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  1. So all the showers yesterday missed here, and now, on the day that was supposed to be dry and sunny, it's raining. Just can't trust the models at the moment!
  2. Just wondering how many are actually going to hit the N. Somerset/Bristol area or bypass given the path of the low. Can't decide whether to BBQ or not.
  3. Driving back to Bristol from London later this afternoon along the M4. Could get nasty wherever that squall line has got to.
  4. Typical that after today's autumnal wind and rain, the dry interlude is perfectly timed for the overnight period before showers move in to ruin tomorrow daytime, only to clear again the following night. Gah!
  5. Not liking the look of Saturday for outdoor plans. Oh to live somewhere where summer produced reliably nice weather!
  6. Not quite as impressive as the May storms here as we had the lot in May from a direct hit. Nonetheless, notable storm last night with some lovely lightning!
  7. Been thundering for the best part of 4-5 hours from various directions. Had good visuals on lightning to the west and south, then southeast and more recently the cell from the southwest. A thunderstorm has just passed through here with good t&l and some torrential rain.
  8. A few flashed towards the Severn Estuary and now seeing flashes from the belters to the southwest.
  9. Yes, saw a few, including a cg from it from the other side of the storm to you.
  10. Literally just turned the light off to go to bed and am greeted with a flash of lightning and thunder from the cell that's appeared to my east.
  11. Funny how the forecast bullseye area is likely to miss out completely lol.
  12. It's like pulling teeth at the moment. Come on!
  13. Blitzortung showing a lone strike over Bristol. Dont believe it.
  14. Can see sunlit anvils to my south in the far distance.
  15. Can see sunlit anvils to my south in the far distance.