the Premiership. In England, all sense of competition has been lost, and the consequence of this is that interest in the game is slowly diminishing. That is why clubs such as Villa, Middlesbrough and Wigan have had such trouble filling the grounds. They are being asked to pay asburdly high prices when the basic outcome of the league is already known before a ball is even kicked. This being the case, who cares which of the big 4 wins the league. Guys on the 606 website often ask the question to fans of other clubs, "Chelsea or Manchester United?" My answer is neither. What we need is a league where 7 or 8 teams feel they have a chance before the start of the season. Therefore the Premiership is not wide open andhasn't been all season. Fortunately, the cricket world cup is just round the corner. If only South Africa had a top 3 that could bat, we would be racing certainties to win it. As it is, Australia are the most likely.
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