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  1. I think if we 'pay for it', it'll probably be in the form of the Atlantic returning into March, so nothing too unusual in that. There's quite often an Atlantic spell following a stand off between lows to the west and a block to the east. That then gives plenty of spring to establish a pattern change.
  2. I think it's down to the fact that spring was about a week long then it was essentially summer! I wonder if we'll start to see weather like this into March? Hints in FI of a more Atlantic regime taking hold towards month's end, and our favourite AH likes sticking its oar in.
  3. Frosty start, minimum of -0.4C but rising quickly now in gorgeous sunshine.
  4. Yes haha. December 14th, only sub 5C day of the whole month.
  5. Quasi spring today. Wintry first thing with frost and local fog, gorgeous sunshine and a high off 11C after, then cold again tonight. Informally, spring starts for me on the first 15C day (first 25C day - summer, sub 15C day - autumn, sub 5C day - winter). That could be the case next week!
  6. Given London flooded on the day of the referendum, it’s almost meant to be lol!
  7. Perhaps a bit far fetched. In my eyes, the background signals were at least partly correct but unfortunately our Pesky Vortex split into three parts instead of the conventional two, the most efficient portion clinging to eastern Canada, making it that bit more difficult to tap into the proper cold air. I reckon if we'd had a clean split into two or perhaps even no SSW at all, our chances of a more prolonged meaningful cold spell would've been greater. We've just been very unlucky this time! All eyes on March, which generally being more unsettled than February, may bring us a few late wintry chances but not of the same ilk us cold lovers would like. In the meantime, plenty of early springlike weather on offer - a much better milder spell than the likes we saw in December.
  8. Nearly an air frost last night and some early fog which very quickly burned off. Still foggy in patches locally though.
  9. That chart is the definition of a mess - a very odd one at that - to have a low that 'strong' essentially in the middle of a broken high pressure system. One for the poubelle.
  10. Or if only the cold was coming directly where it’s from instead of taking a lads on tour in Rimini on the way to us! A straight easterly or even better ENE/NE is what we really need.
  11. Agreed. Storms are a nuisance, and always seem to time themselves for when the recycling is out here lol. Early frost long gone now with more cloud around. 4C
  12. Hopefully not another wet March this year. Last year in particular was very wet and, until December, was the wettest month of the year. Had it not been for the two beasts, it would’ve been an awful month.
  13. Could be another wet March if that were the case then? Southerly tracking lows and all that.
  14. Then we had a very dry August-October lol. Fortunately down here, the taps turned on in earnest in September 2006, and most of that autumn/winter was pretty wet, especially November. If anything, mid March to the end of April was a nice respite. I'm sure May 2007 was one of the years the Ten Tors was called off because of how bad the weather was.
  15. God I hope not. I'd happily trade a nice April for a nice May-July if it means avoiding those months like we had in 2007. Having said that though, the first 12 days of June 2007 were very decent down here.