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  1. I did indeed get a sharp downpour late this afternoon leaving a few mm in the gauge. Made a nice change.
  2. Sunny this morning, clouded over at lunchtime and we’ve had a decent heavy downpour in the last half hour.
  3. The cloud has been well broken this afternoon so sunny intervals the order of the day. Not quite as warm as yesterday but nudging 21 degrees so very pleasant.
  4. A lovely afternoon here. Just what September should be like!
  5. 2016 was another warm but unsettled one. I'd say perhaps 2005 is a better match. That month collapsed in installments with a few earlier wobbles, build-backs of high pressure, then an Atlantic onslaught from the equinox onwards. We've managed to evade any early chilly northerlies so far though, but perhaps one will come along later in the month like last year, if we get a low past the UK.
  6. 2006 was wetter up to this point, largely due to the opening days and a wet period following the thundery breakdown around the 11th/12th. It was also much more mobile overall, despite the warmth, which gave for quite a tropical-feeling month at times for a September. It would be rather fitting though, if it did turn more unsettled in the final third this month, as that's been the case for the last two years.
  7. A great winter scenario for getting cold in from the east with a PV over Greenland way, although hopefully we won't be relying solely on that come the winter. I certainly wouldn't mind the blocked scenario as long as it's SUNNY! GFS charts are looking quite similar to what we had in August though, which brought in an unusual amount of cloud so I fear a rather boring settled spell rather than a sunny one. ECM makes more of the Atlantic with winds veering southeasterly again which would be better for sunshine levels.
  8. 3mm of rain in total so no soaker by any means. A dull autumnal day then ensued, with the classic clearance 1 hour before sunset. Looking forward to a sunnier day tomorrow.
  9. Autumnal feeling morning. Grey, damp after overnight rain, and 13 degrees.
  10. Well... until Friday anyway. I wouldn't discount further rain until we can actually achieve high pressure over the country. Next week looks like a good bet for that at present, although as we know things can change. Personally I'm hoping for a settled late September / early October period as I'll be in North Wales during that time.
  11. Yep - the GFS picked this up quite a few days ago. Could be quite showery on Wednesday and Thursday too according the UKMO.
  12. Not really. The start of this week was excellent and many have had thunderstorms since. If anything August has been the most boring. Just bland and benign.
  13. There's still time to hide behind the sofa...
  14. I won't forget the dire first half to June for a long time. It may as well have been June 2012 up to that point. Then the final ten days saw a marked improvement and a notable heatwave could've occurred at the end if not for 'that' undercut! July was a standard summer month in my opinion, with plenty of warm dry and often sunny weather here at least, punctuated by a few unsettled days and a heatwave around my birthday. The highlight was perhaps the spectacular thunderstorms on the 24th. August and September were a real mixed bag. The middle third of August and especially the final third of September were very unsettled down here. The first third of both were bland but usable. The best weather in August came in the final third, and September the middle third. Easy to see why it might be a forgettable summer, although there were notable aspects at either end of the spectrum about it.
  15. More typically September this morning. Dull and wet.
  16. The weird thing living in Madrid was how it was still almost completely dark at 8am in December and January. Very odd. Yes it got darker an hour later but the mornings were a struggle. Thankfully winter is a sunnier and less cold affair over there.
  17. First proper rain in just over a month this morning. Very welcome! Shame about the lack of storms. Only in this country could we get such pre storm humidity without a storm...
  18. Literally just got everything ready to mow the lawn... and it's start to rain. Sigh...
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