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  1. And the greyness continues... Give me a frosty sunny high over a damp squib battleground any day!
  2. Showers should be long gone by now yet are still going...
  3. Have just spent another wet day at Exeter’s Christmas markets and drove through some real summer-style downpours on the M5 coming home.
  4. Must be some cold air aloft as driven through several rather splodgy downpours and temperature down to nearer where they should be.
  5. Potent squall first thing this morning. A bright day since with showers again missing my area. Feeling chilly despite still being mild.
  6. One advantage I can see is that temperatures do look like 'predominantly' returning to and staying at average next week, which will be a welcome change to the tropical tripe we've had this week. That of course is tied in with the jet slipping south and us ending up in 'the wet zone' as I like to call it ie no longer in the hairdryer but neither benefitting from December 2017 style NWerlies. I am concerned by the risk of more widespread flooding as time goes on. Are we perhaps seeing November 2009 all over again but a few weeks later? Would certainly fit with a transition to seasonality towards the latter part of the month.
  7. Can't get over how mild it feels, almost as bad as 2015.
  8. Tbh I was just looking forward to something dry and at worst average temperature-wise. The temperature has recently been essentially double the average. Cold zonality would at least be a lot sunnier!
  9. Yesterday seems like a mistake, back to rain this morning and mild at 11C after rising from 4C in the early hours.
  10. December's dress rehearsal is going well so far, ready for the performance to start at the weekend. Frosty start with patches still visible but clouding up already.
  11. After yesterday's drizzlefest, some proper heavy rain incoming this morning.
  12. Bath was as you said! Drizzled all day and muggy to boot. Definitely the wettest heatwave we've had this year!
  13. Nuisance drizzle this morning that isn't even on the radar. Lovely day to go to Bath...
  14. As an 'anything wintry' lover, that'll do just fine for me. Just can't stand mild and wet. Even cold and wet is preferable lol.
  15. Lol I know. When the weather starts behaving like December I'll start to accept it. Novembers been gifted an extra week!