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    Nr. Beverley, East Yorks.
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    Many and varied but basically .. 'the natural world'
    Always been a nature lover.
    Weather watching of course, astronomy, birds, wildlife,
    rocks and fossils, my lovely whippet dog, the husband, lol.
    Trained in field archaeology. History.
    Armchair sports fan .. my playing days done.
    Too many hours of TV and Films.
    Always a sucker for medical documentaries & soaps.
    Oh Photography yes and a bit of basic PS graphic art fiddling.
    Think that's all until I think of more.
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  1. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Wow, my therm. is now reading 26 C. Feels really hot for April. B.
  2. Wow, that's nice and toasty for Hedon ! My therm. reads 22.5 C here at the moment. Such a quick turnaround from being so cold. B.
  3. In Memoriam

    Winnie Mandela has died aged 81.
  4. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I thought this Aussie ban was from all cricket .. just read it is International / test only. They will still play club cricket. B.
  5. Arise Sir Richard Starkey eh .. Congrats, long time coming.  :-)


    1. Mokidugway


      And Hutch ,no honours for him :sorry:

  6. Thunder snow here at the moment. Really impressive whiteout conditions. B.
  7. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Wow, blizzard and thunder & Lightening here ! I was looking out the curtains just at the right moment for the bright flash. B.
  8. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Wow these showers are mighty impressive. Howling whiteout at times. brrrrrr. I feel for the outdoor animals ! B.
  9. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Yes, just took the dog for a walk in the dry and now back it is a blizzard here. Soooo cold in that wind. Brrrr. Right, now for the rugby and a warming cuppa. B.
  10. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Morning all I looked out at 6am and couldn't believe my eyes ! No snow .. well, 5 graupel grains per square inch on my bin lid to be accurate. In the last few mins we've had a heavier shower of fine snow grains. About 50% cover now, blowing around in the strong, cold wind. Lets see what the rest of the w/e brings. I'm in the Amber warning area. B.
  11. Horse Racing ~ Cheltenham

    Two poor horses dead already isn't there .. Or is there more ?
  12. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Several broken necks that's my prediction.
  13. In Memoriam

    Comic Gary Delaney called him "one of the all time greats", and, referencing the fact Sir Ken's shows could often last for hours on end, added: "The funeral will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday." This made me smile and I think Ken would have too .. B.
  14. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Was that harsh .. high tackle .. sin bin .. penalty try ?
  15. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5463763/Shocking-pictures-dead-fish-washed-Yorkshire-beach.html The sad effects of the recent severe weather, the Beast from the East and Storm Emma. Many thousands of sea creatures washed up on beaches near me in E. Yorks.