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  1. I had to do a double take, because I thought for half a second you had got the century wrong ... not as dramatic a contrast, but exactly 100 years and 1 month later we had one that I can remember: September 1965 148.7mm October 1965 32.2mm November 1965 119.4mm And the opposite in 1940, which I certainly don't remember: June 1940 20.9mm July 1940 112.5mm Aug 1940 15.0mm Philip Eden If Eden's First Law is any good, it will undoubtedly not happen, because I wrote a centre-page feature for the Daily Telegraph's millennium edition at the back-end of 1999 predic
  2. I remember spotting this one after June 1970, and gleefully predicted another hot one in 1980. I couldn't believe my luck when the first week or so of June 1980 turned out to be very warm, if a bit humid and thundery, but the weather then broke and the rest of the month was cold and wet. This is when I formulated Eden's First Law of Weather Cycles: as soon as a weather cycle is spotted, it will fail. It followed on from a shoal of letters and short articles in "Weather" magazine in the late-60s and early-70s predicting a very cold winter in 73-74, 74-75 or 75-76 based on a long-running approx
  3. Can I caution against reading too much into the MO's sunshine series? Since the gradual replacement of Campbell-Stokes recorders with Kipp & Zonen radiation sensors began at the turn of the century, sunshine figures have been all over the place. The MO tell me they apply a blanket +10% correction to KZ figures to produce what they claim to be a seamless link, but anyone who has spent more than five minutes examining records from the two different types of sensor will know that there is nothing seamless about it. On a daily basis, the comparison of CS to KZ varies between -15% and +100%. O
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