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  1. They came out early along the River Ness in Inverness and still in full bloom!
  2. I wonder how high the temperature roller coaster could climb tonight in NE Scotland!
  3. Linnhe and Alpha Tows open at Nevis Range. #powday
  4. The cars stuck on the incline at Castlecary, if it was upto me any car getting stuck and blocking a major road that didn't have either snowtyres fitted or a shovel onboard should see the driver prosecuted, Then people might either prepare their cars for winter or baldytyres might stay at home. I'd take no prisoners with the idiots that have made everyone else prisoners on the M80 this morning.
  5. Beginning to look wintry in nature in Leadhills, but a soaking to start isn't ideal for getting skiable snow on the golf course for the Ski Club. Updating cam:
  6. Currently around 101's house:
  7. This would have been a good couple of days to have been in Leadhills or Wanlockhead by the look of things. Currently the calm before the snow storm hopefully on the village webcam at the Hopetoun Arms at 400m: Updating image: Don't expect to see much on the webcams actually on top of Lowther Hill tomorrow - the batteries are rather flat after too much dull weather recently and the wind will be blasting the snow straight at the cameras even if they come on (and as they work of a battery / solar combo de-icing heating is a bit minimal by necessity).
  8. I'd be inclined to try the B7076/B7078 on the assumption the overwhelming majority will stay on the '74 where your car makes no odds if everything has come to a stop up ahead.
  9. Similar dates in 2010 brought huge snowfalls under a stalled occlusion to the Northern Cairngorms and Strathspey, I think the bulk fell on the 25 and 26th from a quick look at old charts. As for 2001 I recall a huge fall on CairnGorm overnight Tuesday 6th into Wed 7th March and it fell in mostly light winds after a stormy Tuesday, however a synoptic pattern that stood out from 2001 that brought another one of that years huge dumps was this in early Feb: A similar 'triple stack' showed up in the models for late Feb 2010, the charts didn't end up quite as neat and tidy as those three lows lined up, but the effect was similar: Something in the order of 72 inches of snow on the CairnGorm plateau from radar returns in 2 and bit days - leading to this at Glenmore:
  10. We are going to see snow in and around parts of the Central Belt, perhaps carnage on the higher and in particular more exposed parts of the A74 and M74, very high winds across much of England -> All leading to big media coverage, spectacular snow footage on TV, big interest to going skiing generated and realistically not one single skiable run at the five Highland areas this weekend. The Ski Areas will miss most of the snow, not get as severe drifting as the stronger winds are further South, then be subjected to silly Munro Level temperatures, incessant rain (at least in the West) and Storm Force SW'ly winds on Saturday. Meanwhile after 56 inches of snow in 36hours (thats when they passed the 500 mark for the season and its now at 556) this is Kirkwood in California, the lucky few who've been trapped in Kirkwood for the past 3 days as State Route 88 remains blocked by snow on one side of Kirkwood and by avalanche and mudslide debris on the other!
  11. Hopefully there will be some snow on the ground and a bit of brightness on Lowther Hill tomorrow because the webcam batteries appear to have gone flat - just when something fairly epic might happen on Thursday!
  12. A couple of images from this morning and at dusk from the new Summit Webcam on Aonach Mor in the Nevis Range. Check out the updating images at .
  13. Well the Met Office updates were going for the likelihood of colder than average conditions in their extended outlooks, The opposite has been getting progressively more likely with every run, as can be seen in one go from the Aberdeen 850hpa Temp ensembles. A quick flick through the GFS 12z is a horror show for Scottish Ski Areas not least because after a prolonged spell of settled conditions we could see the peak period of half term holidays being wild and wet!
  14. It was 2013/14 - the season the Jan webcam image was from. It snowed every day at Glencoe from start of Jan for over 60 consecutive days! The winter of 2013/14 as a whole was milder than the very poor 2007 and 2012 seasons, but brought at least as much snow as 1994 to the Western mountains.