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  1. Maybe come back in November. You'll get it in abundance!
  2. Currently just above 7 here. Sun certainly feels strong.
  3. Gorgeous day today. More like an early May Day given how fresh it is but lovely all the same.
  4. Yes the sunshine is the only really disappointing factor about our climate. If only we had more widespread sunshine it would be an ideal country to live in for so many reasons!
  5. Yes I've never understood the opinion of many about London's bad weather. I must say it tends to come from ignorant foreigners who are then pleasantly surprised. The media no doubt has a part to play. Similarly lots of people think Spain is hot and sunny everywhere all the time...
  6. And the aforementioned local station to me got to 8.3 today.
  7. Haha, what? They're not that bad. Sure, they're not exactly Mediterranean but they're far from dull, miserable and depressing. Only in the worst summers is that the case. You in Dorset, especially, should get some of the best sunshine hours of anywhere in the country.
  8. Getting rather bored of this 'nothing' weather now. It's noticeably warmer but still predominantly grey. 20C with 88% humidity.
  9. Lovely drizzly evening here... Seems to be the only type of rain here this month!
  10. I don't know how reliable it is, but the UV reader on a fairly local Davis VP2 station returns a few 9 readings every year, and plenty of 8s. The 9 readings are always when the weather comes from between S and W with continental airmasses having slightly lower readings.
  11. Indeed, could even be the odd snow flurry about if the uppers get low enough...
  12. Been much brighter than expected with sunny intervals. First shower moving through now though, albeit light.
  13. I've only ever heard of it on N-W. Looking back through my records, a convincing 'monsoon' only appears to have happened in 2004, 2009 and 2016. So it's essentially as common as a beasterly is before Christmas lol.
  14. At a measly 2mm here for the month. Funnily enough, the only other occurrence of rain was last Thursday from that showery trough.