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  1. No specific memories from me as I was very young at the time, but the family weather records suggest a very similar profile to what you've described up there. The kind of summer I'd expect in this country with hot spells in all three months, plenty of fine and warm weather too, punctuated by some cool and unsettled spells. 30 degrees was reached in all three months down here, albeit only just on all occasions - 30.0C on 07th June, 30.4C on 22nd July and 30.2C on 19th August. There was then a notably wet and thundery period from the 23rd-28th August that gave the lion's share of the
  2. I think it’s more the fact that when it does rain at Wimbledon, a big thing is made of it. Wimbledon normally experiences settled weather, mostly warm and sometimes even hot.
  3. Grey and misty with a very fine drizzle falling. May... is that you again?
  4. Not your typical plume this one - no dirty air being fed in ahead of it from the SE, hence also why the main area for thunderstorms is limited to the SE and EA with a much lower risk elsewhere.
  5. Lovely day again. Not expecting storms later and hoping for no rain either, unless there are storms.
  6. Totally agree. Just rain is pointless. We’ve got the weekend onwards for that lol.
  7. Cracking start again after a beautiful day yesterday. Can’t help but feel that cloud will spoil play at some point this afternoon... it’s making quick progress down from the NW...
  8. Odd post... I don't think anyone is expecting a Mediterranean climate here... that's just typical 'lost the argument and run out of things to say' talk. You could quite easily say... he lives in southern England, not northern Scotland - so should expect better. It's not difficult to grasp the fact that given the synoptics, one would expect better than the conditions that have been experienced for many, especially in Dorset which is one of the sunniest parts of the country. Fortunately, I haven't suffered quite the same cloudy fate that those on that part of the south coast have.
  9. You’d be very unlucky to still be under cloud by Saturday. Today and tomorrow look iffy but Saturday-Tuesday should be largely sunny! Here’s hoping.
  10. We’re all in it together today. Grey and dull here too this morning, albeit quite warm after the mildest night of the season so far.
  11. Oh yes these dates are etched in my memory! The 28th June storms were more impressive here, after the humdingers on the 24th... but the ore storm humidity on 31st August was some the most unpleasant I’ve experienced in this country. Positively steamy!
  12. Sunny start, then clouded over, then cleared again. Sunny and warm now.
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