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  1. I'd probably be able to see the stormclouds out west from here in North Somerset but there's still a blanket of a crud over the area that I can't see anything! I'm wondering if it's the storms further west helping draw up all this low cloud on the eastern side?
  2. I remember coming back from a holiday in Mallorca on August 08th and the weather here was essentially as it was there. Quite different to what we left the UK in two weeks before!
  3. The sun is really struggling to burn off this crud. Seriously... P155 OFF!
  4. Indeed. It’s frustrating given the potential and that we’re in one of the least likely places to have this problem lol.
  5. Anyone know what’s with the extensive misty low cloud?
  6. Well today reached a very temperate 26C so the heatwave still hasn't quite kicked off in this neck of the woods yet. I actually went west today with family to North Devon and it cleared beyond Lynmouth so had a sunny if rather hazy day there, but cloud didn't fully disappear until beyond 2pm back home. Will need at least 2 days of full sun to make this spell noteworthy here.
  7. No danger of really high temps today is this cloud doesn’t clear sharpish! The temperature is still falling here...
  8. Just brushed 30C with a max of 30.1C. Beautiful day, although noticeable is the 'dog days of summer' hue to the sky and the sun not feeling that strong for the heat. I'm kinda banking on at least Monday and Tuesday continuing sunny as haven't been able to fully enjoy it today.
  9. Well today was a fail. Not far off a standard summer day if not for the humidity! Can we PLEASE just have a sunny day tomorrow...
  10. Actually I've counted about ten drops on the patio, but I don't think it'll have much effect.
  11. I'm supposedly under it, and can confirm dark sky above, but no rain yet. I think most of it is indeed evaporating.
  12. Not the best start with cloud around but it’s a very different looking day to yesterday. Lets the hope does one and it clears up sharpish! 21C
  13. At last - sunshine! And feeling steamy. Let’s hope it’s sun from the word go tomorrow.
  14. Indeed! One of the most impressive lightning displays I’ve seen was in September... 2014.
  15. It's turned pretty grotesque out there now. Thick drizzle and muggy. Day one of heatwave has failed already.
  16. I do wish this summery weather would just get on with it and start... to think tomorrow could be the hottest day of the month and it currently looks like late October outside... I'm encouraged by all the models, though, at a generally lengthy spell of summery weather, as has been well pointed out by many members already this morning. Although we supposedly shouldn't pay too much attention to the GFS in the long run, I do like its reinforcement of heights from the SW later on in the runs just when you think things might turn more unsettled. Perhaps a few shots at plumes later in the month too. The 10C isotherm rarely leaves the country throughout.
  17. Dull and boring this morning. Breeze has dropped though. (Im)patiently waiting for the good weather to commence.
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