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  1. dull dull dull, and still no storms this season at all, everything stayed well and truly to the south west. Looks like East Midlands Airport have a storm shield
  2. looks like another could have been event, with all the action being to the south-west again
  3. Radar looks interesting, however most of the action is well and truly to the south west, something of interest just to the west of Peterbourough, and possibly heading up to Loughborough/ Leicester. And something like a tongue coming out of France and licking the rear of East Anglia, although that appears to be breaking up. East midlands Airport forcast looks like we *may* see something http://en.allmetsat.com/metar-taf/united-kingdom-ireland.php?icao=EGNX
  4. Another user of Rain alarm here, the phone apps are worth installing
  5. Was expecting the weekends rain band to have some movement, but it just kept on going as if it was on a track, one band to the north, and another to the south-west, if you were under you must have got pasted, if you were between the streams, then nothing at al. The only noticeable thing was the amount of traffic heading into East Midlands airport overhead, and people rubbishing the met office/bbc weather warnings for being over the top again saying that they will be better off ignoring any warnings as its just another example of everything being to cautious
  6. Clouded over now, on what was a pleasantly sunny day, the rain that hit Ondon/the South east looks like its going to stay to the south, Coventry may get a few drops but not much more. for the rest of us it looks like staying as it did over the bank holiday weekend - Dry, glad i watered the garden on Saturday
  7. not in this part of the midlands, nothing more than 2.5 seconds of rain, sky went dark, heard a few very distant rumbles ( although that could have been east midlands airport just down the road) thena few drops of rain, before the sun came out
  8. So far no signs of any storms, anywhere. Hopefully the Midlands may see some action later to make up for yesterday which produced a few drops of rain for all of about a minute and no storms at all
  9. Any chances of anything today, to make up for the complete lack of any storms or rain yesterday?
  10. Overcast grey skies here, no storms or even any rain yesterday
  11. The met office has been full of weather warnings, yet again nothing, not one bit of thunder, not one drop of rain.
  12. Still absolutly nothing, need it to come north of leicester - just going out to water the garden
  13. All seems to be missing at the moment, slightly overcast, hazy sunshine not much else happening
  14. only if it moves from the blade of grass into something else, like a twig
  15. Looking at the weather radar, it would appear that we will have showers moving through, if they are as snow, then i wont expect anything much for a while, maybe later??