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  1. Thats great, ok, Now the plan to intercept it. Its moving too fast to get to brighton in time, so needs to be somewhere down the A22/A23....
  2. Thanks, Needed a wider angle lens really. They were taken from within the car so not amazing but best luck ive had for a few years.
  3. Mental mental mental. Just drove down toward Brighton and intercepted the storm coming north. Its been a LONG TIME since I've seen anything like that
  4. haha fair play. Now heading NE as predicted... Interesting that a cell has arrived at Brighton too. Infact sod it.. I'm going for a drive
  5. Storms are looking good ;)

    1. lassie23


      already some breaking out

  6. Soo what do we know? Seems the trough is organising itself into a nice defined line heading NE. I reckon 2hours it will hit the midlands and diagonally down to London. Interestingly activity has picked up somewhat since its hit land, but looking good Shall have to sit back, wait and see
  7. Had that here too with the sound going but I was watching another tab. I thought what the hell is that noise haha.
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