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  1. Hail shower just gone through and back to sunshine. Judging by what weather we're due over the next week, I think I preferred last January! At least it was dry and things could be easily done outside.
  2. Need to get some cold air in first if we're going to benefit from any surprise snow on Saturday.
  3. I'm wondering when it's going to start lol.
  4. Any of the below will do me nicely in February:
  5. Yes I chuckled a bit when I saw that. It might as well be mild, if it can also be sunny! Something like a February 2012, 2008 or 1998 spell would be welcome if we've got to have mild - help dry things out a bit. Just can't stand the mild muck nothingness.
  6. Bit blowy overnight. The garden sun loungers are now nice and cosy in one of our hedges, but still nothing as strong as December 10th. Much calmer and sunny this morning. What a disgusting forecast for next week!
  7. Thoroughly bored of the wind. Nothing but a monumental pain.
  8. Just out of interest, what causes the MJO to get so far then just go back to the start of the cycle? Is it affected by the monumental pain that is La Niña or the other way around?
  9. Max and mins bang on average thus far so no cold spell here, just a cold wind. The hunt for a decent cold spell continues...
  10. The snow bit was around Flax Bourton and the LA bypass nearest Dundry. The windscreen test tested positive to hail and sleet everywhere else.
  11. Just driven into Bristol along the A370 through a mother of all hail/sleet/slush/wet snow storms. Really heavy at times and was beginning to leave a covering in places. My car's ice earning even felt the need to contribute haha.
  12. Gotta love the iPhone app. A few hours of snow at 3-4C later on, followed by rain as the temperature drops to 1-2C!
  13. One hail shower so far today and a high so far of 6C. Officially in early November cold spell territory lol.