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    Nr. Beverley, East Yorks.
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    Many and varied but basically .. 'the natural world'
    Always been a nature lover.
    Weather watching of course, astronomy, birds, wildlife,
    rocks and fossils, my lovely whippet dog, the husband, lol.
    Trained in field archaeology. History.
    Armchair sports fan .. my playing days done.
    Too many hours of TV and Films.
    Always a sucker for medical documentaries & soaps.
    Oh Photography yes and a bit of basic PS graphic art fiddling.
    Think that's all until I think of more.
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  1. Weather Photo of the year 2017

    https://www.weather-photo.org/events/weather-photographer-year/2017-weather-photographer-year/finalists/?page=2&entry_category=&payment_category=&competition=5&keyword The finalists. And this lightening shot taken by Mike Olbinski in Arizona the chosen winner. B.
  2. 2017 Formula One Season

    Wow, yes, what an eventful start !!
  3. Goodbye little Cassini .. good work 
    Stunning pics and info over so many years.

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    2. lassie23


      don't give kim jong ideas

    3. Spikecollie


      Sad isn't it when our world news is focused on the actions of a little terrorist turd, of whatever persuasion, and not on our real future...

    4. Mokidugway


      Kim Jon murde :rofl:

  4. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Really enjoyed this match last night .. Hull FC v Wakefield Trinity Hull made a great comeback to win 19-18. Hull looking likely to make the Super 8 play off place now. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/41243593 B.
  5. Although I was firmly in the Amber warning area, I haven't noticed this to be much more than breezy. Made lots of preps thinking it was going to be pretty bad. B.
  6. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    How exciting .. one of my dreams is to see 'the lights'. Please, please let this happen while I'm up here in Fife .. but the weather forecast isn't at all good .. eek ! B.
  7. Plenty of gently rolling thunder round here in the last 15 mins.
  8. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Wow, very much the NZ Black Ferns 2nd half. NZ win the World Cup 41 - 32. A very enjoyable match. B.
  9. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Women's World Cup Final. Excellent, entertaining first half. Eng. 17 - NZ 10 at HT B.
  10. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Yay, very well done Hull FC, Champs again. Hull 18 - Wigan 14. Good match B.
  11. Best T & L storm for yonks here around 4am .. Several flashes and loud rolling thunder. Poor dog was terrified though. B.
  12. Total solar eclipse of 21st August 2017

    What a glorious sight .. sadly only via the TV for me.
  13. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Wow, well played England. Easy ! B.
  14. Other Sporting Discussion

    What an unusual situation. Glad he has made it through. Not easy in the wet and with no-one else around. And then he did some press-ups at the end just to show us how fit and well he feels ! B.
  15. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    I was pleased to see a little family of Long Tailed Tits in my Rowan tree yesterday. Not a great shot, but they're tricky to capture well aren't they I think there was 4 or 5 youngsters. B.