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  1. He did. I congratulated him on how clearly set out it was.
  2. I think only 30th April 2005 compares to the Lightning activity seen yesterday just east of here in April. Pleased to have had two thunder days this month though!
  3. Not much to say on the models at the moment other than the end of the April / start of May at least is looking showery at best and probably on the cool side. Nothing too unusual there I guess - I'm sure plenty of opportunities for April showers, which seem to be more common in May anyway nowadays.
  4. Looks like the warmest part of the day has passed. Still quite plumey looking clouds, but more clouds than sun and the temperature on the slide.
  5. Absolute belter to my east which was heading for a direct hit then veered away last minute. Grrr!
  6. Looks like it's doing a classic turn right at the last minute so no direct hit anymore. Oh well. Somewhere just east of here is getting plenty of thunder.
  7. Looks good in Dawlish according to one particular Instagram user.
  8. Massive improvement since 13.45 with predominantly warm sunshine since. If only it could've started a bit earlier. Some decent echoes look to have appeared around the channel.
  9. Ah ha yes that's right, the centre of the low was right over this area. It was the week before that brought the northerly.
  10. I can now confirm severe cloud and small rain drops and overall naffness here in North Somerset.
  11. Slack northerlies can be decent for both sunshine and convective potential. I think it was such a northerly that brought a thunderstorm here on the 01st May last year in an otherwise quite dry period. Just no northeasterly or southwesterly greyness please.
  12. I feel your pain. Needless cloud preventing an otherwise warm, sunny day. Haven't achieved 3 full sunny days for this spell yet.
  13. As much as I love the altocumulus clouds, they're blocking the sun and I want to be outside in the sun so if they could clear off and come back when due that would be great. Just white sky here now.
  14. Indeed, hence my reference to other areas. Personally I don't mind as long as I get sunshine instead.