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  1. They are not Scottish Government figures. They are HM Treasury and HMRC figures - that they are published as being by Scottish Ministers is a mere historical accident on the way the Scottish Office was split between the Scottish Government and Scotland Office in 1999. It should always be kept in mind that GERS (in the modern creation - not the original series that was ended in the 1920s because it was highly embarrassing to HM Government) was created by a Tory government for Tory purposes to show that Scotland was a basket case and not a viable country, thus was dependent on the UK to survive.
  2. The point being made above is probably related to the news that the 2014 oil figure was undercounted by £10billion!
  3. The issue isn't that it is so much 'revenge' attacks - though that is another tool in the toolbox of hate used by the instigators. It is that the wars the US led coalition have waged in Muslim majority countries has created vacums that has allowed terrorism to flourish. There was no al qaeda in Iraq when Saddam was in power! The problem is going to continue to spread and get worse until the root source is isolated and orchestrated from the international community - Saudi Arabia, trouble is the West is too dependent on their oil, has huge military corporations getting filthy rich selling
  4. I didn't know Trump was President of Europe now!
  5. I notice you missed the one from a few days ago in the USA, I wonder why?
  6. So this morning the BBC headline was unemployment up 3000 in Scotland. Now it's Scottish unemployment falls 12,000!
  7. Clearly their grasp of arithmetic it lacking! Say Labour unseat 20 SNP MPs and elect 20 more Labour MPs. Yes there would be 282 Labour MPs, but the Tories would still have 318 MPs, the number of opposition MPs would not have changed. If Labour want to form a government they need to unseat government MPs not opposition MPs.
  8. Interesting, so the confidence in the Scottish economy going forward took a hit and fell back after the no vote. Who'd have thought that eh? Anyone told Better Together?
  9. The UK is a quasi-unitary state, but it is not a unitary nation state, it is legally and constitutionally a union of separate and independent legal jurisdictions. When Westminster passes a law for all four home nations, it does not create British Law or UK Law because there is no such thing. The Treaty of Union is as close to a written constitution as the UK has and it is absolutely explicit on that. In 1707 Scotland did NOT sent MPs to an expanded English House of Commons, it sent MPs under Scots Law to a completely new entity. English constitutional conventions such as the absolute sov
  10. Interestingly the video of Mary Pitcaithly the Chief Returning Officer of Scotland declaring the no vote in 2014 is still on the BBC News website, but the video of her Declaring that 'Scotland has voted to remain in the European Union' appears to have gone missing....
  11. I find it hard to understand why EU citizens ordinarily resident here and who'd be impacted the most by Brexit were refused the vote. That one rule is acceptable for a fundamentally English referendum and such a rule would be deemed wholly unacceptable for a Scottish referendum has more than a hint of an attitude of English supremacy about it. The EU is a Citizenship and the UK is not one country, not one legal jurisdiction. EU citizens have the vote in every election in Scotland except for Westminster . Meanwhile English voters in England having denied EU citizens the vote in the EU ref
  12. If that had held for the EU referendum with the same franchise as the Scottish Independence referendum we wouldn't be in this mess of a plan free Brexit because there would be no Brexit.
  13. They are not reserved powers, so any policy areas not within EU competence is automatically devolved. If there are no EU competences then all of the policy area is automatically devolved - UNLESS HM Government change the Scotland Act 1998, which requires legislative consent that they won't get. Cue constitutional cluster (sounds like) duck! On the actual issue to hand, there is certainly a chunk of the NE based fleet that would seek to get British waters for British boats or even Scottish waters for Scottish boats - but if that were to actually be the situation post Brexit it would collap
  14. We seem to be slipping back into perpetual autumn mode ! A bit of a if it were January ensemble chart here, a week of unsettled conditions with below average temperatures coming up!
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