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  1. This August feels more like a warmish September. Hot to start then autumn since.
  2. September for me tends to start in early August, much like it's done again this year!
  3. It's dry, I'll give you that lol. Minimum expectation for August I guess. Blowing a hooly though. Dry, cloudy and usable is what I associate with the rest of the year.
  4. I hope we get some more sunny days. This isn't my idea of one....
  5. Agreed! Love the freshness of early summer. Don't mind the smoky days of mid-late autumn either, but less so for the smell to be honest. Meanwhile, anyone know when the next fully sunny day will be, you know, given it's summer and everything...
  6. MP-R

    Autumn 2018

    Ugh, how awful that would be. Very 2015esque.
  7. Struggling to find anything seasonal or interesting in the models then came across this: Bank Holiday hot spell anyone? (FI, I know...)
  8. 20mm of rain overnight into this morning. It took a real while to clear today too, just remaining drizzly and unpleasant until later this afternoon when the sun poked through and it briefly felt warm. Looking thundery out there now - even a quick rumble from a shower would add some interest.
  9. The last day that resembled summer here was Thursday. Friday, although sunny at times in the afternoon, was very wet in the morning and showers with a cool breeze followed. Saturday started well but very cool then quickly clouded over with drizzle and light rain setting in. Last night was a soaker and it's still raining. August has a lot of redeeming to do as the abhorrent last few days have effectively cancelled out the hot few days last weekend.
  10. Nothing short of rank this afternoon. Already sick of the rain. The weather's not even interesting.
  11. Chilly last night. Sunny earlier but cloudy already and that's it for the day. All very summer 2017esque.
  12. A vast improvement this afternoon but still cool and too breezy for the balloons. Weekend also looking naff. Summer where did you go?! Left a few weeks too early...
  13. Fair enough. Hadn't looked at the forecast since lunchtime. Hope this clears sharpish. Supposed to be showing friends from Malta around Bristol today!