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  1. If its what i remember that was a bit of bizzare weather. At the time I couldnt work out what the fuss was about while there was snow on the gound it was only an inch at best, but as soon as you headed to the north to Derby there was loads of the stuff - same again in any other direction 10 - 15 miles out and deep snow. Derbyshire goes a fair way north, down in th Trent valley area, not far from east midlands airport the weather can be drasticly different
  2. Been a day of teflon non stick snow, just a few light flurries failing to make even a covering, the only things that seem to deliver snow round here are either front coming off the atlantic and hitting cold air - where the warm usualy wins out, or a chesire gap streamer - and last time i checked that wasnt to the east. looks like a similar thing tommorow and the rest of the week - col, yes, but not much chance of any real snow- when do we hit thunderstorm season?
  3. Got a feeling that for most of us this easterly will only deliver overcast and cold
  4. East midlands airport forecast says turning to snow from 21:00 METAR TAF : East Midlands Airport, East Midlands England EN.ALLMETSAT.COM METAR TAF : Current weather observation and Forecast, East Midlands East Midlands Airport England
  5. The reason why I'm highlighting weather apps is down to the fact that i have a love/hate relationship with snow and what the app says fits my pessimistic side of things, plus I've seen many last minute weather model backtracks ( ive been accused of crying wolf on more than one occasion as a result of model changes) And that most people will look to their phones an apps for the forecast and event/work planning
  6. BBC weather app Today: Light rain showers and light winds Sunday Gusty winds, and light snow temp 2/1 Monday light cloud and moderate breeze Tuesday light cloud and moderate breeze Wednesday light cloud and moderate breeze Thursday light cloud and moderate breeze Same thing until Sunday 14th, where light cloud is replaced with sunny intervals
  7. The BBC weather app is having non of this snow nonsense - cool temperatures just above freezing ( so not even any ice days) with "light cloud and light winds" throughout the entire week
  8. Cold, wet and horrible here, no sign of any snow on the Airport forecast either : METAR TAF : East Midlands Airport, East Midlands England EN.ALLMETSAT.COM METAR TAF : Current weather observation and Forecast, East Midlands East Midlands Airport England
  9. Actually got snow now- on a day im not at work as well - going for a walk
  10. The Frost and ice that was on my car has now gone, looks like being a cool/cold grey overcast day , skies are darker to the south west, but no sign of any pernoctation. Weather radar shows something but its not quite reaching at the moment
  11. Burton is just to the South west of me, and watching the radar it now looks like the heaviest stuff is breaking into two as it approaches, meanwhile not even a flake. Its weird how any "weather" seems to split, or just miss altogether - there have been many cases in the past where its looked like doing something, I've been out at an event or elsewhere warned people about severe weather incoming and nothing, or nothing significant has happened
  12. Looking at the radar, it looks like its pivoting, and going to miss
  13. Reasonably peaceful here as well,certainly nothing thats caused any issues, most of the action appeared to be to the north by quite a bit
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