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  1. Thanks for the reply Offerman, I'm still quite confident that the HP will retrogress into a more favourable position, fingers crossed.
  2. Looks quite mobile this morning with a cool zonal flow. The snap shot indicates a transient cold spell where the country is bathed in sub 528 for a short time. Let hope the models revert back to a more amplified setup latter on in the day.
  3. Goodnight all, had a great day reading everyone's comments in hear tonight. I'm sure things will look a lot better in the morning, and the slider will improve the outlook.
  4. Going by that graph we have just had the highest temp or the foreseeable at 6am this morning, hope so
  5. wow very impressive. The battle of the PV is usually between the Canadian and Siberian lobes, not that I know what I'm talking about
  6. I know GFS tends to overdoes these Atlantic storms , but one to watch in the next few days I feel
  7. Yes ,its been a pain for a long time now. I think it was that HP that deflected the last plunge of cold air into Europe .
  8. Many thanks Phil for the explanation, I did think that the HP forming over the pole was a reaction to the ssw. Also there's a good explanation of ssw on the BBC weather site (Tom Schafemaker). Pete.
  9. Both gfs and ecm hinting at retrogression, with the ecm being slightly more amplified around the 168t mark.
  10. Seems as though the mood has changed on the "hunt for cold" forum, maybe something to look forward in the new year.
  11. Mixed feelings we seem to have a rather strong looking jet right over us, but also a GH trying to form.
  12. Snow level dropping, with the first dusting showing up on the mountains of Longyearbyen www.webcamgalore.com/webcam/Norway/Longyearbyen-Spitsbergen/1457.html
  13. Must be a bit of a muppet replying to my own post, but at least it gets me past my 100th post. I see the bbc have edged the temp up a degree or to, there now predicting 37-38 for Friday, quite close but a big ask for 40c, still not a bad prediction for an idiot
  14. The 40c barrier to be broken somewhere in the se over the next fortnight ? Highley unlikely I know, its about 104f in old money.