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  1. Video of snow in west of Ireland by joujoujou, boards.ie. There was 10cm at Knock airport overnight. Snow dying out now or returning to sleet and rain across the country.
  2. This is the most exciting winter since last year in my considered opinion.
  3. Inspiring ECM this evening by day 10... ...for an early Spring
  4. ECM positive at day 9 but progresses a common garden toppler on day 10 Be interesting to see to what extent we can get to something colder and more sustainable over a period of a few days rather than just 24 hours and a good frost. Trend is much better though than a few days a go.
  5. And the weather? ? Sorry, it was an open goal I couldn't resist...
  6. Across the board is pretty hopeless alright. How not busy this thread is for the time of year says it all really. My hopes are pinned on changes emerging in the second half of the month running in to February. Mid month mean GFS
  7. All the models are in default zonal mode with the pattern. The forecast accuracy stretches out further in these situations so yeah, very little positive to go on for coldies. Going to take something special to break this down and the way the strat temperature profile is at the moment it looks like the PV will continue spinning like a washing machine on full blast for most if not all of this month. People are saying the fist half of January as a write off, looks longer than that to be honest. I'm always glass half full even now so hopefully something happens and we get a quick flip on an important signal in the next couple of weeks.
  8. I'm not sure I follow the argument. You have three agencies now naming the storms - UK, Ireland, Netherlands (new for this year). Storms affect each country differently or not at all. I would suggest your dispute is best aimed at the UK media. "90 MPH KILL STORM *NAME* ON THE WAY" I like the naming system personally. It makes a lot of sense and I think it works well even if warning systems are different.
  9. Snowline at around 900 - 1,000 meters ASL in southwest corner of Ireland
  10. Northerly express probably setting up post 240 hrs but that's out in la la land. A lot of water to go under bridge.
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