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    Nr. Beverley, East Yorks.
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    Many and varied but basically .. 'the natural world'
    Always been a nature lover.
    Weather watching of course, astronomy, birds, wildlife,
    rocks and fossils, my lovely whippet dog, the husband, lol.
    Trained in field archaeology. History.
    Armchair sports fan .. my playing days done.
    Too many hours of TV and Films.
    Always a sucker for medical documentaries & soaps.
    Oh Photography yes and a bit of basic PS graphic art fiddling.
    Think that's all until I think of more.
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    Something good in all four seasons

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  1. Beverley Lass

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Such a sudden fierce squall at 8.30 am it actually made me and the whippet jump ! Like a fireman's hose on the windows and very strong gusts. Horrid weather of late IMO. B.
  2. Beverley Lass

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    A rare sight so far this season .. woken to a good frost. Everything sparkling white. Temp reading of -1° C.
  3. Beverley Lass

    In Memoriam

    President George Bush Snr has died aged 94.
  4. Beverley Lass

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Well, England have well beaten the Aussies this afternoon at Twickers' Eng. 37 - Aus. 18 Sinkler named M.O.T.M
  5. Set at 18 night and day on the thermostat . Don't want the dog to get cold at night B.
  6. Beverley Lass

    2018 Tennis Thread

    Wow, big win for young A. Zverev. O2 finals champ. Beats Djokovic 6-4 and 6-3
  7. Beverley Lass

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Well Japan certainly gave England a good game. They were ahead at half time. England much better 2nd half, perhaps largely thanks to Farrell. Eng. 35 - Japan 15 B.
  8. Beverley Lass

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    As they say, a game of two halves. England so good I thought first half and led 15 -0 . 2nd half Eng. didn't score again. Some poor team decisions, more mistakes in play and so many lost line-outs as Knocker mentioned. Seems the dis-allowed try for off-side was a very debatable decision from the video ref. And why oh why didn't we go for the drop goal at the end, we had the field position and two likely kickers were all set to have a go! Argh. Should have won that. B.
  9. Beverley Lass

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    I tell solar panel sales persons my roof has the wrong aspect, so they would have to put them up where the sun doesn't shine. B. :)
  10. Beverley Lass

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Very well done England, a series win against NZ today at Anfield. Eng. 20 - NZ 14 Tommy Makinson a hat-trick of tries and man of the match. It's a tough game, rugby league .. lots of injuries today, looked like gouged eye, broken rib, dislocated arm, head injuries. etc ! Yikes. B.
  11. Beverley Lass

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Wow, that was an exciting match. Eng. 12 S.A 11 Eng outplayed first half, well on top the second. S.A. literally throwing the match away at times with 3 line-out over-throws giving Eng possession. And thanks ref. for that last decision re. Owen Farrell's tackle .. border line shoulder charge ! Phew. B.
  12. It was a ground frost here when we went to bed, but woke to the wet and 6 ° C.
  13. Beverley Lass

    2018 Tennis Thread

    So thrilled to see Kyle Edmund beat G. Monfils in 3 sets to win his first ATP title at Antwerp. Yay !!!
  14. Beverley Lass

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    What a beautiful day. 8° C as I type, still and not a cloud in the skies.
  15. Beverley Lass

    2018 Tennis Thread

    And in the singles, Djokovic is the champ beating young Croatian Coric. B.