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  1. Thunder snow all through the small hours of the night in North Durham. Insane!

  2. "Its 20c in western scotland". Won't BBC forecasters explain the Fohn Effect? It's not just shelter from that wind which is producing such temps there for a couple or so days running.

    1. mike57


      Trouble is the BBC like to dumb everything down, and explaining the Fohn effect would require that the presenter understands the physics. To be honest I find the TV forecasts irritating most of the time. People assume what is in the forecast will happen, but there is obviously a probability attached to all forecasts, and they rarely mention that either.

      Look at the way they show the weather maps with Scotland reduced to about half the size it should be, with London and SE shown 'full size'

  3. Endless winter. Maybe it's all that rapidly melting Arctic ice that has contributed to this.

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      Sea ice loss, more like media and political spin!

    3. IanR


      why is a long winter 'positive'



      Whatever became of"power cuts"

  4. Expect power cuts within 48 hours. All you who have delighted in this prolonged cold weather will get a nasty awakening soon. Hope you're happy.

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    2. PersianPaladin


      I think I deserve an apology for being accused of making things up.

      True, maybe I'm over-reacting or relying on just one source from The Telegraph. That would be a fair criticism.

    3. UV-RAY


      Agreed PP, light hearted banter is one thing but some comments were below the belt.

    4. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      I think PP means 1962?

  5. I am sick and tired of the cold weather, which contributed to me contracting the flu. I still have it after several weeks. Grr...I can't wait until a major pattern change.

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    2. Jan


      Love the snow but I am sick of being cold now. I need a heatwave

    3. Bottesford


      Most (and yes I said 'most') are sick of it now. Fingers crossed for improvement in the latter half.

    4. Scorcher


      We also had a cool September don't forget, it's been a very long stretch without anything warm, really not a good 6 months for warm/mild fans!

  6. This really angered me http://www.uncovered-truth.com/

    1. TAFKAP


      Ummm... I hope you were angered by how absurd it was. I sincerely hope you don't believe that garbage.

    2. Tattooed Fox

      Tattooed Fox

      BOY - that was really really interesting, if that was another person they would have investigated every alley until the truth came out, not in this case has it. If you are interested in Jack the Ripper, it has been said that they Royals were involved in that too.

  7. If it doesn't stop raining, I'm going to go outside completely naked and start screaming until it does.

    1. BornFromTheVoid


      At the very least, you likely be taken away to a nice, cosy, dry and padded room!

  8. Constant rain, all day.

  9. I will always love the British weather. It keeps my interest.

  10. Gov’t sources say No. 4 pool a grave concern ...Tokyo metropolitan area would be forced to evacuate. http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/forum/218/gov’t-sources-say-no-4-pool-grave-concern-tokyo-metropolitan-area-would-be-forced-evacuate

  11. cold and rather breezy. I'm looking forward to spring already.

  12. The most amazing and exhilirating video you'll see

  13. 14C with virtually no sunshine feels rather chilly and now I have a runny nose, particularly given how cold the early mornings have been.

  14. Average and very typical British summer up here. No complaints really.

  15. Surprisingly chilly evening out there

  16. Appalling weather. Drizzle and light rain all day, and feeling cold.

  17. Dull cloudy day and rather cool.

  18. Perfect summer weather today. Crystal clear skies, light cool northerly breeze and shade temps of 17C.

  19. Took a long while for the sun to come out today, but reasonably pleasant in the sun - with rather cool winds in the shade.

  20. 13C here. Jumper weather.

  21. weather today....dull and overcast...not nice

  22. A bit warm and humid for 2:09 in the morning LOL

  23. Thunder here and moderate rain.

  24. don't like this weather at all

  25. I love summer rain.

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