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  1. Met Eireann launching new website on Wednesday. Hope they took all the feedback on board.
  2. Met.ie new website (beta version) https://beta.met.ie/ Quite a few new features hidden in there...
  3. Irish contingent will be happy including a certain someone in Cork. Good for pretty much most of us on here i'd have thought...except far north Scotland maybe. P.S ICON has been superb. Great model.
  4. 00z GFS - non eventful (the odd snow shower for 12 hours), chilly, spring on the way.
  5. Quite a few GFS ensemble members support the UKMO take on things. Not a done deal yet.
  6. Epic snow has resumed in Dublin :o
  7. Co Kildare looks to have gotten the worst. Seriously deep snow and drifting.
  8. Serious situation developing across Dublin now. Could be historic amounts. People will literally end up stranded.
  9. Dublin getting huge totals now Gonna be chaos.
  10. https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/ireland/snow-depth-in/20180303-0000z.html Very large snow amounts still forecast over here... :o I think a red warning is coming.
  11. It's a European noreaster. Or a norwester?
  12. Met Éireann saying a red alert is now more than likely to be issued tomorrow for Thursday/Friday.