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  1. Looks like a standard ridge - trough - ridge - trough scenario beyond the weekend. Fairly standard for the time of year, and more likely to transpire than a lengthy settled spell in my opinion. Also of note is that the troughs are swinging down from the northwest with ridges building behind, so perhaps temperatures a little below average if this is case as we enter September. In the short term however, drying out a bit for many after today's showers (which are giving my location a thorough soaking at the moment). A brief blip of warmth on Friday and Saturday before something a little less settled from Sunday.
  2. Quite the streamer from the Severn this morning. Some torrential downpours.
  3. It was warmer at bedtime than the whole of yesterday, but then dropped to 13.7C overnight. Hints of brightness this morning but looks like the only shower in the whole region is heading straight for here. Sigh...
  4. Miserable day but nowhere near as wet as expected. Light rain all day so far. Cool though at only 16C.
  5. It would just be nice to have a sunny and warm bank holiday weekend. Not too bothered what happens after that but it would benefit so many to have a settled one.
  6. Actually been a very decent day again. High of 21C and 8.5 hours of sunshine. A far cry from yesterday and indeed tomorrow.
  7. ... but expecting one thing for the UK as a whole is silly anyway. Those temperatures are pretty standard in the south, especially the warm southeast. Obviously further northwest, one would expect a good few degrees below what is recorded in the southeast. I would actually expect higher temperatures than that across a large swathe of southern and central Europe, perhaps lower in Scandinavia and the Baltic. A number of places abroad are also wetter in summer than London/SE England/East Anglia. People moan about the weather in the UK because 9/10 it disappoints. I'm sure if it was sunnier overall, a bit warmer in summer, and seasons behaved instead of autumnal conditions turning up in August or summery conditions arriving in October when they largely go unnoticed, then that would make a big difference. It is not very easy to move abroad either so that is a very mal-informed opinion. I still say that the UK (Brexit aside) would be an ideal place to live if not for the weather! Sometimes it provides interest, and every now and again it is beautiful, but so much of the year is just bland and boring.
  8. Fancy having a nice Easter AND August bank holiday. Some nice ones from the past: Notice the long gap between 2007 and 2013!
  9. Assuming retrogression of the high towards Greenland, the question is whether a trough slides in underneath from the southwest, potentially bringing a wetter but still quite warm start to September, or low pressure over Scandinavia helps usher in more of northerly flow i.e. drier but much cooler. Interesting indeed. In the short term, however, perhaps Friday this week will be worse in terms of rain than the weekend itself (I certainly hope so given outdoor plans on Saturday), then an improvement beyond the weekend. Next week could be very decent indeed, leading to a 2017-esque Bank Holiday weekend.
  10. I always thought autumn colours were enhanced by more sunshine. A duller wetter summer would surely yield more of a damp squib in terms of colours. The only hints of autumn here so far (other than the horrendous weather) is the rusty looking chestnut trees and the faintest of yellow starting to appear on beech.
  11. I’m with you. I wish time would stop being wasted and the rest of August be largely settled and warm before a gentle slide into autumn through September.
  12. Yep some good flashes seen from here too and booming thunder. Still sounds quite distant although getting closer.
  13. Flash of lightning and rumble of thunder in the distance from that cell in the Severn estuary.
  14. Flash of lightning and rumble of thunder in the distance from that cell in the Severn estuary.
  15. Almost got away with a dry day but some unexpected showers have arrived in the last hour grrr.
  16. Exceptional yes, but keep in mind that this happened in the closing 3 days of the month, which until then, was very unsettled. Tentative signs of a more settled and more typically August-like final third to the month with a slightly more meridional jet to between now and then. I suppose as we get nearer the end of the month, with the Atlantic up a notch, it won't take long for the typical N/S split to appear, edging south with time. That's all a very long way off however, and I hope to see at least one settled spell this month before I go away on the 28th.
  17. Perhaps this is what summer will look like more often after October 31st... Signs of pressure rises after next weekend but that of course means another week of wasted time. ECM looks less ridiculously autumnal than the GFS. I’m personally hoping for at least a week of settled sunshine between the 20th and 27th. After that it can do what it likes as I go away in search of summer for the third time this year lol.
  18. You're probably thinking of 2016, which was indeed warm, but not overly settled. The 12th-15th of that month was bordering on hot. 2017 on the other hand was cool and very wet.
  19. Indeed it is such a pain these lows are timed for the weekend. Another weekend of plans potentially scuppered. Then another one ganging up for the Bank Holiday weekend. Each one is coming in further south too despite drawing up pretty warm uppers ahead of them. Not far to the east over Europe there will be high temperatures.
  20. I wonder if we'll have another August-October 2017 type period. A naff August, with a warm and sunny Bank Holiday, then an even naffer September, then August synoptics turning up in October lol. Seems to happen so often now - early October being more reliable for nice weather than August and September. Unfortunately, I can't see September bringing about any notable improvement if August continues poor. It's only done that once in recent times and that was in 2014.
  21. Or we’ve just been lucky with the placement of troughs and highs, which would of course be unlucky in winter as we’d end up with a negative NAO and still end up mild.
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