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  1. Expect power cuts within 48 hours. All you who have delighted in this prolonged cold weather will get a nasty awakening soon. Hope you're happy.

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    2. Scorcher


      "PersianPaladin is evidently a conspiracy theorist nutjob, who enjoys posting unsubstantiated nonsense" yet another sanctimonious quote from Aaron. You may consider what he says to be wacky but I would rather be open minded than to label people.

    3. Dorsetbred


      Source of information is, exactly what, who and when was it published??

    4. PersianPaladin


      "As the snow of the coldest March since 1963 continues to fall, we learn that we have barely 48 hours’ worth of stored gas left to keep us warm, and that the head of our second-largest electricity company, SSE, has warned that our generating capacity has fallen so low that we can expect power cuts to begin at any time. It seems the perfect storm is upon us."


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