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  1. Not surprised at all, temperature went down to 02.5C here not long ago at 10m ASL. Showers have of course been mainly sleet/hail here.
  2. Squally shower just moved through that turned more and more to hail as it went on. Brightening up again. I'd hoped for a clean convective day today but there's a lot of low cloud and crud between showers.
  3. After yesterday's sunny respite, the cloud and breeze has returned with a vengeance. Feeling chilly too despite 8C.
  4. Nothing unusual tbh. With the Arctic at its coldest, early March is often Atlantic dominated. Things can change very quickly though and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one anticyclonic spell before the month is out.
  5. Well the garden furniture has moved into the corner but otherwise, it's just been a windy day here. The gales last March were more serious.
  6. Having lived in both, the main difference is less rainfall year round. The principal benefit I found living in the SE was dryness. Otherwise the weather was quite boring, certainly less interesting than over here.
  7. Was very windy as the front moved through at 0630. Not quite so windy now but brightening up thankfully.
  8. Nice to hear the strong winds for a change, but don't appreciate my sleep being cut short by two hours!
  9. Almost identical weather to yesterday with a blustery wind and sprinkler-style rain. All feels very Novemberish and not like February at all. It's not often the most unsettled weather of the winter comes right at the end.
  10. If anything these synoptics get more unusual the further into spring one goes. The easterly shown in yesterday's run is the wintry variety which would be more likely to crop up in... well... winter. March and April style easterlies don't tend to transpire as shown, becoming weaker affairs as the months progress with warmer uppers, and quite often, bringing in mild/warm air off the continent. Incidentally, the 06Z GFS shows a slightly more plausible solution with the upcoming unsettled spell becoming on a more southerly trajectory, with a washout low on March 01st sinking into the continent with a symptomatic northeasterly with moderate uppers following behind and the risk of snow on the rear flank. Similarly to the most recent easterly spell, it wouldn't take long for the warm uppers in eastern Europe to mix out the colder uppers over western Europe. Now if that high to the north, could move westwards and open the floodgates to Arctic air, we could be in business, especially if the Atlantic approaches from the west and we get a battleground. All FI of course. The form horse for the last few months would be for the high to settle over us and the Atlantic to slowly make inroads over the top. In the meantime, a rather uninspiring few days to come with the chance of notably high temperatures in any sunny breaks. Windy towards the latter half of the week with a colder interlude in the north and a brief return to average conditions in the south before milder air arrives again by Saturday. Yawn.
  11. This winter has been quite different to the previous few. Not only was the coldest weather in January, but the Atlantic has been largely absent and we've been cursed by a MLB for the majority.
  12. So many examples of this in more recent years. This current spell of weather reminds me of the second half of February 2012 and 2009. Interestingly,both of those Febs led on to snowless Marches for the majority (although here we had evidence of overnight snow on the 04th March and the Mendips got a covering). Compare that to February 2013 which was cold and led on to a cold March, and February 2014 which was unsettled and led on to a largely unsettled March. Maybe somebody can pick one out from further back, but I can't off the top of my head think of a mild February that was followed by a cold March.
  13. Although rarely completely sunny, it's been largely bright and WARM since late morning. Not a breath of wind and feeling very springlike.
  14. Radar is currently looking very much like a summer plume scenario.
  15. Ah well yes I suppose one's definition of a decent snowfall would differ depending on location. The last decent snowfall, which was actually in the very good category, was in January 2013 here. I'd tend to think of 1-5cm as standard, 5-10cm as decent, 10-15cm as good, 15-20cm as very good and 20cm+ as a treat. I've had this conversation with my grandfather though who has lived in the area since 1976 and he wouldn't consider anything below 10cm as worthy of remembering lol. Alas, I was born in 1992 so my standards are lower than perhaps people from the preceding decades. Funnily enough, we often do better out of more Atlantic dominated winters here with snow from between west and north. Indeed, snow fell (though didn't lie) here in mid November with uppers of -3. However, given the choice between a winter with a predominance of Atlantic garbage and one snowfall, and a cold frosty winter, I'd certainly pick the latter.