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  1. 6z GFS not a rouge according to the FV3 run. Just a bit too much energy through the Atlantic. NAVGEM same. Not the best 6z suite overall.
  2. Think posters are reading what they want to read. NO ONE said anything was "over". Also it's entirely correct proper here to point out the UK Met outlook as well as other models regardless of anyone else' bias one way or another. Posters should be able to give their opinions on the models without getting hopped on by a mob. GFS has a somewhat better evolution for coldies. A lot of focus on the ECM this evening now.
  3. If it's not going to be the synoptics that disappoint it might be lack of real depth to the cold air we would be tapping...
  4. That's the pickle. Having the cold air go down the north sea is not ideal. It's the trend that matters at this point though so i'm content for now.
  5. The reason the 850 temps are not great is because the initial artic incursion goes straight down the north sea instead of down through Scandinavia. This is quite wasteful. We need similar synoptics but that initial incursion to occur further east...
  6. Hello Tom, I'm not "offended" it by it at all. I'm not one of those offended easily. It's the graphical aspect that irks me a little. "Wrist slitting" is worse and seen it used a lot. No worries.
  7. Nothing much to cheer this evening. This is as bad as it gets for coldies with a zonal outlook very hard to break.
  8. GFS 12z ensembles to 192 are a case of "whatever you are having yourself".