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  1. Ensembles don't support an indian summer...but it can all change
  2. Hurricane Irma

    Someone posted in this thread about family heading to Dominican Republic NHC just posted this
  3. Hurricane Irma

    So many disturbances in the Atlantic it's hard to predict track this far out.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    If westward shift keeps happening then Louisiana a possible target time will tell
  5. Hurricane Irma

    There was three scenarios for Irma ..turns north before Florida,hits Florida or ends up the Gulf. I would be more inclined to think the Gulf option may play out,just an opinion.
  6. Hurricane Irma

    https://www.facebook.com/livemap/#@18.650148721424518,-65.00747680664062,9z Crazy
  7. Hurricane Irma

    God son is on holiday north east coast Dominican Republic hoping Irma don't track any further south.
  8. Aurora looking good http://www.livefromiceland.is/webcams/thingvellir/
  9. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Great thunder snow video just posted by Reed Timmer from TVNweather
  10. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Round 2 in about 2 - 3 hours,another 3 foot expected. Winds are going to be around 60mps when the Low moves east https://tvnweather.com/live Dominator 2 cam still broadcasting live from inside a Hotel
  11. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Afternoon just watching Reed Timmer chasing the Lake Effect Snow ... https://tvnweather.com/live click on the red icon Donimator 2
  12. Sorry if link been posted before ... live feed with chat
  13. Tweet i saw earlier from Calgary https://twitter.com/jordanwitzel/status/507193387032662016/photo/1 hope link works just now https://twitter.com/PrairieChasers/status/507272034628284416/photo/1
  14. Barrow AK broke it's 2nd September snow record 4.4 inches