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  1. Orange weather warning for thunderstorms just issued for eastern Ireland. Status Orange - Thunder warning for Leinster, Cavan, Monaghan and Waterford Thunderstorms will affect the eastern half of the country this morning with heavy downpours, the risk of hail and gusty winds. Temporary surface flooding is possible for a time, combined with the risk of hail will lead to hazardous driving conditions in some areas. Valid: Saturday 29 June 2019 05:00 to Saturday 29 June 2019 12:00 https://www.met.ie/warnings
  2. On track for the southeast and Dublin probably. https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual
  3. Red warning extended to county Kerry in Ireland. https://www.met.ie/warnings
  4. An entertaining day in the midlands and east of Ireland with widespread snowfall here. Clearing now.
  5. Nice. Temps over 20 to snow in the space of less than a week! (Ireland)
  6. It doesn't quite make it this time but some significant short term changes there that could make things interesting again. Down to the other models now.
  7. Who likes snow? Looking like a rain to snow event for Monday. I expect a couple of cms before it clears off later in the evening.
  8. Frustrating. There is our chance at 96 hrs but would require an unlikely miracle at this stage unfortunately. Just can't get the connection between the mid Atlantic high and Artic high. A tad too much energy through the GIN corridor.
  9. While everyone is rightly disappointed with the longer term still snow for many Monday and Tuesday! Also I think there is still scope for big changes in the next couple of days for the next week or two. It's not over by any means...
  10. Messy at 120 just about sums it up. Screams uncertainty to be honest at that point.
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