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  1. Seems to be the plume is moving NW and the storms NE. Off to bed methinks.
  2. Anyone know where you can find a map showing the boundary of the plume to the south of us?
  3. Where can one find a map showing where the necessary plume is?
  4. Quite a surprising NE movement given the ESE airflow. Perhaps that's aiding the system to split.
  5. I started a thread some years ago about this spell of thunderstorms which stands out in my memory as one of the best I've ever witnessed. As we have, this year, another spell of thunderstorms arriving on the same dates, I thought I'd share this interesting paper from the Journal of Meteorology, including accounts of the thunderstorms that raged across the south on the 27th, then the daytime darkness than came from a thunder squall line on the 29th. May 1999 was quite a thundery month nationwide, and in this area too, but this spell was by far the best of the year in my location.
  6. If the BBC forecasts are anything to go by, anywhere in the south is in with a chance tonight. Wouldn't lose hope just yet.
  7. Driving back from Reading to Bristol between 15.30 and 17.30 so could get interesting as I head west.
  8. That's promising to hear. Just need that sun to come out as its not overly warm with cloud cover.
  9. As much as I loved last night, today's weather is taking the p. Sun... COME OUT! Wind... DO ONE!
  10. As SteveB says, cracking storm here last night. Oddly, the clearing thundery looking sky that was around only two hours ago had been replaced by grey muck. Hoping it clears up big time this afternoon as a BBQ is planned.
  11. Time for bed methinks as clearer skies move in from the south.
  12. Storm has passed now. Occasional spectacular lightning as it moves north. Very frequent lightning over towards Cardiff.
  13. Seems to be holding more out west Andy. Most of the Lightning is in that direction now compared to SE of here as it was an hour ago. Great show nonetheless.