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  1. Of course preference has to be cold, in any shape of form, not just snow like some of the half-cold lovers on the forum. Frost, fog, crisp clear skies with sunshine, snow - the works. If it has to be mild, ideally I prefer it dry and if possible bright. Contrary to damianslaw, I can't stand the mild, dull, darkness that can so often turn up. Too warm to wear a coat, but lights still on - just bizarre. A bit like hot humid cloudy days in summer - useless! With both of these, can't beat sunshine. We live in such a cloudy country compared to others but sunshine at any times of the year, and at any temperature is great. Obviously sunny and cold would be my preferred option but I do quite enjoy mild sunny days in winter. Christmas 2002 was a rare sunny and almost warm day here. Last December produced a few, January 1998 and February 2008 also delivered almost springlike spells.
  2. Pretty sure it was the SSW that brought about the Feb cold spell??
  3. And like I've just said, the last two occasions there was snow imby the conditions were far from nirvana. A northwesterly with -7 uppers and a westerly with -5 uppers. But granted I don't live on the Severn Estuary.
  4. And to add to that, I'd say over half of the snow events here at least have either been unexpected or from very marginal situations. Both last January's and January 2015's snow came off a westerly with almost unfavourable temps and dewpoints. Compare that to February 2012's rain at -1C temps and dewpoints lol. I remember an unexpected snowfall in December 2004 from a slider within an overall Atlantic setup, and January 2008 simply from evaporative cooling. We really don't need nirvana lol, and almost always won't get it in December. Winter gets more interesting in January as the vortex loses steam and the continent/SSTs have cooled further.
  5. Well yes, regardless, we should be doing a lot better than that. Any normal winter has at least 1-2 snowfalls. It's incredible how bad our luck has been the last few years.
  6. When did you last get any settling snow SteveB? I'm wondering if it's your location next to the weather killer that is the Severn that has deprived you of snow in the more recent marginal events. Albeit completely naff, have at least managed a few sugar coatings in recent years.
  7. Lovely frosty start with a minimum of -1.1C. Rising steadily though as high cloud is already invading from the north!
  8. Not overly frequently, but seem to happen, as bluearmy pointed out, especially when our part of Europe is forecast to be cold. One of the most stark examples was February 2010 which could've been considerably colder had low pressure been in a better place. Needless to say, on that occasion, there was already enough cold in place and closeby that snow was still achieved albeit marginally. Fortunately, I'm not seeing that as so much of a problem in today's runs.
  9. A fascinating read as always Ian! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Certainly not liking the sound of December, but I suppose there is always the likelihood of W-NW zonality with more of a Pm influence in the mix like December 2014. January and February sound a bit more interesting though.
  10. Went through the mild sector this morning as the temperature went up to nearly 13C, dropping now though at 10C.
  11. Some do, some don't. Some appreciate all aspects of cold weather, myself included. Not drastically so here. Had plenty of frosty weather in January and December started and ended cold.
  12. But cold and wintry doesn't necessarily mean snow. What you say is correct re snowfall but last winter's cold was predominantly surface based with sometimes quite positive uppers. It's something that bugs me a lot is when people say said month wasn't cold or the winter was rubbish for cold... when they actually mean snow. Last winter case in point!
  13. Even before then, it looks like there could be a brief period of strong winds in the south overnight this coming Friday into Saturday, tied in with that ex-Tropical system.
  14. First air frost this morning and a stunner of a day to follow. Looks like a single figure maximum day today.