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  1. I'm in Trowbridge,looking like a bit of a breeze later
  2. I remember the Met O being spot on 30 years ago sorry Michael you still top man in my books
  3. These models have very little experience dealing with this kind of scenario. NHC have the experience would favour the NHC out puts
  4. Have family in Westbury and Trowbridge i arrive next friday for 10 days visiting
  5. Son lives in Trowbridge going up the white horse tomorrow,looks like he will see some okay gusts
  6. Just a thought will Ireland kill power as downed lines are dangerous?
  7. Hi Paul been a while i hope you are doing well? Yes i know that it's been tracked since Monday.I was thinking the charts before Monday are no longer in play for the outlook winter wise ? Or am i over thinking the scenario?
  8. My thought's ...as hurricanes just happen and can't be predicted.Does this mean all present long range model predictions are now wrong from this point? northern part is struggling now imo (thermal image bottom right corner)
  9. Jose weakening has allowed the Atlantic ridge and the ridge over the east coast to join up.Lee has the potential to under cut the ridge ..but a link up very doubtful in my opinion.As for Maria time will tell if she gets stronger or weakens to nothing
  10. Latest from MetO saying her forward speed has slowed. Hope she don't do a Jose and stall,not the best place to park with warm waters and no shear.
  11. Someone posted in this thread about family heading to Dominican Republic NHC just posted this
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