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  1. We seem to be slipping back into perpetual autumn mode ! A bit of a if it were January ensemble chart here, a week of unsettled conditions with below average temperatures coming up!
  2. Aye that Eagle Owl was good at keeping the herring gulls behaviour in check in Inverness, but the powers that be decided it shouldn't be there and it was captured and given to a bird of prey sanctuary. I saw a herring gull try to steal an ice cream from a toddler recently, wouldn't want to mess with him when he's older, the gull got a fantastic left hook for it's troubles and no ice cream cone!
  3. I see the 12z GFS operational went off on one, would end July with the Central Highlands or Moray Coast blasting the Scottish temperature record out of the water!! Probably means we'll end up with snow on the Cairngorms to start August instead!
  4. I've been keeping an eye on a couple of weather stations in Glenurquart the last 2 winters and the temperatures have amazed me, they're consistently colder than places like Aviemore or Carrbridge, I actually would quite like to get a complete data set from them, because I reckon it's such a frost hollow a small ski area on a NE aspect in cuttings in the forest could well be technically viable with modern snow making! Does make me wonder what potential there might be around Innerleithen or Glentress to find a similar spot, which could kick start the long running attempt to get mountain bike uplift there.
  5. Well the Glen Mhor Hotel started its River Ness Beer Festival today with the outside bar and dining. Huddled under a big umbrella from spits of rain and wrapped in a winter jacket for the biting wind, oh well at least I choose a meal in a cast iron dish that kept its heat! But seriously had warmer days sitting outside the Plateau Cafe at Glencoe in winter!
  6. Im stalking you and checking out your posting history! :closedeyes:

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      :shok: why am i hearing the Jaws theme in my head.

    2. skifreak
  7. She could do something useful while they wait for some aircraft that fit - like park her across the Coran Narrows - she can shift out of the way a couple of times a day to let other shipping through!
  8. Reports that a tornado flattened a Highland Games field at Cornhill earlier, the radar certainly looked interesting between 3 and 4pm with precipitation intensity > 90mm/hr on the Netweather scale and a big white blob on the old Met Office scale and it looked as if there was some degree of rotation going on.
  9. Half an hour ago, HDR phone shot as the storm was bearing down on Inverness before I u-turned to the Starbucks coffee lounge in the Palace Hotel! Still flashing away round about. Is that a wee funnel above the left bank beyond the Church?
  10. So the control run of the 00z GFS upto 17ºc 850hpa temps for Aberdeen...? That will be like the 384hour Easterly in winter!
  11. The rain yesterday afternoon was the wake up call, today's light rain and no wind has unleashed hell on Rannoch Moor!
  12. Love drizzle? Clearly don't have midges around your way.
  13. skifreak

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    Is that a 28ºc just East of Loch Eriboll on the North Coast? Fohn effect of the SE wind in the NW Highlands could certainly help inflate the temperature there.
  14. Gone all grey in Inverness compared to recent days, I hope it's not going to be like 2007 - autumn underway by end of May after being lured into a false sense of security in late April and May!
  15. CairnGorm Ski Road closed at the Glenmore gates and the A939 Lecht Pass now closed also. Piste Bashers now working at the Lecht as runs filling in.