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  1. Is that a 28ºc just East of Loch Eriboll on the North Coast? Fohn effect of the SE wind in the NW Highlands could certainly help inflate the temperature there.
  2. Gone all grey in Inverness compared to recent days, I hope it's not going to be like 2007 - autumn underway by end of May after being lured into a false sense of security in late April and May!
  3. CairnGorm Ski Road closed at the Glenmore gates and the A939 Lecht Pass now closed also. Piste Bashers now working at the Lecht as runs filling in.
  4. OK I'm less furious with the weather for snowing at home! After going to bed to it pishing down here's the current view out the window in Banff! Aye not the Moray coast one!
  5. Still piling into the Northern Cairngorms.
  6. Fair coming down in Aviemore just now: Updating cam:
  7. Lying to below Aviemoregus is Loch Morlich where it's currently -0.7°c at the beach. Updating Cam:
  8. Looks like the I'm in Heathrow about to leave the UK model is correct again and it will snow at home tomorrow !
  9. Snow-forecast which is derived from the GFS has 36cm of snow in the next 2 days for the Lecht, the NMM short range looks to be 40-50cm! Somewhere north facing could get hammered in the next 2 to 3 days. Sadly from the GFS it looks as if the weather is then going to bring mild and wet weather for Saturday! We shall see...
  10. The I am out of the country model says it will snow at the end of April into the first week of May!
  11. Apologies for taking this further off topic, but I think a lot of farmers and crofters in the North of Scotland would find that hard to believe - there is plenty of comment that the seasons appear to be getting later, Northernlights has posted on numerous occasions over in the Scotland weather thread that turnout dates for cattle on the Moray Coast have been getting later and later recently. So is there something more nuanced going on? Well if you look down that Met Office article there is a graph which from an admittedly casual glance looks to suggest in the latter part of it (2000 onwards) that March frosts are reducing and Spring frosts as a whole increasing slightly - meaning colder conditions are shifting into later spring. This would also fit with what's been seen on the ground in the West Coast ski areas and on CairnGorm Mountain. It's also been hypothesised that the later occurrence of spring cold spells has contributed to the resurgence of snow patch survival on the Scottish mountains through summer.
  12. I wouldn't discount the cold Northerly option, it's been showing up quite a bit in various operational runs, there's been at least some members going for it in every GFS ensemble set I've looked at over recent days. The winters that panned out as similar to this in terms of snow in the Scottish Ski Areas were 2012 and 1998, in both cases the best conditions of the season came in late April onwards into May in the Northern Cairngorms. I'd say it's almost the form horse here, if it goes the other way and we do get a high pressure dominated April into May, I'll certainly be hoping it pans out like 2003 and not 2007 thereafter! Just to illustrate the point, some photos looking down / up Coire Cas on CairnGorm in mid March, then mid May 2012:
  13. There's a distinct air of 2012 about in terms of the snow cover on the mountains and the repeated suggestion of where the weather is going as we move towards mid April!
  14. They came out early along the River Ness in Inverness and still in full bloom!
  15. I wonder how high the temperature roller coaster could climb tonight in NE Scotland!