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  1. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Hi guys, don't find time to post in here as often as i'd like. From my post on Boards.ie 18:00 Euro4 12 am - 6 am Tuesday 6 am - 12 pm 12 pm - 6 pm Projected maximum temperatures on Tuesday Looking good for most of the country. Far south coasts, extreme west coasts may be an exception. Usual caveats apply.
  2. Pretty good models for the Republic of Ireland and UK. Greenland express
  3. Feels like we have been saying that for the last 5 years.
  4. ECM fail. It was doing so well but drops back in the world's best model list for today.
  5. It's the jet stream, it does not want to play.
  6. You'd want to see the ECM on board at the very least. GEM and GFS have taken a dump on the UKMO evolution.
  7. Today's global model rankings ("what it says for my area" method) 1. UKMO 2. ECM 3. ICON 4. GEM (BIG drop from number one two days a go) 5. NOGAPS 6. GFS
  8. Interesting Jet profile. Note the anti cyclonic circulation to the north. East of Iceland.
  9. Yes, it drops to 6 in the ranking. ("what does it show in my area" method)
  10. UKMO declared world's best model (from ICON yesterday and GEM the day before) Current rankings 1. UKMO 2. ICON 3. GEM 4. GFS 5. ECMWF
  11. By 10 am this morning I predict ICON to be the world's premier model (replacing GEM from yesterday).
  12. Don't eat it all. A good bit needs to go around.