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  1. We could've just done with some more embedded cold. Not having an essentially average winter day beforehand would've helped too haha.
  2. Briefly flirted with sub zero last night but up to 4C already, so on the borderline of cold spell territory here. Certainly not expecting anything wintry.
  3. Oh don’t get me wrong, it snows a lot here, it just normally lands as rain...
  4. Similarly, a drop from an earlier high of 09.5C to 06.5C currently since the passage of the very weak cold front.
  5. And so the 21 day dry spell ends today with... drizzle. Vile day.
  6. This happened twice in 2010. Frigid cold from the north or northeast then when the wind veered easterly the drip drip began.
  7. There was a snowfall down here in Bristol two days after that chart. Cold was very marginal with 1C max during the day, but snowed and settled nonetheless.
  8. Wouldn't worry about stuff that far out just at the moment. FI starts at the end of this week and what happens with the slider sequence very much dictates what follows.
  9. I always find that argument very tenuous. It hasn’t stopped winter in many a year gone by. Keep in mind that the beaches of southern Italy and Greece face the Mediterranean hot tub lol.
  10. Unexpectedly, it’s raining. That’s today’s outdoor activity cancelled then.
  11. Looking through history, and Friday 11th January 2008 brought a surprise snowfall as heavy rain turned to snow during the afternoon causing rush hour chaos. Initial flooding followed by settling snow that then froze overnight. It's official, winter 07-08 was better than this one up to this point. Mostly cloudy, occasional sunshine and 07.7C at present.
  12. MP-R

    Winter 2018/19

    I'd agree other than the first 23 days of December - a constant durge of rain or showers with only brief respite. If anything, this recent dry spell has just balanced out the first couple of weeks of winter. We're at the stage in winter now where the Atlantic should be waning so any cold potential should also increase. Fingers crossed for next week onwards.
  13. MP-R

    Winter 2018/19

    Same here - no measurable rain since 23rd December. Besides the weather being largely very boring, it's been great for drying the countryside out and getting out and about without having the oh so common mudbath issues.
  14. Hovering at 1C out there but keeps bouncing between 1 and 1.5C. It's as if it can't bring itself to go below zero!
  15. I wouldn’t get that concerned so soon after the shortest day. For me it’s really not until mid Feb that the solar input overtakes the other factors that favour lasting snowfall. We were fortunate that the cold was so deep in feb and march last year that it even stuck around as long as it did, and that skies were cloudy most of the ti,e during the easterly. A bit like high summer, I can just about relax as long as we get a decent between January 20th and February 10th. Only after then will the clock really be ticking.
  16. Well it gives hope for any arctic air streams here. If cold air can travel over the Med and still bring snow to moderate altitude in North Africa, it can do it low altitude here in the UK.
  17. The HFC thread was essentially the model banter and moans thread with some charts and occasional technical explanation so nothing's really changed lol.
  18. A brief reminder of what month it really is midweek then back to bland... uh.
  19. Just for a change, it's cloudy, with the lightest bit of drizzle trying to fall. Mild too at 9C. Fingers crossed for winter proper to arrive soon. It's gonna have to be pretty spectacular just to average the winter out thus far.
  20. MP-R

    Winter 2018/19

    According to my Greek housemate from university, the last five or so years have been notable for wintriness across the country, with even Athens (where he's from) getting in on the act occasionally. He's mentioned that places in the north of the country like Thessaloniki aren't immune to cold weather though when the synoptics are right, but the depth of cold of some recent winters is unusual. Given the mountainous nature of a lot of Greece and Turkey though, I guess it's par for the course that these areas see decent snow pretty regularly.
  21. I’m genuinely interested to know. Despite the best part of ten years reading this thread (not constantly obviously lol) I’ve still so much to learn about SSWs and how they are or aren’t represented by the models.