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  1. I thought for a moment that the rainfall radar had stopped, until I noticed some very light rain in the far NW.
  2. THe country file forecast seemed to indicate that the rain might not reach as far west as was previously thought.
  3. frequent lighting , with a lot more to come going by the radar. very heavy rain just started,
  4. Looks like another pulse of precipitation approaching from the south, with the IOW in its sight.
  5. I think your are being a bit premature, the main event hasn't happened yet.
  6. I'm quietly optimistic for us Islanders ATM, its usually the temps are just the wrong side of marginal for us, but not in this case.
  7. That's good news for the IOW (if its snow you want)
  8. Still awaiting my first flake, a line of snow showers agonizingly close out in the channel, but not coming my way. ATM
  9. With a combination of wishful thinking and ignorance I was lead to believe that this up and coming severe cold spell was going to be locked in fore the foreseeable, and we were going to be treated to days of sub zero temps and snowfall. Now even as it arrives it is being eroded by African air, I do hope that the situation changes for the better as we approach the end of the week.
  10. snowflakey

    January 1987

    All eyes east at the moment, and of interest is the forming of a pool of sub 492 over eastern Russia , but if I'm not mistaken didn't we have the 492 line just clip the far SE of Kent during the Jan 1987 spell.- Apologize if I've- posted this before in another thread.
  11. I'm afraid I'm a very hard man to please and I wont be happy until I see the 492 dam make an appearance in the SE. This is the best I could come up with ATM
  12. Thanks abruuzzi Nothing to get to excited about then.
  13. Just seen BBC weather forecast, and Tom Schafernaker ended with a knowing wink, and said make sure you see the forecast tomorrow. I'm intrigued.
  14. Very much rule of thumb, but if you add 10/11 to the 850's you'll be fairly close, but local conditions at SL may have an effect
  15. Would be interesting if they got there by the same route.