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  1. Looks like quite a varied two weeks coming up in terms of airmasses - from the current Arctic maritime, to Tropical maritime over the weekend, Tropical continental mid next week and most likely Polar continental or even Arctic continental again thereafter. The overall theme, bar the Bank Holiday weekend, looks like a mostly dry one again. Don't know about other people, but this could well be my driest April on record depending on how much falls at the weekend. GFS brings a brief warm spell next week with temperatures into the low-mid twenties for a few days but then a cool down to average or perhaps below as winds swing northeasterly to northerly - a pleasant change though to the howling westerlies and northwesterlies that so often plague May. ECM is broadly similar out to FI. I was hoping for a more convective easterly like last year but there looks the possibility in FI of a weaker version of what we have now with a slacker but possibly convective northerly. Bar a few days next week, I wonder if this May will be similar to 2010, which was also quite dry for the main, but with a cool/cold first half and much warmer second half with notably high temperatures around the 20th-24th given such dry ground.
  2. Soft hail / snow squall has just gone through here. Temperature has dropped from 09.8C to 05.4C.
  3. Heard thunder from this cell out over the Severn Estuary not too long ago.
  4. Total change in the last hour. Heard thunder to the west so headed out to take these pics.
  5. Very harmless skies so far today and actually not feeling that bad out despite it only just being 10C.
  6. True, although unlikely. A half way house would be interesting with the south getting warmer influence from the southeast and the north in a cool northeasterly. Lots of options on the table.
  7. Gorgeous afternoon here now after I thought could building up earlier would ruin it. 16C and sunny - working outside in the garden.
  8. True, but those last few are not far off a warm cyclonic setup with southeasterly like last May I.e. good thunder potential and much needed rainfall from more continental style conditions.
  9. Fairly common outcome, generally more precipitation in the west than east. Any troughs or disturbances will further enhance any showers.
  10. I would imagine a trough in the flow enhancing shower activity perhaps. Similar to plume events when the most instability is out west but the thunderstorms head northwards to the east.
  11. Of course worth remembering that when we had these Synoptics in January there was something of a wishbone effect across the country. I'm expecting some decent convection out of these charts.
  12. Surprise showers this morning and very dull, all despite a pressure reading if nearly 1037mb!
  13. Cool overnight at 03.4C but nothing exceptional, not like what's shown for next week. Glorious sunshine with some fair weather cloud now.
  14. Yes! Very much the case on April 26th-27th last year. Snow wasn't brilliant but gorgeous cbs all around and thunder. For the south I reckon it'll be hard to achieve proper snowfall from the charts shown but some good old April showers most certainly.
  15. Well actually the charts were very similar a few months ago. Mainland Europe shivering in frigid unsettled conditions while remained cold but settled. Story of winter 16/17 unfortunately.