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  1. MP-R

    Best and worst winters

    01-02 was such an odd winter. Just when the Atlantic normally starts to dwindle, it fired up and the quietest winter month ended up being the stormiest! Thankfully not a common occurrence.
  2. The October equivalent of December 2015 here today. Stupidly mild night, a damp start then often bright and sometimes sunny with a high of 22C!
  3. MP-R

    Winter 2018/19

    Looking for a wintry January personally. Last winter it was the least wintry yet is the coldest month so would be good to have the coldest weather coincide with the coldest time of the year. Likewise, no mild Atlantic mush until March please.
  4. Nasty nasty nasty. More of a rain event than wind so far here but gusty all the same.
  5. BBC going for a predominantly wet Saturday, N-W going for predominantly dry. Let's see what happens - gonna be outdoors most of Saturday and indoors most of Sunday so hope N-W is right.
  6. I can bet that if it were summer now, tomorrow's trough would somehow miss giving us an electrical show lol. Could be some surprises though - it's been so long without thunder here!
  7. Chilly start at 02.2C. A bright morning now but a lot of high cloud around so not quite the forecast sunshine.
  8. MP-R

    October Fog Index

    I think this tenuous link can be binned... Last year as a prime example. No fog in October then snow twice in December, February and March. October 2015 had a fair bit of fog in the mornings then we all know what happened... Given fog can form in both anticyclonic and cyclonic setups of very differing sorts, the fog index does sound a bit like a joke!
  9. MP-R

    How would you assess Summer 2017?

    A mixed summer here but one that got gradually less summery. After the unsettled start, June was the best month - again! - and largely dry. The closing days were very cool but didn't bring much rain. July was definitely a month of two halves. Predominantly warm or hot in the first half, but with a stinker of a day on the 11th. The thunderstorms on the 18th/19th were great. But then after that summer proper never returned. For the remainder of July it was often showery or wet with another thunderstorm on my birthday (23rd). Exception was the 24th-25th which were both lovely. August was then plain boring. Quite a dry month overall down here though with a few wet days. However, daytime temperatures were suppressed and sunshine was below average so it felt more like September. The saving grace was the gorgeous bank holiday. September was a washout! So, a summer that had its moments but was often below par. Not terrible by any means though. July 2015 was worse than 2017 here. June 2015 was sunnier but cooler. August 2015 had a much better first half but much poorer and wetter second half. One could say 2017 and 2015 were similar overall.
  10. Much milder start today with sunny intervals. Looks like the one day this week I need dry and sunny (Saturday) is possibly going to turn out the exact opposite grrr.
  11. Cloudy start but has since cleared to sunny spells and well broken cloud. Much cooler though!
  12. Two absolute stunners today and yesterday, and Monday/Tuesday were very good too! Sadly I spent yesterday at a conference in London but stepping out of the venue certainly felt like late spring warmth rather than autumn. Only tell-tale signs being the low angle of the sun by 5pm and emerging colours. If only more autumns could have more days like this.
  13. 3C minimum last night. Very high pressure too at 1040mb. I'll check my records but possibly my highest reading for September ever.
  14. MP-R

    Autumn 2018

    2012 was the last time I recorded a minimum as low as last night. Before that, 2010.