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  1. only if it moves from the blade of grass into something else, like a twig
  2. Looking at the weather radar, it would appear that we will have showers moving through, if they are as snow, then i wont expect anything much for a while, maybe later??
  3. Absolutely hammering down outside, when it was cold enough for Snow, all the percipitaion slide under missed and headed away north west. Now its raining and im right in the firing line
  4. Watching this on the radar - it appears to be breaking up just south of Leicester
  5. East midlands airport http://en.allmetsat.com/metar-taf/united-kingdom-ireland.php?icao=EGNX points at sleet turning to rain arriving about 3am
  6. Been for a walk round Ticknall/calke park, most of the snow had been blown away from the exposed fields and dumped in the hedges as drifts - a couple of snowmen were standing guard over the grassy expanse mourning their lost snowfields, some of the snowdrifts were brown
  7. The planned event was canceled in the end - heading off to Ticknall/Calke park to see what remains of the snow- as far as i know nothing has fallen there since Thursday. Like my area yesterdays snowfall missed it completly
  8. Fed up with the will it/wont it situation, the answer so far to the will it wont it, is clearly it wont, its yet another disappointing cold snap with very limited amounts of snow that either blew away in the wind, or melted as soon as it fell. Lets put it out of its misery and bring on the rain/warm sunshine
  9. I'm not sure if im posting in the right thread - as almost all are going on about how much snow is coming down - here theres bugger all - cant even build a snowman
  10. Only flakes I've seen today are cornflakes
  11. Cant measure the snow depth, what little remains is solid ice against the kerb/in the hedges
  12. Still nothing, will it snow tonight?? the roads are clear, what little fell either melted, or has been blown away
  13. Burton on trent now in the greeen echo on the radar ( rain alarm) just need it to push a little furhter north, instead of sliding north -west
  14. Looks like todayts snow event will be a no event, not one flake , it appears to be dying on its weeble